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  1. 1935 The Marion

    im glad to see someone coming out with historically accurate american residential buildings. This model and the 1916 houses are great. Someone should make some victorian era houses
  2. Industry Needs More Jobs

    where do we put these files? and are these for mac users?
  3. NAM question

    I also installed the Nam mods and have a question about the tram in road tiles. Are they purely aesthetic, or do they actually work? There are no stops or tram cars, so how do i know if its working? Any other helpful hints for the nam mod?
  4. I need help!

    ok, i'm really new to this, but i'm a long time simcity user and just discovered this website, so go easy on me. I have Simcity4 the deluxe edition (Rush Hour) for mac. I'm trying to download a map of the Boston area. All the maps require the use of terraformer or sc4mapper and say download it here first. This is so frustrating because i've been searching this site for a while and find no place to download either of those programs. Someone please help me! Thanks