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  1. The Fractal Terrain Generator

    What you are seeing is only the top-left 25% of the input image. That's why there's not as much water.
  2. Terrain comparison

    Interesting. I did not realize you could have slopes that steep! I guess you can only do that using the bitmap importer -- not the in-game tools. But yeah I'm looking for a script or program I can run independently of the game. These are the steps I'm currently taking. https://sourceforge.net/p/datsville/wiki/HeightfieldsWorldMachine/ They're tedious and complicated, and still don't really do what I want.
  3. Terrain comparison

    Has anyone created an external tool for making or exporting SimCity 3K terrain/heightfields? It would be great if I could simplify that part of my task.
  4. Terrain comparison

    Maybe. I will have to do some trigonometry. Thanks!!
  5. Terrain comparison

    Yeah, that is helpful. Thanks. Any idea on the actual slope in SC3K when a tile reaches the topmost step?
  6. Terrain comparison

    I'm interested in emulating SimCity terrain generation for a LEGO project I am working on. Could someone explain the differences between SC3K and SC4 terrain? IIRC, SC3K has three vertical slope levels, and can only model right angles and 45 degree angles. How are things different in SC4? Does SC4 also limit you in this way? Thanks.
  7. Keyboard diagram

    I'm glad it's appreciated! Later! -Mike
  8. I created a keyboard diagram for SimCity 4, SC3KU and SC2K. You can find them here: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/3864/keyboard/keydiagram.htm -Mike