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Forest City

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About this City Journal

Check out the New Lake Warragamba.Tell me what you thought would be appreciated as well

Entries in this City Journal


The Halloween Ending

Hello viewers

On the 31st of o\October or also known as Halloween my computer got a very bad virus which slowed it down heaps.At about midnight the computer crashes and turns off, i turned it on and it would not start propaly so i had to use the recovery disc which meant i lost everthing i did on simcity.Im very srry this has happenend but it did and i hope you really enjoy this cj as much as i did.I have learnt lots of new skills from this experence to improve buildings citys.I hope you also learnt from my skills to make a good cj .

The good news is that i will be making a bigger and better cj in the future which i will annouce in the upcoming months.I wont be on for a few months so if you want to contact me ill be playing guildwars and my name will be Lord Dragon Kin.I will be using this cj  to show previews of my upcoming cj in about a month.

Hope enjoyed the cj and will be back soon



Lake Warragamba

Hello again viewers

Lake Warragamba Intro

Lake Warragamba is a small town built on a quaint lake with a population of 7000 people. It is a town that is famous for its restaurants and is a great place for a holiday. There are many resorts here and a beautiful beach located in central Warragamba.This place is a ideal place for retired people and has wonderful scenery.


Here we have Warra Bridge which goes over the lake. This is also the M2 highway which comes from Blackheath to here.


Warra interchange,this is where the M2 runs into the M3.


A closer view of Warra interchange.


This is the small industial sector where 1000 people work.


As we continue along the M3 here is the exit The lake.


Here the small highway road along Bolton hill.


This is Bolton hill.In this area lots of rich residents have a stunning view over lake warragamba.At the moment the council has plans to force the people off there properties and turn the hill into a more enviromental friendly place.


Lake Warragamba's downtown where more than half of the population work.This is one of the few towns in the Forest City region to have trams still operating.


Another shot of downtown.


Here is the wonderful beach called Warramoo beach and is a great place to relax on weekends and is a very popular tourist destination.


Western end of Warramoo beach


The housing suburb of Bowen.More than 75 percent of the population live here.


On the Northern side of town we have houses,shops and resturants along the water and has good transport to down with trams and roads.


And lastly the overview of the town. You can also see the small tram network that is well known in the Forest city region.

Hope you enjoy the update viewiers.

Just a reminder if you didnt see Alliance tower look back to the entrie before this one .



Alliance Tower's Showcase

Hey viewers and fans


Sorry for the update to be so late but i have been currently maintaining and building new areas. Now i present you the long awaited tower's


The alliance Tower's are twin towers that represent the friendship and special connections with city journals. Here is a list of which cj that are apart with this:



.Forest City




Harbour Town


After voting you have chosen the twin tower.

And we go live to channel 7 news for the converge of the celebration.


Good afternoon folks

In news today people are coming from all different cities and to gather in Blue Mtns downtown to celebrate the opening of the Alliance Tower’s. There is expected of a an overload of passengers coming through the aiport in the next hour to see this master piece. About 30 minutes ago we had a spectacular firework display over the city with people watching in amazement.

In the next two hours people will watch the official opening of the building which will be opened by the Prime Minister of Forest City And Greenwich Prime Minister and finishing with a huge firework display.

After that we will have top musician and bands to play songs and entertainers.

The weather at the moment is very calm at a temperature of 25 degrees. Now let’s take a view from channel 7's helicopter.


The park is preparing for a concert and party


The CBD at night.


At the moment crowds are are gathering in one of the most famous places to eat out at.Its called Blue Haven Square.


Alliance Tower's

And here is the tower's at the presentation


And then there is a final firework display

Thats it for now and will show you lake warragamba in next update.

Hope you enjoy



Hey guys

Today i present you the bid for the international soccer league on Simsports.



Here we have the main part of the village where the visitors and supporters stay.It has easy transport to the city and airport.


Here we have the luxory hotels where the players stay.I is close to shops and resturants and has transport nearby .Arcross the road is the training ground.


Here is the Training ground where the players warm up and practice.


Here are the modern Metro stations and bus stops. 


This is the result rooms  and also houses the referrees and officals.


This is the hospital where injure or sick players and supprters go.


Here is the state of the art media centre where the television companys from around the sim world televise from.


This is the overview of the park and a picture of the stadium.Below  is the park info center.

Here i would you like you to vote which one you think is better for alliance tower.


Picture 1                                                                        Picture 2

Thats it for this update and i hope you enjoyed it.



Snow season (TEASER)

Hey viewers

This is a teaser of the snow.


As the Winter season arrives the Blue mtns becomes cold.

And we have a sneak peak of Lake Warragamba


Here is a tropical beach on the lake.The beach is empty this time of year because of the cold weather


Here is a part of the downtown working area.

Also there is more info about Alliance tower.

Harbour town and Wolfshiem  by Igod have join the Alliance.
At the moment the alliance is with Tropicana,Greenwich,Winchester,Harbourtown,Wolfshiem and Forest City

Here are the two towers that have been nominated

first.jpg              towerc.jpg
pic 1                                                                                          Pic 2

please tell me if you like and i will accept more links of towers.

mitchell  9.gif


Alliance Tower Info

The Alliance Tower

hello again


Alliance tower is a tower that is been constructed in Forest City.It is going represents the alliance between ,Tropicana,Greenwich,Forest CityAtlantopia,Harbour town,wolfshiem and Winchester.

For the design i need people to send me a link of a building you want as the Alliance tower and then we will vote which one is best .

Here is some pics of the area



At the moment workers are flattening the ground

thats it for now.

looking forward to see the links to buildings.

If anyone wants to join the alliance please tell me



Blackheath 2

Hey im back again after been on holidays for a while.

Today we are looking at blackheath again but with some new areas and an update of the downtown area.

firstly if your wondering where i got the name blackheath.I got the name from the mountain range out of Sydney named the blue mountains and its real population is about 500 people

Population :             9641
Commercial jobs : 14673

Now we start off with an update of downtown


This is the current downtown area which has double in size.


The downtown at daytime.
The downtown now has heaps of designer shops and plenty of office buildings.Some people from the blue mountains work here.


There has been alot of development happening and alot more people workig in downtown so it was decide to build parking where a park use to be.We also used the small park across the road and built a nightclub.


Up on the side of the mountain we built a concert hall named Riverside hall.It holds up to 15000  people.

Upcoming Concerts

. Pink
. Fall out boy
. Britiny spears
.  Black eyed peas


The close up of downtown.The blue building is the is the visitor centre for the tourist so they know what attractions are availible here.
This is now the top destination to relax and to see nature and wildlife.

. Historical buildings
. Bush walks
. shopping
Mt Blackheath

West Blackheath


Welcome this is West Blackheath.

This is a very big suburb that is 7 minutes from blackheath and 10 mins from the city.It has lots of shops with a wide range.


Another picture of West blackheath


Most housing in West Blackheath is very modern.The houses are big,luxory and unique.

This the main highway to Blackheath and the slums of lake warragamba


At the moment in Forest city has high security due to recent attacks in Greenwich and Tropicana and  wants to build a military base in lake Warragamba.We had a minor attack on the Blue Mtns Metro but  we are expecting even bigger attack.

New projects

Alliance tower : a new modern twin tower
Transit Terminal: a terminal that can hold upto 10000 people
Info Centre: for visitor that come to the city

thats it for now and i hope you enjoy

Mitchell 9.gif



Hello again  

Today i will show you a medium sized town that is West of the blue mountains.

Firstly here is a region update



And now i present you Blackheath

It has a population of 6000 that is located in huge forests and big mountains.The town itself is very scattered out and has some of the best scenery in Forest City.


We start off with the highway from the blue mtns which has just been upgraded. It is called the M2 . At the top of the photo there is a tunnel which bypass the downtown area of Blackheath.


This is the tunnel from the other side which heads to West Blackheath and south Blackheath


An overview of downtown.


The downtown area has many luxory shops.To the right is the monorail line which ends at Blackheath



This is Moulder park .It was originaly a big factory but resident in the area didnt like the pollution and asked for a park


To the south there is lots of agriculture happening. which is growing rapidily


More agriculture near the residenttal.


At the moment this is the end of the monorail line .But we are thinking of expanding the line even further.

(what do you think i should do? and wher should it go?)


the Large forest in the blackheath area.Iti s home to the Emu and other non flying birds.


A large resort just 5 mins out of blackheath and 10mins from the city.Ths is a relaxing place for sims that come from the city to stay and tourists.


At the bottom of the pic is Blackheath and the top of the pic is South Blackheath.,It dosent look south but it is more South than Blackheath


This is south blackheath just a little southwest of downtown Blackheath.It is well known for its antquies and sovienors.

That its for the update and hope you enjoy it.

The next update is on West Blackheath.


Blue Mtns city

Im back again with a few shots of the city

Blue Mountains is now a population of 44 000 people and is still growing.


This is the new Logo for The region which was made by the simtropolis Map Service.


This is apart of dowtown and now a apple shop has opened.The company is expanding fast over forest city.Opening 3 stores  in other suburbs.


This is the airport line which is just been constructed. It is owned by apple now.

At the moment there is no airport but it has been planned in the near future.


This is the logo and the name of the line.


This is blaxland park.It was decided  to be built because the city had no park and needed one.We have a staue for the explorer who found the area.Blaxland is now a suburb next to the CBD .

Originally the area had abadon houses.


This is an area for develpment in the near future.


This is the Northern part of the city which is now developed with the new airport line at the top.


The new lighthouse tower was built and replaced marina tower.This tower also provides more jobs.


The hosiptal was moved and now the land is vacant. (if you have sugestions about what should be built plz tell me)


New modern residentail apartments are built in the CBD.


Forestdale tunnel is a tunnel in the CBD which goes under the city and out to Forestdale.


This the elvated highway going towards Mt Victoria.It holds upto 6000 cars a day.


The new coastal highway goes around Mt Victoria with good viewes of the river and city.There is also a new bridge which goes to a new suburb over the river.


Another picture of the coastal road at night.


This is a picture of the suburbs of the blue mountains.


And lastly a overview of the city

Thanks for your support so far

And will update soon

Next few updates we will take a look at some new suburbs and surroundings



hello guys

This entry is a quick entry on Forest Citys transport.

Sorry i rush it because it was my birthday but here is a preview of what is to come soon.


A small highway that goes North to Blaxland.


Apart of the new train system.


Train station down near the South of the city in the poorer district.we have built a pedstrain walk way along the elevated rail.


And lastly the area at night.

And that is the last of the preview.

srry for making it small but plz check out my big showcase on the city port



hi all

sorry for the update been so long .but anyway this entry will show the new port and the new suburb

The first pic is how the port area was developed and planned.This involed flattening and lots of costruction.


This is another pic on the devolpment.


And now i present you the final bits complete the blue mtns port.The suburb is called wentworth named after the expoler who found the area.

The port area has help increase higher standard of living and up too 8000 jobs.This is now a place where sims relax.


in the future the there will be more shops on the water and a new tram line from the port to the city to improve congestion.


This picture has two statues . one for the expoler who found it and the second one to the designer of the port.



Marine tower on the point and a small park


The new ferry terminal on the the boardwalk. This place has a resturant above.


A few shops along the water.More shops will be built later


thats all for now

if you have any advice on my city ,feel free to comment


(The next entry i will show the region again and a new tower,i will show new surburbs of the blue mtns)


This is a preview of the new port system that is under construction.There will be a new suburb by the sea and  ferry terminal and maybe a cruise ship terminal.This will benefit the city with new jobs and new standard of high living

The population of the city is currently 29 000 and this is a overview of the main part of the Blue mountain region


This is the port so far with a hospital with stunnig views from above.

The new Marine tower on the point.


And lastly an overview of the Marine tower and boardwalk.


 If you have any suggestions on improving the port plz help me.


Welecome to Forest city


Forest City is a big region surrounded by mountains and rivers.This is my first cj hope you enjoy.The region will expand in further dates.

The blue mountains is a city that is a very lay back city that is continually improving in health,education and transport.We are currently working on enviromental issues and we are doing this by building parks and plant more trees.We have cut down our pollution by moving powerplants out of the city to Forestdale.


This is blue mountains part of forest city.This is not finished but will in further updates.This is the biggest city and is growing heaps fast.

This is the mayors house and as you can see shops are building in front of it.
There is more construction on the park and shops and we will introduce the subway line to go up to the house and shops for people to visit.


This is forestdale a industry estate suppling all the citys power.This a preview of what i will show in more later entrys.This is a working place for people from the Blue mountains.

This is another preview of the new tansport system that i will showcase soon in one of the next entries.

UPDATED august 22 2009

I have added this to show how much i have improved in 3 months.




these are more recent pics of the develpment after 3 months

hope u enjoy and plz comment tips to help me build better citys.

In my next few entrie's i will show

. The citys Port
. Forestdales port
. Blue mountains transport
. Parks and the mayors gardens

This is just a few ,others will be revealed


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