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  1. ***CJ CLOSED***

    Man You had it going for you here! Tropicana was awesome. Beepin hackers though. too bad... bet your next journal will be even better though!
  2. Animals of Tropicana

    whoa! Thats a very, very colorful variety of cool animals you got there! Nice
  3. Compare

    Man, you got alot of skill. This is the kind of stuff I like to see!
  4. Parks Gallore

    Cool looks like a bunch of modern day suburbs! Keep up the good posts!
  5. New parts in town.

    Nice, lots of green areas. Thats key for an awesome city. Cheers
  6. More Airport Teasers! Mwahaha!

     I really like the different foliage in the picture with palm tree etc. I also like the way you add the little descriptions of different things. Those things count on making it to the top 5 city journals. And you got it.
  7. Book 1, Montereau: Chapter XIV

     All I can say is... Wow 
  8. More Airport Teasers! Mwahaha!

     I like the different array of foliage and little details. Those things really count if you wanna be in the top 5! And you nail that.
  9. flywin! (an airport update)

     Hey you should put some light humor into some of your posts like in the early greenwich ones! They made me laugh... anyway Great pics! They really look like ads
  10. Bands, Performances, oh its so amazing!

     I hope they pick you. It would be major for you ratings!
  11. Redding-Redesigned

     I like how you added all those major buisnesses to make it look official
  12. Winchester Introduction

     Nice, now I know what all the buzz is about!
  13. Greenwich Republic Founder's Day-Part 5-Hickory Creek

    Removated... Anyway,cool that it took one hundred years to reNOVate.If many people used it,after fifty years wouldnt it be a dump?Just asking
  14. Lol how many rads would u say the people get infected with?