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  1. Chavistock House

    looks great, will fit well into my cities
  2. Barry Sanders Project

    For some reason, the render I did didn't add all of the textures, but here is an in game...... http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comerica4.0.ingame.JPG align=baseline> The roof texture, entrance texture, and 1st floor exterior wall are all missing the texture that has been assigned.
  3. Barry Sanders Project

    Made a little slimmer, and taller..... I present Comerica4.0 (in medium render). I will be rendering it today while I am at work. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comerica4.0.JPG align=baseline> I should have a few ingame shots tomorrow
  4. NAM: Development

    Yes, I'm pretty sure it can happen. You just need to wait for the powers that be(those who have the power to create such a thing) to log in and see this idea to get an answer. There is no need for you to quote yourself so much on the same page or even within 20 minutes of each other, it eats up our precious bandwidth. I think it would be an awesome idea to have DD highways in the game.
  5. Barry Sanders Project

    I know my absence has been long..... but I do have some good news!!!!!!! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insuance by switching to GEICO...... But seriously RLS has taken up way too much of my time lately. I have some pictures for you to view, here we go.......................................... http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comerica1.JPG align=baseline> there is detail like on the real life building every 4 floors http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comerica2.JPG align=baseline> I think the roof windows turned out well http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comerica3.JPG align=baseline> It is set up as a landmark right now and sits on a 5x5 lot. I will need some help in creating jobs and possibly a custom querry. Hope you all like it..... it's only taken me well over a year to get it to work.
  6. Large Marina With Hotel no Population

    The boy formerly known as Evil Muzz (3) Dec 24, 2004 03:40:02 PM texanpride786: I realise that it may not be be the best, but I am getting there. Everyone has to start somewhere! Remember this Muzz?
  7. Large Marina With Hotel no Population

    Hey dicko, great job. And for everyone else who is negative, get a life. He is attempting to create something with the skills he has and that is more than most here do.
  8. Barry Sanders Project

    Presented for your consideration..... Comerica Tower( and its under 43,000 pollys). This should be what I will hopefully be presenting for placement on the STEX. Of course we will need a custom querry and jobs added. Enjoy!!!http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//comericav3.3.JPG align=baseline> edit: maybee this will work better, I have uploaded a new picture
  9. Barry Sanders Project

    Yes it is the third most populous county in Michigan and holds Grand Rapids, the states second largest city.
  10. Barry Sanders Project

    Well, here is the Kent County Courthouse. I still have some work to get done on it, like the park area around the front and some nightlighting, but I just wanted to see how you all liked it. When this is done, I will need some help with querry and jobs, it will be set up as a CO$$ with about 450 jobs because in reality the courthouse acts as an office building for the Sherrifs Department, Probation, and a few other county agencies.
  11. Barry Sanders Project

    Sorry for my absence everyone. I have been real busy at work, school, etc. for a pretty long time and have been unable to contribute. I threw this together tonight and was wondering if you all liked this. I would like to upload this as our HQ if it is acceptable to you all. It will sit on a 4x6 lot and will need some help giving it jobs and maybee a cool query. I have also been trying to get Comerica working right and am having some success, the problem I believe I was having is that I had over 90,000 polys and I think that is to many for the game to recognize. This model above is largewr than Comerica and only has about 40,000 polys, so I have figred out ways to cut them down. Congrats on that GPA Wolverine, you did better than me, I took 4 3 credit classes and one 5 credit class and had all A's and a B+, I begged the prof for an A because I was only one point off, but no luck. I was dissapointed with last nights game, but we kept it tight in a game that everyone except for Wolverine fans said we had absolutely no chance of compeeting in. Happy New Year all, and I hope everyones holidays have gone well.
  12. Barry Sanders Project

    I am an Engineering major with concentration in robotics and computers. I am currently on a wait list at several very good engineering schools, but Michigan has always been my preference. I was supposed to go to Michigan back in 91 when I graduated from HS on a full ride football scholarship, but I got hurt in the state championship game and the doctors told me that I would be unable to play for 2 years...... so Bo pulled my scholarship and gave it to someone else. I healed very quickly, and would have been able to play the next year(no scholarships left) so I entered into the largest semi-pro payed to play draft in the country, and was a high first round pick (#3). I played 2 years in the league and then went over to Europe to play for the Rhine Fire and was once again hurt on the day that I was to find out if I was to be picked up by an NFL team (the Lions were in negotiations with my agent along with 3 other teams) and thus my football career ended.Maybee this could have been the Jon Decker Project HA HA HA... just kidding.
  13. Barry Sanders Project

    Yes, it does move fast. Well Wolverine, I was hoping to join you at Michigan as early as next fall, but it will have to wait for when I get there for my Masters. I have been accepted at Alma College and have been offered a full ride, and Michigan wont offer that to me. But I will be there in 2 years if all goes as planned. Would you have a problem if I sent you some models to be rendered on Sunday (Im sure you will be pretty busy on Saturday)? Let me know if it will be ok.
  14. Operation Buffalo Wing: A Blizzard of BAT

    You are one of the best at true to life buildings, keep up the awesome work.
  15. Barry Sanders Project

    It was all one piece and I have no clue why it showed up as 4 files.......I am going to start it from scratch again, and hopefully it works right this time. What I might do is model it and send it of to Wolverine for rendering because the poly count is insane on it, and the HQ is even worse on them. I have done a few small test buildings and have no problem with them so I will try and figure it out.