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  1. Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    This intersection connects the city ring road to the Lancaster-Burbank "Express"way. It's located in Lancaster, east of my downtown area.
  3. Show us your Roundabouts & Intersections

    Intersection in the Broker Loop
  4. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    I think i have to upgrade my highway soon...
  5. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    I'm currently using a terrain mod called "Columbus Terrain Mod", but used to have this (at least i think it was this): That mod lifted the height of the map a bit and when i removed it, i got the terrain you see on the picture.
  6. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    Ignore the multi-colored truck (Software Render issue). Should remove it, but i can't find the plugin in my folder.
  7. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    @skylerracer23 I think you'd be better off swimming across More traffic from my city:
  8. Show Us your: HIGHWAYS!!!

  9. Show us your before/after shots!

    Seemed to remember seeing this "show us" a while back, but couldn't find it, so i figured i'd start a new one! Anywho, i'll start! Show us your areas the way they looked before and the way the look now! First off, this is the east part of downtown. BEFORE: AFTER: And this is my whole downtown area as seen from the west. BEFORE: AFTER:
  10. Show us your Night Shots!

    Decided to trow a little something together of my downtown area at night. Hope you like it!