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  1. It's jacked up and I'm not sure it's not bugged. At one point my small casino was making $26k/day, so I opened another one (thinking there is demand). That one promptly lost $9k a day and never changed from that. So after a long time I bulldozed it. My first casino was still making a ton of money then without me changing anything it swung to a $8k/day loss. That's a $34,000 swing for something I didn't change. In fact, the only thing I did change should have only helped it and not hurt it (added bus stops, streetcar terminals).
  2. Free Game?

    I'm surprised none of you mentioned the most shameful thing...this "apology" from EA has turned into a sale. They are now not saying "sorry", they are using it to promote more sales of their broken game. This is evidenced by the new extended deadline of when you can buy this game and still get the free game. It's not an apology it's a sale now, plain and simple. Also, most of those games have microtransactions and DLC that they are trusting some of you will get your wallets out for. SC4 a 10 year old game, gee thanks. Plants vs Zombies I've seen free on multiple occasions. Bejeweled I can get on my ipad for $2 bucks? OHHHH, THANK YOU EA!!!
  3. I saw this today today and it's a real shame. This should not be possible, yet here it is. This the only city in his region, so the sims aren't commuting to other cities for jobs. This video really concerns me.
  4. exactly, it's going to be "pick one of these 3 games".
  5. This could be another PR nightmare...if they only give this free game to people who bought on Origin...here comes REDDIT!! I personally bought on GreenMan Gaming, others have bought on Amazon, etc. If I don't get an email with a free game offer, LOOK OUT!
  6. 24 Hours of Gameplay. Must Read!

    Good question...first of all, if I could get into the game it was a small miracle and yes I've tried multiple servers. Secondly, while playing I'd have constant disconnects to the server (which is ok, cause I wasn't booted). If I would try and go to another city in the region, that was another small miracle that I didn't get booted. All in all, connecting at all to the game has been the challenge, once you are in if you stay in your city and don't leave it, you "might" be ok.
  7. 24 Hours of Gameplay. Must Read!

    It isn't, it's called simcity, it has repercussions. And no, they wouldn't necessarily, from what I've read the game is bug ridden and glassbox is broken and designed poorly. - sims walking in circleshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHdyzx_ecbQ- Broken simcity pathfinding. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/19yjgz/has_anybody_ever_decided_to_follow_a_random_car/ - car's constantly doing u-turns http://i.imgur.com/iWJhc3Y.jpg - a fix for above issue, requiring the building of a dirt road, just like in real life. http://imgur.com/ZMSbYZQ - trade port won't recieve freight. http://i.imgur.com/MvGQp2W.jpg - bugged interface http://i.imgur.com/oAu9XxW.jpg - station apparently not connected. http://imgur.com/a/gVKs3 - optimal road layout is a one road network. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/19uev9/does_this_game_even_have_ai/ - extensive reddit post regarding the lacklustre, un-realistic, lazily designed pathfinding. I heard there we're some server issues too? Sure people might complain about the map sizes or other lack of features.
  8. 24 Hours of Gameplay. Must Read!

    Your write up is nice, but you are forgetting something... most people can't get into the game to play it!! Play for 24 hours??? How is that even possible? Whenever I get in, I don't stay on too long because I get kicked from the server eventually. You probably played for 24 hours because you knew if you quit the game you wouldn't be getting back in. Still, good write up.
  9. The more I play, the more I like it.
  10. Has anyone gotten the prima guide yet? Is it good? I know some consider those heresy, but I found the SC4 one extremely helpful.
  11. tapping foot, waiting for server fixes :(

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Better tap your foot to some good music, that's more rewarding and relaxing. :)

  12. I like it!

    Update: I haven't been able to get into the game in 24 hours...starting to turn into the Diablo 3 launch.
  13. I like it!

    I've been playing SimCity since SNES....blah blah blah. EA/Online always/DRM sucks...blah blah blah Frankly, compared to Diablo 3's launch, this has gone really well so far. Jury is out on the rest of the world loggin in... Trust me, I could write an entire page about it's short comings (park trails not lining up, imperfect routing, tile size, random inconsistences, rampant fires, health care, meteor shower after 3 hours???, etc). Could this game have been more after waiting for 10 years? Absolutely, but it's still better than no SimCity. This isn't a full review, just a counter to all the hate. I've played for at least 10 hours so far and despite it's flaws, I really like it and do not regret my purchase. It's quite addicting. The graphical style that I originally didn't care for has grown on me and looking back at screenshots from SC4 and SC3000 they have largely remained true to the franchise. Even still, the filters help with this (I like Soft). Data maps are great. I do like the Sim-lish, it's cute. Originally, I didn't care for the city specialization, but I understand why they did it with their regional plans and it has grown on me too. Upgradeable roads, precise controls, Glassbox, bus stops, expandable buildings are all great things. The multi-player is quite fun too, but has a lot to be desired, see next paragraph. I did want to harp on a few things though. The multiplayer although fun doesn't appear to be optimized well. For one, an hour after my friend and I started his city still said it had 0 population, but he told me he had 800. Also, there isn't control for how much service you can use from another city (like SC4 did). I'm paying for trash service from my neighbor and he has a huge excess, but it's still only let's me use a sliver, so I still have trash problems even though I'd gladly pay for more. Lastly, the city sizes simply are too small. There's no way to justify it or get around it. After 20,000 people or so you start having to bulldoze stuff to build other things...sad. I won't go into it more cause it's been discussed. There is a lot to like here and admittedly a lot to be upset about, but it's still something a dedicated SimCity fan should buy.