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  1. Question for SimCity 2013 Players

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, and I'm sure it has, but can I ask what the general consensus is about the GlassBox engine? Always online DRM aside, is the engine itself pretty well built? The reason I am asking is that they pretty much admitted in the videos promoting SimCity, I remember, saying that they're going to use GlassBox in other games. Maxis has also made other statements saying so. I also know EA has been trying to push, as far as I'm aware, to share engines so it's easier on them and they have "more time to make the game itself more detailed and great." I just know that with the Sims 4 coming out, what better engine for it than it's close relative's, SimCity? So basically, does your game run well? Do you have an amazing computer yet SimCity runs slow as molasses with it? Do you have a crappy computer but it seems to run fine? The Sims 3 engine is crap, in my opinion. I can run pretty taxing games without any hiccup but Sims 3 causes me all sorts of lagging problems.
  2. Stuck doing natural growth!

    I don't know how good your writing skills are, but if you really wanted to, there is always the option of posting pictures and a story with it online here or somewhere else and have people vote. That could create more of a democratic feeling. More realistic to have different ideas from different people? Of course, you would have to figure out first if you wanted to go through all that trouble.
  3. Give Them A Break

    The problem is that people have been saying from day one that they didn't want the game to be online ONLY, let alone online at all. (I remember reading a many comments not even wanting it!) It's not a MMOG, it's a city simulator. I mean, I personally am mixed about it, I can see the positives to it, but I also have extremely unreliable and slow internet, so.. anyway, the fact the game isn't even able to play offline at all (I can understand a little online to update the markets, etc, but not to rely so heavily on the servers) and the servers being down so badly makes people rightfully angry. I mean, they should have looked at their preorders and known there were going to be server problems with their current set up. Also, I think a huge reason is that EA has literally the WORST OF THE WORST reputation in the gaming community. I was in complete love with Sims and bought everything until Sims 3 came out and they already had multiple sets that didn't even come with the deluxe ready to buy on the store. Can anyone think of a game that costs a base $50 to play the game and then another $50 within the first month to have a complete collection? Complete rubbish! So yeah, when EA makes mistakes, people get mad at them. It's not like they try real hard to get people to like them.
  4. Rural Highway Magic Wall?

    I know the whole thing is good. I've double Checked, tried it on different towns, etc. I have all the Downloads Necessary. People drive on, and over the Rural Highway, so that's not a problem either. I'm only using the Bridges and stuff that came with Rural Highway, so it isn't some other odd - end Bridge thing. I seriously don't get why it isn't working. I stopped using it for a while, but I mean, it's so pretty, and nicer to look at than the EAxis version of highway, plus that's the only highway we have here anyways. Also, information on the photos up ahead, the town was growing, very nice. It had a Rural Highway two Lane version going through it, but was basically just a road, because you could easily get on it from the main roads. (Wanted to keep Interersections on it small.) Everyone had jobs, in fact the Demand for people was VERY high, but the Highway was used so much, that it was all red for Conjestion, so I upgraded it to Rural Highway 4. Well, seeing as you can't have roads going in it, I decided to build Intersections. Checked HUNDREDS of times to see if everything was right. People drive on and through the highway, yet since pushing the "Turtle Speed" after done (I pause when building stuff like this) The "I have no Job" thing started popping up on half the City. Which WASN'T happening before I upgraded. I didn't tear out any Jobs, just Residential, so technically, then, I should have MORE open Jobs. Gah! Here are photos: Let it be known, that this WAS NOT HAPPENING before I replaced RH2 with the RH4. As you can see, people get on. As you can see, there are PLENTY of jobs to go around. Not only are there plenty of Jobs, but tons of different ways to get to the Jobs (That's right, the Rural Highway isn't the only way.) I mean, you could say, "Oh, maybe it is another Plugin." I know it isn't because this only happens when I use overpasses.
  5. Most people achived on smallest map.

    I have a Top of 150k. Which is a biggy for me..
  6. Thanks for the memories!

    I understand, K50. I bet your next City Journal will be 100x better!  Not saying that the Cultan Replublic was bad, it was really good, I just mean better... you know what I mean, right? Dx Though yeah, I can't wait for your next one, I'll be following it as much as I did this one. :)
  7. Announcement

    Ohh! I can't wait! I have a feeling it's gonna be big. Best of Luck, dude.
  8. South Point: To the seas!

    I vote for D. You'd have to admit that the Apartments would look odd around the small houses. Plus it makes things more realistic, Zoning Laws and stuff.
  9. Flint: Laid-Back Beauty

    Looking good! Like CTMandR said, the blend of the houses, shops, and indury is pretty good. I also like the Baseball field, it's pretty. Though, I wouldn't know how to enter the parking lot.
  10. Rural Highway Magic Wall?

    I'll try the Census Repository, but if they get the jobs when I get rid of the bridge, doesn't it mean that there are plenty for everyone? And for the NAM one, I checked, and everything that mentions the side of road to drive on says "Right".
  11. Okay, I've been having this problem in my game where I have lots of jobs, but everyone is all, "I can't find any jobs!" Well, I was starting to get a little angry, and wondered if they would go to the jobs if they lived next door to the things. And they did! And I made a large Block of houses and they all had jobs! Then I destroyed the Rural Highway Intersection, and all the people complaining got work! BEFORE: AFTER: I don't understand what the heck is wrong! SOME had jobs, so that means it works atleast a little. What is with them not finding jobs? I have NAM with Simulator Z Ultra.
  12. Jump Commute?

    Oh wow. Driving in your city looks confusing. But it's cool! I don't have the patience to make it so nice.
  13. Prolouge

    Welcome to my very first CJ! Please bear with me as I try to get everything situated, as even though I know how to read a CJ, I don't exactly know how to make one myself, Hah! Word of the Day: Ursine - adj. of or relating to a bear or the bear family. The Ursine Union wasn't started in the best of times, because the Universe was going through a massive Economic Deppression. Somehow, someone had bombed the Industrial Center of all the Planets,which also happened to the be the Trading Center. So, with all the factories closed, all the factories elswhere that either made goods for, or goods from the factories closed. Without goods coming out, and the little amount of Jobs out there, most stores closed also, which laid off even more people. So long story short, everything was an un-organized mess. Even though everything else was going bad, the economy for the new country wasn't doing horrible, but it wasn't making as much money if it was in a better time,the Economy for The Ursine Union pretty much went like this: -Factories in the Country Made the Goods from Stuff found in the Country. -The factories made money from selling the Goods they made with shops in the Country. -The Shops made money from selling the goods to workers who worked in the Country. So nothing went in, and nothing went out. Exept for new people moving in, obviously. The very first City founded, also the Capitol, is St. Muals, named after the Exploror who found the new Planet. Here is an Early Picture of what it looked like when the City had just been started: (Please note this is before the Parks, and all the eye-candy was put in, as I said, it was the Begining.) If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the UI in pictures, that would be great appreciated. And sorry for the grids! Gah! How horrid! Well, I think I've covered pretty much everything! Thank-You for reading!
  14. East Morgan... now 50% more of a commercial player!

    Wow! Morgan sure is getting larger by the minute! Good job!
  15. Version 1.06 Cities of World

    Is this the whole game? Or is this just a patch to the game?