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  1. (Offline Only) ProcsKalone's Multiple Landmarks Mod

    While it does allow you to plop more than one of the same  landmark, which is still pretty nice, you do still get the 3/30 not allowed issue.
  2. I understand completely. It seems that the infinite water mod does indeed alter the scripts file. I apparently have been fortunate in that the mods I use that include the file have not actually made changes to it from what is in the base game. I do think it would be a good idea for modders that include the file to specify if they have altered it or not, to help with deciding which mods to install., and as you mentioned, if they do indeed alter it, pulling out their changes into a separate script file would be ideal.
  3. The majority of the files that include the scripts file just include it as a convenience for users to not have to find the game file in order to copy it to a second location. I use dozens of mods, that have this file, and none of them actually have changes to it, but they do need it copied to the userdata packages folder to properly function. It may be a good idea for those to make note of this in their readme, so as to avoid confusion.
  4. While it may be possible to connect roads, they are only visible and functional for the city plot they were drawn from. Once you leave that city plot, the roads do not exist for other cities. Even if they were, only the one great works site that is part of the city group is simulated. The other sites have no existence for cities outside their own group, not even as far as being displayed graphically.
  5. I have been looking into the files for a while now, but have not been able to find it. Possibly it is in the a non accessible area. But maybe someone else has had better luck... Has anyone found a way to modify the radius at which, for example, a coal mine, can extract from the map?
  6. New RCI 1.1(More Workers,Shoppers and Freights)

    Scripts file should not be moved. it should be in BOTH locations
  7. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Changing the RCI  tended towards hair-pulling, as a lot of the time, Simcity didn't always load the mods at first, and had to be relaunched.  I checked at each load the water tower price, as it was easy to find.  Also, the minimum number of jobs also has to be adjusted, and, on commercial, if i remember correctly, visitors per day.  Aslo, the changes only fully apply when a new structure is built - existing buidligns kept their old values.
  8. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Any trucks that have "leftover" goods after delivery have been dutifully carrying their loads back to the warehouse and redepositing the goods. I have not seen any of them "lose" any cargo.  If you are having this happen I suggest deleting the trucks package, to revert the capacity (this will happen when a new truck spawns - existing ones on the road already will still have the higher amount)
  9. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    I hadn't seen this before. In my testing any "global" trucks (ones that leave the city) carry just the standard 10. I will look into it.
  10. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    They can be deleted. The lind was a leftover version that was renamed of the low tech industry file. landmarks files was a file that I had pulled out the landmarks into, but had not changed anything.
  11. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    I am not sure my changes had any effect on the consumption rates at all.  I changed and reverted so many different sections of the Omega files that seems not to have affected anything... The only thing I am sure was affected in a functional, non-cosmetic-only way, was the storage amounts.
  12. Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods

    Hopefully the current version's numbers work out better. I'm not sure how I got 200 more people in the high density buildings. Must have lost track of the original values along the way during testing out what values changed what.   The real population mod just changed the fudged numbers displayed for population. The CityHall upgrades were based off of actual population - pre-fudged: and didn't need to be corrected.   So far, if the value is not already known I have been doing trial and error to find it. Fortunately, once found, you can add it to the tool and it shows up for that index from then on, no matter what package you open up. There are still quite a few things I'd like to change around - including radius on resource gathering buildings - but have yet to locate the proper keys - if there even are in the same package, and not hidden somewhere else.