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About this City Journal

*My First City Journal* The CJ focuses on an island off the coast of South Australia built mainly for the purposes of tourism. Come see the cities, the scenery, the history and anything...

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I can't believe how many times I've said this but I'm sorry I havn't updated! D:

School's been a bit hectic for me but I'm trying to fit simcity in because I love it so much. I've been enjoying revisiting Pelikanas and Nautlius to renew them and I hope everyone will like the changes when I take you on a tour of the renewed area.

Thanks for reading!



Newsreader: Well the Maritine Island bush fire is finally under control. The fire burnt over 230 000 hectares and tragically killed 11 people. An uncounted number of buildings were destroyed but it is estimated to be over 100. The fire managed to make it to the edge of Port Flinders CBD before dying down. Thanks to the CFS warnings, most people were able to evacuate to the foreshore and survive.

The bush fire was amazingly Maritine Island's first, but more are predicted. 








Radio Newsreader: The bush fire on Maritine Island has spread further with a total of just over 200 000 hectares burnt. The death toll is now up to 8 people and 34 houses and sheds have been destroyed. We have just received information that the fire is headed for Port Flinders and all citizens of Port Flinders should evacuate to the foreshore. Do not attempt to defend your home. Television on Maritine Island has stopped working so be sure to continue listening to the radio for frequent updates on the fire.







We interrupt this television show for an emergency news broadcast

Newsreader: A fire started in the Livonia Ranges near the Explore Metals mine overnight. Since it started, the fire has spread and burnt slightly over 120 000 hectares. It has been confirmed that one person has been killed by the fire and 6 homes have been destroyed. Strong winds and hot weather are predicted which has provoked the CFS (Country Fire Service) to issue a catastrophic fire warning.

More Updates Soon.




Time to start posting at a normal rate, I'm sorry I'm taking so long.

I've been very busy preparing for the Pandion simlympic bid.

I'm very happy to be building more cities and I appreciate your thoughts.

I'll make replies in the comments.

Thanks, Enjoy.










Pandion. What can I say? It’s the largest city on Maritine Island, it’s the first city on the island to introduce mass transit, it’s an entertainment hub, and it has one of the largest CBD’s. In this post we will explore the history, attractions, and more of Pandion, the city of the sea.

Brief History

Pandion was built as a capital for Maritine Island and planned with large CBD featuring tall buildings to show how much the island had developed. The city quickly took off with a promise from John Maritine that people would not have to leave their city lifestyle behind if they moved to Pandion.

P&O cruises saw the potential for Pandion and built a port on the foreshore. The cruise benefited the city and surrounding area greatly, bringing in many tourists and after their holiday’s the tourists told their friends of the endless sandy white beaches, crystal water full of marine life and the other beautiful scenery; which brought even more tourists.

Because of the CBD’s location by the sea, residents and tourists were given a special experience to do their shopping whilst also being able to look out to the beautiful ocean. It was not long before companies started building high-rise buildings to give people the opportunity to have a wonderful view from their office or home.

The city continued to grow and grow and after parliament house had been built in Pandion, the city became known as the capital of Maritine Island.


An Entertainment Hub

Despite being the largest city on Maritine Island, Pandion had no entertainment, the residents were bored. But one year, a man called Michael Pesron emerged with a wonderful idea for a concert on a large patch of grass just out of the CBD. The citizens of Pandion as well as the council gave their full support and planning began.  After a few months of hard work and many calls, the concert could begin. Local bands performed and the concert was a rousing success with very happy residents and a profit made for the council. Michael suggested the concerts on the grass happen more often and so it did, it became more and more popular. A concert on the grass is now held every two weeks.

But a moderately sized concert featuring only local bands was not enough for the city. It needed a proper venue and the council foresaw more money if they built one. So an arena was built in the CBD, it named the Toyota Centre as Toyota was the largest sponsor for the building. Toyota Centre can seat 19, 300 people and has seen big names such as Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, and P!nk perform there.

Nightclubs also started appearing after the CBD grew larger. These have proven popular with the younger people of Pandion.





Transportation is very important in Pandion. It was the first city on Maritine Island to introduce mass transit with the only mass transit company –Maritine Metro- coming from Pandion. The city is divided by highways and features busses, trains, a subway, monorail, and a new tram line throughout the CBD.





Wildel Mall

WIldel street was the place to go for shopping in Pandion, unfortunately that meant it was also the busiest street in Pandion. Traffic seemed to barely move at all and accidents occurred on the street every day. Residents grew tired of the traffic so the council came up with a solution; convert the street to a mall. So work began. The street was paved, trees were planted, banners were raised, shops were renovated, and the finished product was beautiful. Citizens describe it as one of the best ideas for the city. It absolutely necessary (not literally) that if you visit Pandion, you visit Wildel Mall.



Other Pictures






Ahh, it feels good to be back making posts. While I was trying to fix the nightlights, it gave me plenty of ideas for Pandion and the rest of Maritine Island so expect many new and exciting posts. Anyway, once again,



UPDATE: I have finally fixed the nightlights (YAYY!!) so expect the new Pandion post very soon.


I'd just like to tell you that I havn't given up on my journal. I've just received a new computer and I've been struggling with some certain things on sim city (particularly getting the nightlights working again). However, I will fix these problems very soon and be back posting in no time. (:




If you are confused by the sayings "As bad as Whyalla." search Whyalla on google, you will find it is an unattractive city ruined by iron ore.

Also, the top and bottom have been cut off.



                                                                                                    bad as Whyalla has.


Pandion Sneak Peek



Sorry this is taking so long, I'm building the region at the same time as I'm writing the CJ so bare with me. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these preview pictures. I hope to have the first part of Pandion finished soon.







Renewing Posts

To celebrate 3000 views in 3 months I will be renewing and fixing the older posts for better viewing ! (:

I'd like to thank everyone who reads my CJ and anyone that even just had a peek at it, it still encourages me to keep posting ! 4.gif


Thanks so much !






A new company transport company called Maritine Metro has been established on Maritine Island and will be providing public transport for the new city, Pandion. The company colour of choice is red so residents of Pandion can look forward to seeing red buses, monorails and trains. A subway is also being built but you won’t be seeing much of that unless you are underground. Mayor John Maritine said “this will be a huge step forward for the cities of Maritine Island, having public transport means less pollution and easier way of getting around.” Construction on the monorail, subway and bus stops has already begun.


More Updates on Pandion to Continue




This Is An Article From The Advertiser, 40 Years Ago



John Maritine announced today that work would begin to establish a new city called “Pandion.” The name was extracted from Pandion Haliaetus, the scientific name for the Osprey, a seabird that inhabits Australia. Mr. Maritine said “This will be the city, the capital of Maritine Island.” Construction on the highway network around the city and connection to Nautilus, Pelikanas and surrounding areas and towns has already begun.


        More Updates Soon       



Nautilus Stage Two

Thankyou everyone so much for comments! Unfortunately I will not reply to all of them as I would ed up saying the same thing over and over, which would be: "THANKYOU SOO MUCH!" (I would mean it)
So just know that I am
very grateful for the comments.



I have finally finished stage two!

I’m sorry it took so long but placing all those trees takes a while.

Anyway, let’s begin.

Nautilus Stage Two was planned by Henry Libert who had an image of a whole new area that gave the impression that you were in a whole different city. That the area would be surrounded by beautiful tree covered hills, then at the centre of the town, a majestic blue lake. However, Libert’s dream could not come true in such a short amount of time. The area had to be built quickly but the tree’s take a long time to grow. So Libert collected a group of Australia’s most intelligent people and they started researching ways to speed up the growth process. After grueling months of continuous research, they found a way of making the trees grow faster. So finally the construction could begin.

After a short time stage two was halfway completed and all the tree’s had grown extremely fast. Unfortunately, a tragic accident happened halfway through completion. A little girl called Maddie Holland had been enjoying a day at the beach near the area and was attacked by a shark. Lifesavers acted as fast as they could to save her but it was too late. The shark had completely ripped her little body. Construction work was put on hold for everyone to mourn as little Maddie was known throughout the whole island. She was an outgoing little girl who loved fashion and couldn’t wait to grow up and design clothing. In memory of her an angel statue was built and erected on a hill to look over the city. An angel was chosen because Maddie’s parents always called her their little angel. She was also depicted as a teenager because she couldn’t wait to grow up. The red which swirls around the statue is her blood from the shark attack which has sparked controversy among the island over whether it was really appropriate or not.

After the statue was placed construction work began again. Stage Two continued to grow exceedingly fast and before long it was completed. Trees were planted all over the mountain ranges and Libert’s dream had finally come true.

Stage two was also chosen as the right place to build the sports stadiums which Nautilus needed for the sporting competitions held between Nautilus and Pelikanas. A University was also built near the stadiums. The university was designed to have an “antique” look.








Thanks so much for reading!
I hope you enjoyed.
A lot more updates coming soon.



This is a commercial for Maritine Island that I have made. I figured I should make one because I havn't made a post in a while because I've been working on the next big update.

Hope you enjoy it.

(I do not own any of these clips I collected them from youtube)





Nautilus stage one

Nautilus is the next large city of Maritine Island. The city was founded not long after the city of Pelikanas. Nautilus is a planned city and is being developed in large stages; the first stage has just recently been completed. The first stage included the CBD and some suburbs.

Tourism in Nautilus

Nautilus is a large tourism destination. The city has many attractions. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the sea lion and dolphin tours. For a small amount, people have the chance to take a ride on one of the charter boats out to the sea lion colony and see the beautiful sea creatures. Another activity coming soon which is expected to be very popular is a scenic drive around the Livonia Ranges, which are right behind Nautilus. A cruise ship port is also located in Nautilus and brings many tourists every month.

Nautilus and Pelikanas

Ever since residents started to occupy each of the cities, Nautilus and Pelikanas have been in competition. Pelikanas residents boast about the higher population, whereas Nautilus can fight back by boasting its taller buildings. 6 years ago, two friends noticed the competition between the two cities and came up with a plan to use it as an advantage. The two cities would host a sporting competition every 4 years. They told both the Nautilus City Council and the Pelikanas City Council about their plan and both councils loved the idea. The councils talked between each other and decided the first competition would be hosted in Pelkianas as the new sporting stadiums had recently been completed. The competition will take place very soon this year.

Architecture in Nautilus

Nautilus City consisted of small boring buildings in the CBD for a very long time, until some foreign developers proposed a small amount of tall towers for the city. Nautilus city council went for the idea, having tall towers in the city would attract tourists as they often like to stay in the largest city. However, there was one tower the city wasn’t sure about. The Aquatic Tower, designed by Mohammed Hajad, would be the tallest on maritime Island if it was built, but the bold colours would certainly stand out. The city took a bold risk and granted the proposal. The tower now dominates the city skyline.



Stage one of Nautilus can be seen here, in front of the Livonia Ranges


The Nautilus CBD Is seen in this picture. The towers of the city can also be seen.


Nautilus CBD by night. The Aquatic Towers lights shine bright.



The port of Nautilus. The cruise ships, ferries and charter boats dock here.


Part of the Livionia Ranges are behind Nautilus. The council plans to cover the mountains with tree's and build a scenic road along the ranges soon.


Some of the new towers in Nautilus CBD. The Aquatic Tower stands out.


Thanks for reading !

I'll now start work on Stage Two and it will hopefully come soon.

Comments will be appreciated muchly.




Outskirts of Pelikanas

The outskirts of Pelikanas are the location of the Pelikanas International Airport (the second busiest airport in South Australia) as well as Westfield Pelikanas, which is separated into three large buildings and surrounded by smaller shops.


Although Pelikanas now held a strong economy, the city could not afford to continue buying all of its food. The Pelikanas City Council decided it was time to start zoning farms. Within a short period of time, the farms grew. This meant Pelikanas no longer needed to purchase produce from the mainland, meaning they can spend the money on more things to beautify the area. Tourists also love driving through the country side.


After the farms spread out more, it became too far for shopping for the farming residents. The farmers needed somewhere closer to buy the groceries and other people wanted to live the farming lifestyle, without the need to actually own a farm. So a small farming town by the name of Kingscote was founded. A silo, small shops, and railway were all built in the town. People began to build houses and eventually the town had reached a population high enough for the maps. Kingscote has also become a popular location for tourists, who stop for some food or petrol during their day of exploring the farms. After realizing how popular the town was becoming, some developers quickly built a resort in the town, which caused excitement throughout the town. The Kingscote air show at the airfield has proved popular as well.



Eyre is another small town established near the coast. However, Eyre was not built as only a town for residents of farms. Eyre was built to host the state fair every year, which attracts even more tourism. A large golf course is also located on the edge of Eyre which many people enjoy. Like Kingscote, Eyre has a silo which is not quite as busy, but is still very useful for the area.

The outskirts of Pelikanas and the farms of Maritine Island can be seen.


The outskirts of Pelikanas, which include the shopping centre seperated into three large buildings and the Pelikanas International Airport, which is extremely important for the city.


Kingscote can be seen here. The silos and airstrip are vital for the town. The railway, resort, taxi company and jail can also be seen.


The town of Eyre. The state fair, silos and golf course can all be seen.


Comment Replies

Deathtoall: Thankyou. I will try not to overdo the avenues in the next city. (:

Sky Guy: Thankyou so much !! (:

Kryptowhite: Once again, thankyou. yes i suppose I did place a few too many tree's for a CBD. I'll keep that in mind in the next city. (:

Koleje: Wow, thanks Jesse !! (:

Gecko_2006: Thanks so much !! (:

My next post will be coming soon. It will be different to the others, as it will follow the construction of the next city. As oppose to just showing you the finished product.

I'd appreciate your thoughts very much !! (:


Maritine Island is developing rapidly, the first city has grown at an amazing rate, thriving on all the tourism. It has been named Pelikanas, after the Pelicans which inhabit the area. Although Pelikanas was built for tourists to come and go, high demand forced the city to zone for houses. Commercial zoning was also needed, the residents needed somewhere to work and the tourists needed somewhere to shop. After years of commercial developments, a quite large CBD was the result, even sporting some quite tall towers., which gave tourists and opportunity to look at the scenery from above.

A highway has also been built. John Maritine can see more large cities developing soon and people will need a way of quickly reaching the other cities.

Instead of tall motels being built along the coast, ruining the scenery, developers have built small mansions and houses along the coast, available for rent at a cheap price.

Pelikanas is an enviro-friendly city. Trees have been built all along the coast and around the city, giving Pelikanas that “green” image.



(Sorry about some zots)









Thanks for reading !


South Australia was a prosperous state, it had advanced in agriculture, aquaculture and mining. However, the state had a problem. South Australia could not thrive on exports alone, it needed more, it needed tourism. South Australia’s dry “outback” scenery had bought tourists for many years, but the desert scenery tended to bore people after a small amount of time. They needed something that would bring people coming back for years. That’s when John Maritine spoke out. John’s idea to bring tourists was brilliant. The state would develop on an island off the coast which had been uninhabited for a long time. The island was rich in wildlife and beautiful sea scenery. The name of this island, would be Maritine Island.


Hello, I’d like to thank you for taking a look at my CJ. I have spent a long time thinking about making a CJ, but was unable due to the lack of “realism” in my cities and regions. Although this City Journal will grow in quite a strange way, I still hope you really enjoy it. Thanks again.

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