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About this City Journal

Roumeli Island (formerly Roanoke Island) is a small, fictional island located just south of Greece. This CJ will provide you with the best of the small island of Roumeli.

Entries in this City Journal



Simfreak1998: Thanks a lot. 

kolnikov Inc: Thanks and you can find the irrigation ditches here.

Reikhardt: I managed to level the land where the farms were, so it made it a lot easier, and more eye-pleasing.

ImVhOzzi: Glad you like it! Thanks.

Mithokey: Always nice to hear, thank you!

B22rian: Thank you.

Blakeway: Thanks a lot. 

Update 11: Region and Capital City Views

Today, I have a region view, and an aerial and transportation view of Newport News (the capital and largest city), as it has been requested multiple times. 

Without further ado....

Here's a very large region shot.... (Click for full resolution) 


Now, an aerial satellite and transportation view of Newport News.



Thanks viewing, commenting, and rating!

Live life to the fullest. 10.gif




Thepokemaniac: Thanks, it was fun, I will have to do it again!

TowerDude: Thanks for the words!

Reikhardt: Thanks for the comment, and Matt is one of the LEX legends, especially for residential. 

Blakeway: Thanks, I'm changing over to Summer, this time. 

976: Thanks, your comment is always appreciated.

SmartbyLaw: Always nice to hear, thanks.

Moc123199: Thanks for the feedback, I will post one soon for you!


Update 10: A Simple Way of Life

Well, I'm back from about a 2 month break from CJing....that is called a busy life for you; but I'm glad to have the opportunity to pop in SC4 and give you guys an update.....even if it is small. 

I am still working on the basic idea of rural developments, and I'm getting into more Mediterranean-styled areas, as well.

That being said, enjoy this new mosaic....

(Click for full resolution) 


Thanks for viewing, commenting, rating; as always.

And if you like this style or want to see some other playing style in SC4, leave me a comment or request....




Update 9: Float Upstream

Update 8 Replies: Newport News GLR Transit

@ Skimbo: Thanks again for stopping by!

@ K50Dude and Monay: Thanks for your comments, enjoy the stations.

@ Reikhardt: I believe they are by matt325b on the LEX, but I will check to make sure.

@ Blakeway: Thanks for dropping by, as usual!

@ 7499275: Thanks a lot!

Update 9: Float Upstream

A special thanks to "thepokemaniac" (Adam) for his inspiring tutorial on how to make a dam!

Click for higher resolution.


Thanks for viewing; please rate and comment.

Have a fabulous weekend! 10.gif



Update 7 Replies: Newport News EL Rail Transit

@ Thepokemaniac: Thanks for the comment,  but please get rid of that Auburn avatar. 3.gif

@ Schulmanator: Thanks for stopping on every update!

@ The Bluejay: Thanks for the comment, and hope you liked the link.

@ Blakeway: It's my favorite mod yet, thanks. Hope you got the link as well.

@ Monay: Thanks! Do you mean this for the 1st one, and this for the apartment?

Update 8: Newport News GLR Transit

I am back with more transit from the Newport News area, this time with EL Rail's cousin, GLR. For the most part, I wil stay in the same neighborhood with my GLR pics.

Hope you enjoy!







Thanks for viewing!




Update 6 Replies: Subdivisions


@ Towerdude: Thanks, glad you like it. 3.gif

@ Zelgadis: Thanks for stopping by, glad I achieved the Japenese-type look. 

@ _Marsh_: I used lots of Glenni, and Mattb325 lots, so it does have a European feel, thanks!

@ Molooo: Glad this CJ is unique. Thanks for stopping by. 

@ JGellock: Thanks for the comment! I love E-N's work....and is still coming out with new lots, as far as I'm concerned. I got all the lots from that update at this site. You can get it too! 

@ Bob Newbie: Thanks, and the subway station is just subway station....but looks pretty cool, so I placed it in my city. 


Update 7: Newport News EL Rail Transit

Hi, back after a while, and I have some more pics of Newport News EL Rail transportation. Hope you enjoy!  

So...let's get started...


A NRT (Newport Rapid Transit) EL train passes by the Kensington Building.


Farther down the road, the train passes by a downtown suburb, on its way to Federal Station.


An NRT train rumbles past an uptown school (North Newport High School) on a bright sunny morning.


Commuters head through Federal Station towards the CBD for the their night shifts. Trains operate almost all night.


An EL train passes through a modest neighborhood hidden by the skyline just to the west. 


Only one lone train can be found crossing the Wautiga Bay around high noon on a beautiful weekday. 

Thanks for viewing, and commenting!




Update 6: Subdivisions

Update 5.5 Replies: The Road to Newport News

@ B22rian: Thanks Brian, glad you like it.

@ Hi 74, thanks for commenting and stopping by. Glad you like it!

@ Blakeway: Thanks Blake, hope you got my PM about the transition.

@ Schulmanator: Thanks for all you comments, much appreciated!

@ TowerDude: Thanks so much for stopping by!

@ Paulobergonci: Nice of you to stop by, thanks!

Update 6: Subdivions

I bring you more of Newport News today. Today I bring you some suburbs. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing city in the world, but it is also a beta testing city. 2.gif

So bear in mind there, and enjoy the update!

First, I have some sprawling neigborhoods....


Look cloely in the pic above (or you can look down), and you'll see some youngsters toiletpapering.....


And some more sprawl....


Now I have pics of the small, but growing business district of Newport News.


And one last pic a little up the road from the last one.


Oh yes, and a video of a song called, "Subdivisions". 3.gif

Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif



Replies to Update 5: Port Roanoke 


@ B22rian: Thanks, honored to be the best you've seen.

@ Reaper88: Thanks!

@ Brenn21: Glad you're inspired, thanks for stopping by.

@ PlaneCrash12000: Yes, sometimes some of them don't show up, I am going to make the images .jpg, so they will not take as long to load. Thanks!

@ JGellock: Thanks, I really enjoyed doing the rail in this update. All of those lots I found here on the STEX, actually; also the green building is the JRJ Maritime Control Tower by Jeronij, and is found here. Thanks for your comment, hope you come back!


Update 5.5: The Road to Newport News

Sorry for the long wait, but I've been pursuing the BAT lately, in addition to being all around busy. I've prepared a small teaser update for you. I will have the full update sometime soon, but I don't know specifically when I'll be able to. 

So, enough with that, this teaser will give you a preview of one of Newport News' freeways, in one of the more undeveloped sections. Newport News is a coastal city and it built on their ports/shipyards, in addition to housing the Naval Station Norfolk, which is the largest naval installation in the world.  This is non-fictional town Newport News is located in Virginia, USA. I am going to provide you with somewhat of a recreation of it. I will remake some of the more major points in the city to the best of my ability. So, hope you enjoy the first segment of Newport News, VA. 




Thanks for viewing/commenting.

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif 




Update 5: Port Roanoke 

I have finished the northen part of Port Roanoke, and had enough pics to make a small update, so, here ya go!

The very northermost part of the seaport, where items such as salt are exported.


A CDK ship lands at the docking station and prepares to be loaded at the container seaport.


A Vandy Co. Ship is ready to be loaded as it approaches a warehouse.


Here is a mosaic of North Port Roanoke. Click here for full resolution.


Lastly, an aerial shot of the seaport.


Thanks for viewing and commenting.

Live life to the fullest!



Teaser Update 4.5: Port Roanoke

Here's a quick teaser for you....to show I am still working on something. ;) This will be part of a port....

A full update is coming soon.


Thanks for views and comments.

Live life to the fullest!



Replies to Teaser Update 3.5 (Part 2)

@ Guibanez_: Thanks!

@ TowerDude: Thanks, that is a lot of smileys you used there!

@ Paulobergonci: Thanks, I am exploring the endless possibilites with NAM.

@ Cisco2: Yes, our a lot of our French sims live there, not too mention the tourists who flock there!

@ Daan300: Thanks, I'll wrap up most of the French district in this update.

@ Plane-Crash12000: Thanks for coming by, I have a new update right here for you!

@ Blue Lightning: Thanks, very nice of you to visit Roanoke!

@ Sc4fanatic/slayer: Much more were that came from, thanks!

@ Ecoba: Thanks, NAM had all the pieces I needed to make the shot "click".

@ TekindusT: Thanks for stopping by!

@ Encomnium: Thanks a bunch!

@ ROFLyoshi: Maybe this update can revive you!


Update 4: A Deeper Look Into Port Hope's Euro District


Hello, I have more pics for Port Hope's Euro District!

If some of the pics don't show up, refresh the page, and they should appear. ;)

I hope you enjoy!

The main street of the Euro District.


The main street of the Euro District at night.


A roundabout on the west side of the Euro District


The roundabout scene at night.


A mosaic featuring part of the Euro District.


Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest!



Replies to Update 3.5

@ Jamonbread: Thanks, yes it is, I can link you to it if you want.

@ JGellock: That's for sure, thanks for commenting!

@ Cisco2: Thanks, glad you were interested.

Teaser Update 3.5 (Part 2)

The first part of Teaser Update 3.5 will be featured in a later update. The second part will be featured in my next full update, coming soon.



Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest!



Replies to Update 3

@ Tekindus T: Thanks, this is the biggest my plugins folder has ever been too! 3.gif

@ Jamonbread: Glad you liked it, I had a great time making it, thanks! 4.gif

@ Sc4fanatic/slayer: That one was one of the more realistic ones in my opinion, the building across from the museum with the purple light has amazing nightlights, I really liked it. 10.gif


Teaser Update 3.5: Port Hope's heavy rail network


Thanks for viewing, I will have more in the near future!

Live life to the fullest!



Update 3: Port Hope

Update 2 Replies

@ SkyGuy: Thanks, I modeled if after the Southwest, there's a lot of stuff like that there. 

@ B22rian: Thanks Brian, although I think Blue and DTP are a much more transit savvy than I'll ever be. 3.gif

@ Brenn21: Thanks Brenn!

@ Risu: Yes, I really like being out there, thanks for the comment!

@ Schulmanator: Thanks!

@ Sc4fanatic/slayer: Thanks, I was trying to model it after I-385 because they have the Metro in the median of it, I will do a better model someday. 4.gif


Update 3--- Port Hope

Enjoy pics from my latest city, Port Hope! 1.gif







Thanks for viewing!

Live life to the fullest!

-DC 10.gif



Replies to Update 1: "Downtown Roanoke"

@ TekindusT: Thanks!

@ B22rian: Thanks....I'll be expanding the GLR soon. 2.gif

@ JGellock: Thanks!

@ Schulmanator: Nice to be back, thanks for stopping by! 9.gif

@ Plane-Crash1200: Thanks!

@ Hester: That's nice, this one is the island off the coast off North Carolina. Thanks a bunch for commenting! 4.gif

@ Saathoff37: Glad to be south of one of the best SC4 nations. Thanks!  1.gif

@ Blakeway: Nonetheless, thanks for commenting! 9.gif


Update 2: "The Wild West of RHW"

I am changing pace from the normal update this today. I have downloaded some trees, rocks and a terrain mod that you might see in the Southwest United States. Also, this is my first time using RHW, so here are some progress pics....more will come soon. 4.gif



Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif



Welcome to downtown Roanoke, a city on the north side of the island nation.

First, the Metropolitan Center of Transportation, more or less the transit "HQ" of Roanoke. Imperial Theater is to the left of the MCT Bulding. A RMT light rail is departing Oceanfront Station and passing by the MCT Building and Imperial Theater.

Day pic:


Night pic:


The AIG Center in downtown Roanoke at night....many residents believe it is the most beautiful building in Roanoke.


Finally, a skyline pic of Roanoke, one of the many cities by the sea......


Thanks for viewing.

Live life to the fullest! 10.gif


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