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  1. The Great Civ 5 Discussion

    All Civ V content (Game, GnK, all DLC) is on super sale this weekend on steam, if you are missing anything. Rollercoaster tycoon 3 platinum is too, as a side note.
  2. This seems to be the answer to 75% of the questions i've heard. Thankfully Civ 5 isn't broken, so I have something fun to play until EA gets their heads out of their collective Sewage Outflow Pipes.
  3. 4.0 Patch Notes Are Here!

    Same here. Maybe it's just that they yell more specifically now. I have noticed messages about needing both shops and parks, just shops and just parks. I've seen nothing different either. Which really annoys me, because that's one of the few notes that got me excited.
  4. i'm having this problem now, but it says that the servers are online.
  5. I haven't even gotten to try 4.0 yet. my server was under maintenance all evening last night, and I refuse to play the tutorial again just to change realms! lol. ok, maybe i'll do it eventually, but i refused to last night. So I dusted off Civ 5 instead.
  6. 4.0 Patch Notes Are Here!

    Love those 2. Hopefully they work, and don't cause my sewage outflow pipes to clog (because that could very well happen knowing the history! lol
  7. I have seen that too, where plopping a university drops my education level. thought maybe I did something wrong though. Not sure what's up with that.
  8. Update on citysize?

    Why? Because region play is broken. Services do not work between cities, so you need to have everything in each city. (At least from my experience). If region play worked flawlessly, I would have no issue. But Education doesn't work, garbage doesn't work, recycling doesn't work, natural resource trading doesn't work, health care doesn't work, fire doesn't work, police doesn't work, power doesn't work very well. The one part of the game that forces you to have an internet connection to play is the biggest thing that doesnt' work in the game. shall I continue?
  9. Amusement Park DLC

    The biggest problem i have is, the city size isn't even big enough for an actual amusement park. I already dont have enough room in my cities for everything i want to put in them.
  10. I know you need a University for max eduation, but I've never actually gotten full max either.
  11. For all of you Dawn of Discovery fans out there (like myself), I just stumbled across this tidbit. http://us.anno-online.com/en Open Beta starts today! I dont really know much about Anno Online, but if it's anything like Dawn of Discovery, i'm in! ...especially with the constant bugs with Simcity...
  12. Happened to me too last night. I think EA, in their infinite wisdom, broke education with their 3.1 patch "fixes". Region Wide recycling pickup is also broke for me, although I dont know if that's new with 3.1 or not.
  13. when a mommy and a daddy really love each other...
  14. I've given up myself on getting SC4 to run on my new laptop. /sigh. Still enjoying SC2013 at least, bugs and all. Luckily Dawn of Discovery / Anno 1404 works just fine on my new laptop too. That game is still awesome.
  15. Patch 3.0 released

    Not until service vehicles actually work, in my opinion. I dont think I've ever seen a fire truck actually save a house from a fire. I still always end up b'dozing...hehe...the building after the fire.