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  1. The Mystic County Project

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum and I just had to post in here. You know when I started reading this I thought that the little story thrown in would be annoying and just a little extra cheap thing. I was very wrong however and I got very addicted to the story and ended up not being able to get off reading it until 5am in the morning I'm mostly reading CJs for enjoyment but also learning about making realistic towns and you've given me a lot of great examples. I hope I can make my own first CJ soon, theres no real decent list of must have mods so im going around learning a LOT.
  2. Nice, but will this work like your other pine tree mod? I hate how the new pines look on lots so im not using the pine tree mod. Theres too many and sometimes you cant even see the cabin :(