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  1. No Terraforming Challenge

    I re-uploaded it so that it is a jpeg, but I tested the original download. I realized that I forgot to take note of a step when I originally performed my testing. After rendering, you have to still click on the city itself to get to work, just like any other region (except it is only a one city region)
  2. No Terraforming Challenge



    There has been much discussion on the changes that the new SimCity will introduce. Instead of speculating on these changes, imagine that this is the landform you've been assigned: Can you build the city of your dreams according to what we know about the new game? This is a single city region; 2 X 2 km, the same size that SC5 cities will be. Too many terrain features (such as hills/mountains and water) might prevent you (or if this wasn't a simulation of the new rules: a future neighbour) from building a large downtown core, so this city had to be limited to a river and a bit of texture. Please don't give a low ranking just because it's too small, or too flat. Here is the challenge. When you are in terraforming mode, at the start of the game, you can add trees...and that is it. Build your city in mayor mode using no terraforming tools, height-changing cheats, or land (terrain) development mods. SC5 will be the first SimCity Game without terrain changing tools (random generation or otherwise). If you want to limit yourself by not using farms or subways or other confirmed SimCity 5 omissions, then go ahead. This is a zipped file, so you'll have to unzip it before using. Otherwise you would follow the default method of adding a greyscale map to your game: Create a folder (using whatever name you wish) in your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions folder and insert the greyscale bmp jpeg and config bmp into your new folder. After starting the game, load your new region and render it (press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R; then find the greyscale image you just inserted, highlight it and press okay) and viola, region created. *Update: It works and it always did. Once rendered, you have to hover over the city and click start a new city.
  3. Montage



    There are two kinds of people that participate in creating maps for the maproom. Those who play around at random to form a map (that may or may not work), and those who meticulously plan and execute every detail of land and sea. This was an experiment to combine both sides: I wanted to create a map using multiple Landscape Designer screenshots (random) fuzed together (planned) to form a region. Using Gimp, this region uses sections from over a dozen screenshots. While image masks, selective cutting, blurs and smudges were used, not one pen stroke or brush stroke were employed to form the composite image. The greatest challenge was changing the colours to proper greyscale values, as the shorelines (for example) if simply desaturated (colour removed) would produce alpine height values. [The water mountain spikes in this region are not a result of this problem, they are "artifacts" that occured when the water was desaturated.] Overall, the resulting map gives excellent geographic variety and realism; providing interest without interfering with gameplay. The main drawback is the water is in many places too shallow for proper seaport/ferry development--but at least it would give enough rocky shore scenery to give your sims a good drive. The unzipped file contains a greyscale jpeg and a config.bmp, requiring no additional files, assuming you have SimCity4. See my first upload, "Heart Isles" if you need more information on how to add a downloaded map to your region files.
  4. Content_Writer's Map Thread

    Hi Everyone. I've recently started posting maps to the STEX and have uploaded two so far: Che Guevara and Heart Isles. Both of these maps started off as greyscale images in the GIMP. Che Guevara was an image that I downloaded and made modifications (texture and height) using a paintbrush, while Heart Isles was made completely freehand. I am now giving SC4 Terraformer a go and I must say it's a great program. I am completely blown away by the results. I've started with a coastline and a mountain. Here is a screenshot of Mount Sterling: I've made no modifications to the Terraformer picture; I only removed the grid/contour lines and moved the camera around to make it appear like I'm really there. I am excited about how real the results look. (I'm referring to the quality of the program as there is so much about mapping I still need to learn.) This portion is only a start, though, as this candid shot of the rest of the region shows: Very rough, indeed. I'll keep you all updated as I continue to create it.
  5. Chrysler Maps Development Team Thread

    I say "keep trying" because you have a good 2D awareness. I practiced for a while before I uploaded anything.
  6. Che Guevara

    @Cleaner475: Thanks Richard. @SurgeFan: Thanks. Even in the case of my artistic maps if it doesn't play, it doesn't stay.
  7. Che Guevara

    Version 1


    Note: This map is not meant to be political. I have long been fascinated by this image and when I was a kid I didn't know the politics behind it. Whenever I see a two-tone portrait, I don't just see a face--I see land masses. So I downloaded probably the most famous two-tone portrait and using the Gimp I converted it into a map. Since I don't like flat maps, I also gave it some texture. Thanks to the industrious sims, you can build almost anywhere there is land. Bridges work well but you'll probably have to do some land tweaking yourself if you want boats. I found only a few places where I could put a dock when I played this map. This region is made up of four large cities and eight small cities. The unzipped file contains a greyscale and a config.bmp, requiring no additional files, assuming you have SimCity4. See my first upload, "Heart Isles" if you need more information on how to add a downloaded map to your region files.
  8. Chrysler Maps Development Team Thread

    Hello everybodyhateschris, Welcome to the place to learn how to create better maps. You've asked for comments on this map. I think you need to improve it in three areas: My first suggestion is to make the mountains more gradual. Try foothills, or a leading slope or cliffs to make your mountains more realistic. If you have conical peaks coming out of the ground, with nothing to make it "belong" you have a collection of volcanoes instead of mountains (and even inactive volcanoes usually have remnants of a lava trail--again, a gradual slope). Second, I wouldn't suggest completely ignoring the "city limits" tilelines--it is a city simulation after all--but when you have one geological feature isolated in one city tile here and another geological feature contained in another city tile there, you have geography that has no connection with each other. Your rivers and lakes cross tiles; hills, coastlines and mountains should do the same. Take advantage of this program's cross-tile ability: The main reason why maps are so popular on the stex is because the in-game terraformer only affects one city tile at a time with lousy reconcile edges capabilities. Thirdly, as others have suggested, your land shouldn't be so flat. Just don't overdo it with the land texturing. Most of the time "default" land is gently rolling hills or very gradual changes in elevation, with the occasional big hill, cliff, plains or bumpy patch. Overall, I think you have a good eye for 2D and as you develop more of a sense for 3D your maps will improve considerably.
  9. Heart Isles

    Version 1


    The main reason why I joined Simtropolis was to learn how to create my own maps and now I am sharing some with the community. "Heart Isles" was created freehand using the Gimp. The main islands together form a heart, but it's not meant to be cute. The mountain range can support structures but you'll have to navigate through land that's not flat. Also, not all the shores support structures so you have to be selective with your bridges/docks. But yes, that's the challenge. This region requires no mods or no dependencies. Download, unzip and transfer the folder to your regions folder to use it. Render it (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R) and you're good to go.
  10. Legalization of cannabis

    And going into an altered state, they didn't start a fire.
  11. Legalization of cannabis

    Why does it have to smell so bad? I really wouldn't care if someone smoked pot in the appartment below me, provided it didn't stink up my apartment and they didn't make a lot of noise.
  12. Breaton Bay

    Nice and simple to build on, but not boring. I like all the beaches you provided, the winding rivers and the natural harbour.
  13. In my defence, I got my XP second hand and the software damage was already done.
  14. One of the biggest frustrations with installing SC4 on Vista is you don't have a choice on whether you want to start the game automatically or not, once the installation stops. Vista can be quite tempermental with programs as you can see by all the bugs reported here. There are solutions to prevent "installation crashes". However for them to work, you need SC4 to already be installed on your system. This starts a catch-22 situation: How can you edit a shortcut to a program that doesn't (yet) exist for a program that will crash once it is added? There are two paths you can take, depending on where you are on the installation process: 1. You have added the program and it crashed when the installation finished You saw the progress indicator go all the way to 100%, you saw the bridge splash screen, and boom--the game crashed and you may have even seen a Blue Screen of Death before your computer restarts: The best solution to this problem is leave SimCity 4 alone--in other words, don't uninstall it and try again. It's not an installation issue; it's a gameplay technical problem. The memory dump file has already been created, you don't want to keep making more of them now, do you? You will need to create a manual shortcut, place it onto your desktop, and edit the target field. What to place in your target field? Tungston and N_O_Body have suggested fixes [and if they give me permission I will post them here--otherwise search for "Vista" and "crash"] and they work. I would like to add, in my specific case, that running my game in "windowed" mode solved many problems, and you are not limited to an 800x600 resolution either if you properly create a custom resolution (but I would still start with 800x600, just to make sure the game works). 2. You haven't added the program yet (if your reading this, that's probably unlikely) or you have uninstalled the game and are reading this so you don't repeat your "mistake" Don't worry about it...the only thing you did wrong is mistreat your XP system so badly that you are stuck with using Vista In case if you are the type to skim ahead, Vista SC4 installation crashes are a gameplay technical problem in disguise, since when you've installed the game it starts automatically. This solution calls for quick fingers and good timing. Do this too early and the game won't fully install. Do this too late and the bridge will come crashing down (90% literally). Do this wrong and you'll scratch your play disk: a) Place Disk 1 into your CD-ROM. Let Autoplay do it's thing. Follow all the handy instructions that will appear on your screen. When Disk 1 starts to load its files, go to the washroom, go get a sandwich or glass of water. You don't need to be watching your game like a hawk at this point. Just make sure there are no distractions before proceeding to the next step...and make sure that no other programs are running. b) Place Disk 2 into your CD-ROM carefully...this is your play disk, you don't want any scratches. Once your disk is detected, close the autoplay window and press OK on the install window to continue installation. c) When you get to around 85% loading or so, get your fingers ready. You want you thumb hovering or lightly touching ALT and your index hovering or lightly touching F4 . You will need to make sure that when the time comes you will be pushing the correct buttons AND doing it with only one hand. d) There is a small window of opportunity to press ALT + F4. When the indicator reaches 100% and that window disappears, that's when you press and hold the buttons. It's a fraction of a second before the bridge comes up, but if you wait for the bridge it may already be too late. The bridge will most likely still appear while you are holding, but ignore it. Listen for your CD-ROM to come to a complete stop. Once it does, eject the CD carefully with your free hand, close the tray and then you can let go. (For me it still gave me an error saying the disk needs to be in to play, but I don't want to play, so I cancelled the notification.) e) Restart your computer...call me old fashioned, it's a hang-up from Windows 95 days for me to always restart after installing something new. f) Post a shortcut of SimCity 4.exe and make whatever changes you need to target menu. Might I suggest a customized windows mode? Lastly, don't forget you always need to start your game using the shortcut, not autoplay from the disk. And you really should get the update patch installed before your first game run. Bon chance, content_writer
  15. Earliest Sim City Memory...

    It was in high school and my friend got me into it. The internet hadn't really caught on yet and I think it was one of the first PC video games I played that had "real" sound effects instead of completely computer generated sounds. The "ZZZZZZ" sound (for those who haven't played classic, it was a male, slightly robotic voice) as each electrical line went up, still makes me laugh.