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  1. See the picture below. This happened randomly as I was playing earlier tonight and I couldn't fix it. Suddenly certain colors now show as a black color. The texture itself is still there, it is all simply a shade of black. Many of my apartment buildings that have multiple colors look like this too. I uninstalled, unsubscriped from all of my mods and wiped every file associated with the game from my hard drive and reinstalled. The picture is from when it was reinstalled, and the problem still persists. Anyone else have this, and know how to fix?? Card is a 970 GTX.
  2. Haven't seen this anywhere... You know how in C:SL, when you are drawing the road the outlines of the zoning area show as well? Is there a way to mod this into SC13 to show the zoning outline when you are drawing the road? In a similar way to how when you are laying a zone, it will show the back line of the zone? This would make drawing even roads much easier IMO because the zoning guides are not accurate if you are trying to build distance between 2 different types of roads.
  3. I just started getting this error yesterday when I re installed SC. I've opened all ports, disabled my firewall, and disabled all of my startup services and then restarted Origin, yet I am still getting the error. Is anyone else getting this error message when logging in?
  4. Students Won't Commute

    After probably playing the same amount that you have, I can attest that some of what you say works, in reality still doesn't work. What does work: Anything Great Works related. Anything tourist related. Police/Fire/Health/Garbage/Recycling for regions. What is still badly broken: Commuting to work, both inner-city and regional. (Sims, for whatever reason, are still not commuting, and traffic AI is so bad that sims wont drive to jobs...leads to more workers needed for industry, more jobs needed for residential when both are available in all wealth levels) Mass transit is broken (buses endlessly looping, sims not using MT to commute to work, etc.). Buses essentially go to random bus stops, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for which stop they go to. Students attending university. Industry still doesn't export freight properly even with ample commercial and trade depot zoning. Regional economy is pointless now because everything is the same, static price. You can flood the market with endless materials and, until they run out, the price will remain the same. Makes the game way too easy to earn money. I don't have the expansion and don't plan on buying it, but I can't imagine that this is any different with the expansion.
  5. Simcity 2013 at one year.

    Not exactly true. The smallest city in the world is .15 square miles (it is also the world's smallest country as well). There is a city down the road from me that is .5 square miles and has a population of ~1,000 (it is legally a city). The game lets you build a standard city, not a metropolis. Most cities aren't metropolises, they normally have smaller populations which you can easily get in this game (that is upwards of 600k+) It is also not possible to build a simulator that mimics city behavior acturately (no government has yet), due to all the variables at play. Though I personally don't miss the ability of having multimillion population metropolises, in part due to the fact that those cities stress the game engines to a breaking point. To each their own... But you had the ability, which is everything...I'd rather have the ability than no ability.
  6. Future plans for Ordinaces

    I am neither an EA employee or a troll. I have played every Maxis made Simcity at launch. To date only Simcity 3000U was problem free! Take away all the mods and Simcity 4 is just as broken as Simcity 2013 was at launch. The only difference here is Maxis has actually made the effort to fix the game instead of abandoning it like Simcity 4. Nostalgia clouds the mind Simcity 2013 is fundamentally flawed in its design, something that Maxis has already come out and said they aren't fixing. Simcity 4 has many patches for both the vanilla and deluxe versions. While still kind of buggy, it is still a lot better than it was at launch, and still way better without mods than SC2013.
  7. It's not like you are forced to terraform in Simcity 4...
  8. New DLC, official info

    Nothing in that pack is appealing to me in the least. Seriously, people will actually buy this crap?
  9. Sent you a request mkareha.
  10. Gamespot Review Just Posted......5/10!

    The only positive out of all of this is that this disaster may have killed off the online-DRM movement for good (hopefully) This is a PR nightmare for EA.
  11. http://www.gamespot.com/simcity/reviews/simcity-review-6405012/ Unbelievable...never thought a big game site (that has been advertising SC nonstop) would bomb the game like that. But its glorious!
  12. *Looks at Forum*

    Gee, taking away the city sizes we've seen in previous games and giving us a smaller size when our computers are perfectly capable of rendering larger tiles is complaining? If something is bad about a game, you shouldnt be able to complain about it? Whats wrong with that statement...
  13. Every single city I have so far created (except for my first one) the game has crashed within 5 minutes of playing. I am able to select all the options, menus, etc., the the game is essentially frozen in time even though the speed is at max. Nothing develops, and no game time elapses. I cannot plop anything as well. I am assuming I am not the only one with this issue, but what gives? Is this from the server crashing every time?
  14. Judging by their research, EA makes their games and promotes them for the largest demographic that will make them the most money. For a company like EA, that is the casual, less hardcore gamer. It's not like EA is a publicly traded company with shareholders or anything like that
  15. In the New Simcity Sears Tower is 34 floors. In the real world its 108 floors. In SC4...sears tower was.....108 floors. Real World: Simcity 4: New Simcity: So dont tell me the scales in Simcity are more realistic...cause thats bollocks. I was talking about the size of the footprint, not the height of the building. Building height has nothing to do with it. The footprint sizes in SC4 were out of whack. Like someone mentioned above, they made a 2x2 city seem much bigger.