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  1. Ilha De Sao Vicente

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a 16x24 region with 16 big and 32 middle cities. I built it from satellite images of the region Ilha de Sao Vicente in Brasil. It is quite accurate but i did the following modifications: - a few more islands in the bay - a crater on one ficticius island - a bit higher mountains - manually retouched all the rivers and coastlines to make them deeper and nicer to look at in the game - a few modifications to build nicer ports You cannot build subways on the island because, like in real life, they are just not high enough. I like to play it very much with some poor housing mods like from Simtropolis: - Favela 1.1 by Wallibuk - Latino house by Wallibuk - Maloskero - Brazilian Tenements and Medium Stores 1.0.0 - Polish Row Houses by RaNoV from SC4Devotion: - polish buildings from PGB Please tell me if you find some similar lots/buildings/stuff that could fit into this region. There is a README included in the zip file where i explain how to install the SC4M file with SC4TerraFormer