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    When I am not in school, I enjoy playing games. I haven't played much simcity lately but I hope to get back on the wagon.
  1. Why is the one and only runway called "runway 9". Don't you think "runway 1" would make more sense, or do you know something about airports that I don't.
  2. Waggon Factory

    Quite a list of dependencies. Is there a Simtropolis record book?
  3. Supercity



    Since I don't know how to make a grayscale, I had to include the entire region. This is my first upload to STEX. I did it all in game and after ward i went into terraformer to smooth out the areas where cities meet. It is meant for many bridges and ferries. I hope you enjoy it
  4. Seattle WA Ultra High Detail

    i really enjoy your maps
  5. Modern Metro Station Subway Bus Parking

    this wil really help me in my cities
  6. Colossus Causeway

    this looks amazing must have taken hours to create
  7. Cratoria

    looks like it should be on mars