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  1. BAT Request Thread

    Sprint Center http://www.kccommercialonline.com/harvey/images/common/Sprint2.jpg http://www.mapmart.com/Images/Samples/KC_Sample_Image.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Sprint_Center_Kansas_City_Missouri.jpg/800px-Sprint_Center_Kansas_City_Missouri.jpg http://www.kccommercialonline.com/harvey/images/common/Sprint2.jpg http://www.sprintcenter.com/ http://www.mapmart.com/Images/Samples/KC_Sample_Image.jpg Description: The Sprint center holds over 18,000 fans. It opened in October 2007 and was a $276 million project by the City of Kansas City. Like the Apple Store, the Sprint Center is also mostly glass and transparent in appearance. Why this would be beneficial for the game or community: The building itself is very unique and modern, and it would easily replace the game's convention center with its attractiveness. The community would benifit as well with this civic center. Sims will love visiting the Sprint Center with its impressive schedule of only the most popular shows, concerts, and sporting events. I have also included the links to the pictures of the Sprint Center in case the pictures don't show up in this post. You will notice the arena also has a partial underground loading/unloading area for semi trucks.