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  1. HK Estates Medium Wealth

    Great stuff, but I'm having some slight difficulties. When these buildings are built in my city, it doesn't show the building but instead a giant brown box with the words "Sim City" on it. How can I fix this? I hate to have such excellent buildings not be there.
  2. I've started playing Sim City 4 just recently, and I've noticed a few problems from the start. First of all, some buildings (including ploppable landmarks and a select few other things like parks and the garbage dump) do not show up at all on my map, they are comletely invisible. I also have come across some problems with rewards and other things, like with Mayor houses and cemetaries. After I put them in their spots, a blue grid surrounds them and has not gone away or developed into anything else (from what I have seen). There have also been problems when I scroll across my city, where a building will drag across a short part of the screen and stay there until I have zoomed out or something. Can someone help me out with this? Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Super Demand Ordinance

    Any help on getting this to work?