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  1. SimFox Day and Nite Modd

  2. The only way EA would release the source code for SC4 would be if they are no longer able to make money from selling copies of SC4 and they're 'nice enough' to do it. Why would they have to reboot a franchise and dumb it down for the kids if they can still make money off a tried and tested method? SC4 isnt complex at all, if you're competent with a few numbers and have more than a handful of brain cells then whats the problem? Want to just play for ten minutes after work? Play Societies or Social. +1 signature for "Carry on your casual crap, let us have the source for 4" EDIT: Re:Intersections. I know its a big deal for people, I love the NAM/RHW etc mods for SC4 and little things like that make all the difference. What I was refering to is the way the topic always turns to intersections or suchlike when we're asking for deeper answers. If EAxis wont give us the answers, then there must be a problem. A shrug and a joke is NOT acceptable. Look at the post ratings here too, notice how its mainly the "negative nancys" getting voted up? EDIT2: I guess they've classed it as "too complex" and dumbed it down, like everything else. See the pattern here?
  3. I just dont understand the whole "Its a reboot stop comparing it to SC4 + RH!" lark. Why reboot with a TONNE of features removed/dumbed down when they're already there?! That work and at most needed slight tweaking?! I see Guillaume has convieniently left the topic after being asked a meaningful question that doesnt involve crap like intersections and "oooh look at this coal agent isnt it funky?!". Sadly Dirks review has closed the case for me and this "reboot" will not be a part of my collection. Brandish me an elitist if you will but i REFUSE to pay for an all online. People will vote with their wallets.
  4. Stone Creek

    I know I'm a little late to this party, but this cj is absolutely amazing! Everything seems to piece together naturally, nothing looks out of place. This has given me tonnes of inspiration and for that, I thank you. I hope this cj continues soon!
  5. Getting back into it...

    There do seem to be a load of awesome new things going on! Especially since I've passed the stage of just wanting huge gleaming towers all over my city. Things like SPAM look to provide a great new twist! On a sidenote, I was looking across the SC4D LEX(?) and I saw SimGoobers "Surfside Inn". I remember when that was a brand new featured upload!
  6. Getting back into it...

    I imagine it was just to access the STEX! Will certainly be posting around here more, nice to see people are still BAT'ing and playing after all these years!
  7. Getting back into it...

    Hello! Seems I registeregd here quite a while ago! Cant remember the last time I played SC4, all I know is I played it so much the disk wont actually install! Hoping to get back into it again soon, awaiting new pc, find a new SC4 +RH disk set and then much time wasting can begin... Already downloading many many quality things from all sorts of sites, anyone recommend anything? Got the basics such as NAM, the BSC Mega packs etc... Hope to get to know some of you! (Excuse the username, it has been *years*!)