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  1. Georgia Place

  2. East Coast Regional

    Hey Im Back! Busy with school! What type of scenery mods did you get for the trees? And where did you find that train? Your work is simply breathtaking!
  3. Steamheart I

    I love your railwork and how everything blends in. NIce update! Thanks for sharing! :)
  4. The Flowerfield (Dragon Islands International)

    NIce airport! I've been working on my own and this one has been very inspiring! Keep up the good work!
  5. Port de Pulke

    Port de Pulke Welcome to Port de Pulke! Like Gerachi, it is located in the former Bergonian Empire. Known for its beautiful canals, strong manufacturing and ship-building industries, Port de Pulke is one of the country's most important port cities. After the Beridian Revolution, Port de Pulke has grown to be an industrial center ever since its occupation by Durcham was over back in 1749. To accomadate all of the commuting people pouring into the city to work in the factories, the city built canals to transport people around the city. Although a majority of them have been filled in since the the railroad was put in place in 1874, a section of them remains in the downtown area and part of the wealthier residential for historical importance and beauty. This is the city hall, which is surrounded by canals. The city was founded during the Bergonian Empires hey-day back in 1543. The city hall has been redone multiple times, especially on the outside, but a good portion of the old interior has been restored. Here we have more of downtown. on the left side of the canal, where the tables outside the building are, is a favorite restraunt throughout the city. They're a common sight along the canal. Like I said earlier, Port de Pulke has quite a rail system. Its the best way to get in and out of the city. Here are some more pictures of the rail system. Looks like a college soccer match is going on. The red bridge crosses over to the industrial area. Anyway, here you can see the marina and the fishing docks. Seafood is a major food staple that is cosumed everyday by the citizens. Heres a quick pic of some of the old villas that are still around. They give you a quick look at what Port de Pulke used to look like. Well, thats all for now! Next time we'll move in a little more inland to Daboli. Please comment!
  6. I'm getting a Macbook Pro soon, and I was wondering if CXL 2009 Limited or even the new 2011 version would work smoothly (no choppy graphics or long time to process game details). I tried researching the topic but didn't find any good results. Could you please help?
  7. A Tour of Gerachi

    Gerachi Welcome to Gerachi! This city is located in the former Bergonian Empire. It is well known for its beautiful landscape, wonderful residental accomidations, and a booming agriculture industry. (Especially in their premium wine growers!) Here we have a picture of the town square. The statue is made of pure marble. It shows the founder of Gerachi, Samuel Gerachi. He was the first mayor of the town in 1801. Here's a picture of Gerachi's government buildings and town square in full view. Looks like today is graduation day at McDouglas University. Now for some residential pics. (Much thanks to Mattb325 for his amazing single family homes!) The evening is rolling on by. While the residents beign heading towards bed, finishing the dishes, or coming home from work, lets look at some of Gerachi's industry. Gerachi's industry is more manufacturing than dirty, so you should see lots of factories, railroad tracks, and warehouses. We'll also see some of Gerachi's natural gas power plants. Here's a quick picture of the agriculture that goes on in Gerachi. Well thats all for now! More coming soon! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
  8. The old Shinkansen 0

    That was a wonderful ride! Thanks!  Where did you get that blue building in the first photo? The one up top.
  9. The Begining.

    For now, as I begin showcasing this country to the world, I would like to begin with a brief history. The Beridian Republic started as two smaller countries, The Flench Republic and Bergonia. They united after the Beridian Revolution as the Beridian Republic after fighting Durcham. Durcham would prove to be a ruthless country in the next war. The Beridian Republic thrived as the two cultures blended to form one country. But political unrest in the Porgan Region, which is home to the countries of Kelspar, Durcham, the Beridian Republic, and Ottaroo. Durcham was taken over by dictator Joesiph Forgam who wanted to take over the entire Porgan Region for Durcham. He worked with a terrorist group in Kelspar called the KNG (Kelspian National Government). Forgam promised them all the resources they want if they would support his campaign. This all took place in 1965. On March 3, 1965, Forgam sent troops backed by KNG militants to invade a small island off the Beridian coast called Perch, and turned it into a major military base for Durcham. This island was crucial to Forgam's invasion. Then, on April 12, 1965, Durcham invaded the Beridian Republic and forced Beridian troops to retreat inland. President Leonard Fontaine called for immediate military action. Fortunately, the Beridians mananged to force Durcham out. After taking back their land, General Birch of the Beridian Marine Army came across a battle plan that the Durcham troops left that told of their campagn after they'ed taken the Beridian Republic. He showed to the president in the capital city of Johannesburg. Fontaine immediately passed through Congress to declare war with Durcham. He called for the production of all war equipment. People responded with great enthusiasm after hearing about Durcham's attempted invasion. Fontaine pleged to defeat Durcham at all costs.The Porgan War began. Beridian forces used the plans founded by General Birch to carry out a highly succesful invasion of Perch and Kelspar on June 14, 1965, with only 10 men killed in action but leaving 300 wounded. From there the Beridian Air Force secured the Porgan Sea to allow bombing raids on key cities in Durcham. They followed the same strategy on Kelspar. This strategy allowed the Beridian military to keep causilities low in order to prevent issuing a draft, which would greatly decrease public opinion of the war. This was completed on November 23, 1965. As Christmas came along, Beridian citizens created tin boxes for their loved ones which included a pack of cigars if their family member smoked, some chocolate or gum, and a letter wishing them safe at home. The war raged on for another year. Then on January 3, 1967, Durcham surrendered to the Beridian Army to General Birch. All troops were home by Febuary 12, just in time for Valentine's Day. That day is considered a holiday issued by the President when he gave his speech the next day on the victory. Total Beridian deaths out of the entire war totaled only 350 with over 18,000 wounded. After the war, the Beridian Republic has continued to thrive. Here's a sneak peek of whats to come. Thats all for now! P.S. I will do a more in depth look at the Porgan War in a later entry for those who would like it.
  10. T&R Behind the Scenes. Special Update!

    Thanks for adding my name to the list. Your cities inspire me with ideas for my industrialized sections of my city. Keep up the good work!
  11. Wonderful! I love this airport!   As president of the Beridian Republic, all Tigerian-based airlines can have a spot at our major airports. PM me for further discussion. We'd also would like to offer a specific spot for them to operate at Johannesburg International Airport.
  12. Chapter 18 : Desdau Plains Country Club

    How do you have the space for all of these big things in your cities?
  13. Shi Luna - City pics 1

    As usual, simply jaw-dropping.  In the last photo, where did you get that blue building in the center and the tan one to the left?
  14. HSBC Tower Shanghai

    Thats gonna be perfect for my downtown! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Update 8: Newport News GLR Transit

    By the way, thats was them, Thanks!