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  1. Nantes

    nice one! if u can how about make a map of Milan (ITALY)?? it will be great! thank u!
  2. Is this real-world possible?

    in italy all of the highways are private... in fact you spend a lot to travel in all the country and the road and other stuff really sucks.... and they're keep increasing the price!
  3. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    this is the underground map of my city Borgod. It's a work in progress because i still have to develop the suburbs.. this is just the centre of the city... when i will finish i will post a pdf with all the lines and infos
  4. i hope the request will be fine.... xD i want to ask someone to make a map of my city Milan with the surrounding metropolitan area 20-30 km in all directions.. thank soooo much to everyone!
  5. Hello everyone!

    It kind of sounds like something you've installed might have contained a height mod. Or perhaps you installed the newly released Diagonal Bridge Enabler? Does the terrain change colors (become higher)? If you remove all of your plugins (simply rename the Plugins folder to check), do things return to normal? yes i installed the Diagonal Bridge Enabler. how can i fix the problem?
  6. Hello everyone!

    Hi!! i'm using your files since many many years but i never post on the forum. i want to say thank you to all of you for your great work and i want to ask something.. i recently download a lot of plugins and i installed them but now i cant see the water anymore in any of my city. Even if i try to fix the land there's no water at all... how can i fix the problem? thank you!
  7. i love it!!! where can i find the staples center???