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About this City Journal

We have just left Winchester. Now, its time to head up to New Jersey to see my cousin Vinny! He's the mayor of a town outside of Philadelphia. Join me as I attempt to recreate Philadelphia,...

Entries in this City Journal


Well, due to highway construction, and Vinny, we couldn't  go to Philadelphia today. Fortunately for us, we get to see this ubber-cool suburb! Huzzah!

westvilleaug30912533857.pngBefore the suburban sprawl... The interchange of the N S Freeway and I-295.

westvillefeb11221253393.pngMore growth along a main drag. Note the suburban layout.

westvilledec20251253395.pngIt is getting bigger. More pictures will come soon, after it expands some more!



Reluctantly, Mayor Adam is convinced to fly to Philadelphia on a private jet. It left a private airfield in North Winchester and landed in Philadelphia this evening...

Adam: Seems like it will be a rough flight.... We are going to visit my cousin Vinny, he's the mayor of Westchase. Thats just accross the river from Philadelphia in New Jersey. Eh, vinny and I got along alright, but we were never really close. We sometimes fought, verbally and physically. He always won, but now, I am the real winner! His city only has a population of 5,000. Winchester is 500,000! Look who's laughing now, Vinny!

My cousin Vinny: 


Adam: Well, here we are. Too bad we cant stay here in Philadelphia...

philadelphiainternation.pngAdam: Looks like it just rained! Now that we're at the terminal, lets go find Vinny. Look, there he is! Just act happy, he's not that great... Hey, Vinny, how are you doing? Its been.......

And thus, we begin our long drive to Westchase. Normally, it would only take 30 minutes, but now its rush hour, so we'll be there late.

westchaseoct30001253312.pngAdam: So Vinny, hows your little podunk town? Still small? It might interest you to know that Winchester just grew by 50,000 people in the past 4 years.

Vinny: What, you think I care little cus? Lets not forget our past, Adam.

Adam: Oh yeah, imagine what would happen if you tried to beat me up while I'm sick. I can just imagine the local papers: "Mayor beats up Cusin, Unknown intentions" But, oh, I just remembered; you dont have a local paper!

Vinny: I swear, Adam, if you don't.......

While Adam and Vinny argue, you decide to take in the view.

westchasejun30021253313.pngVinny(angrily): Well, here's your exit, like you care, and if you ever go to Philadelphia, get off here.

Adam: Hey Vinny, you might want to light your highways a bit better, eh? Its a bit dark.

Vinny: Hey! What did I just get finished tellin' ya'?.......

westchasejul20212533140.pngVinny: Although you don't care too much cus, this is the intersection of Westchase Ave. and Winchester Rd.

Adam: Winchester Road, you say? Wonder what thats named after. So this is the shopping district? Looks small. The recession probably affected it.

Vinny: Well I wouldn't be talking Mr. Astronomical Crime Rate! Even your local paper tied the recession to your crime rate of such a high amount!

Adam: Well at least we have a newspaper!

westchasejul30212533140.pngAdam: Man, I hate that Vinny! Anyway, here's our hotel. Its the best I could find, so it will have to make do.

westchasejul50212533140.pngI don't know about you, but I'm starving! Lets go to Ruby Tuesday. Tomorrow, we can go to Philadelphia.

Winchester Mayor Adam

Author's note...

Wow! Seems like there are some turbulent relations between these cousin mayors! We'll see how things turn out for Mayor Adam with his illness, and Vinny's goals to govern his city!


Sick Day Blues...

The Winchester PostWINCHESTER, Delaware- It seems as if everyone is getting the H1N1 flu virus in Winchester. H1N1, more commonly refered to as "Swine Flu," is spreading at an exponentially fast rate, especially in West Winchester. Even the Mayor has Swine Flu now, and with the begining of regular Flu Season approaching, the city could fall victim to this International Pandemic.

"We are expecting around 40-60% of the city to get H1N1," said University of Delaware Medical Center doctor Charlie "DW" Dwight, "this is no cause for alarm, however. As long as it is treated, you will most likely survive. The most important thing we can do is simple hygene, such as washing our hands regularly."

There has already been 2 reported deaths due to the Swine Flu, both of which were in toddlers in East Winchester. "We are very concerned about East Winchester. It is very poor, it has little access to health facilities, and living conditions are very bad," remarked Winchester Department of Public Health Director Alice Morgan, "It is the children in East Winchester that are most at risk, and if we don't act fast, the conciquences could be fatal."

The Department of Public Health released this statement today:

"We will be keeping a close eye on the H1N1 [swine Flu] in the coming months. It is a very serious flu that needs to be taken seriously. The most high risk areas are East Winchester and North Winchester. If you live in these areas, we advise you to get vaccinated for the new H1N1 vaccine."

Today, the school board has decided to close school in Winchester County for the remainder of the week and all of next week due to the system-wide 44% attendance rate. This was widely pushed by many parents, who were afraid of their children being exposed to the Swine Flu.

Its getting to be a hot topic in Winchester now that the mayor has Swine Flu! On a side note, I found this random video on Youtube, which is why its our random video of the day!!!


After shopping at the mall, you hear that the world-renouned cellist Yo Yo Ma is perfroming at the Metropolitan Plaza Building in Downtown. You decide to go check it out.

Now, you must drive to the other side of town to Downtown to visit the Met Plaza (aka: City Hall Plaza). Yo Yo Ma is there right now!

winchesteroct9721253230.pngNicknamed "the bland bullet" by locals, the Met Plaza is the fourth tallest building in downtown. It has a large lobby with a restaraunt an d a bank.

After the show, why not take a stroll along the bay?

winchestermay1473125323.pngNow thats what I call a cultured evening!

Until next time,

The City of Winchester


Shortly after our departure from Winchester, TekindusT 2.gif made the descision to turn back near Wilmington. This is because Mayor Adam had a severe cough. The coughing gradually got worse, and when we got back, the Mayor went to the University of Delaware medical center, where he was diagnosed with H1N1. This sad turn of events has made for a delayed departure of Winchester.

Well, yes, its true. I have Swine Flu. No need to be alarmed, I am expected to make a full recovery soon! Anyway, while I am a resting at the Mayor's mansion, you are free to go about Winchester.

After a "long" consideration, you have decided to take a visit to the pinnacle of suburban shopping, Winchester Square mall, located in North West Winchester.

winchesterjul6711253229f.pngThis area is not occupied with neighborhoods at this time, however, developers have bought and are currently subdividing the land for the suburban sprawl to begin.

winchesterjul8711253229.pngSmall shops, restaurants, hotels, and department stores thrive under the umbrella of the mall parking lot.

winchesterjul9711253229.pngLook! There's a sale! No wonder its so busy here!

With 3 levels, 423 stores, 34 restaraunts, 4 department stores, and a 18 screen movie theater, this shopping mall is the biggest in the Winchester Area. More impressive, its the biggest mall in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia!

We will be driving all around Winchester while the mayor rests and recuperates. Until then, cao!

Note to TekindusT: Hey, you said you wanted to drive!3.gif


Hit the road!

Hey! Its me, Adam. On behaf of the city of Winchester, I hope you had a good stay with us. What? You didn't know that we were leaving? Pitty, but now, we will be heading up North to a small town outside of Philly, its called Westchase, New Jersey. And you're in luck, because I'll be going with you! You bags are packed, and they are waitintg in the car in front of the hotel. On our way, we will be heading Up highway 295 into the Philadelphia area, and we should be there later tonight. And now, on behaf of the near-official end of summer, I present to you a song.

It is Summer Skin by Death Cab for Cutie. Just wanted to let you know, and as far as I know, the lyrics are G rated, so it should be appropriate!

PS: due to the fact that I am-cough- sick, I will not be able to update as much this weekend, but I'll try to get one in tonight. Thank you for your patience!


This is a bit unrelated, but while Simtropolis was down, I was using Photoshop! These are ads for Winchester International Airport, and will be in local newspapers, comercials, billboards, and bus stops!






I hope you all liked them! More pictures will come of the airport soon, so stay tuned!


Sitting in a dark room on the 45th floor of the AT&T building in the middle of downtown Winchester, a computer geek recieves and LOTs new secretly obtained BATs for the Winchester Airport. He writes the website where he found the super-awesome BATs from on a small Starbucks napkin, later realizing that he has smudged it out with a coffee stain. Their origin may never be released, until they come out of the BETA stage.

Well, I spent a while doing this, but, here it is! The finally LOTed airport set I found on a Japanese website. Please note: I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR CREATING THESE BATs, I ONLY LOTed THEM.  Sorry for the caps, but I just needed to clarify that. Unfortunately, I forgot who made these, and I also forgot where I got them, so please do not ask.


I hope you all enjoy the finished airport!


Emergency Landing!

This morning, Delta flight 189 from Atlanta to Boston had to make an emergency landing after an engine caught fire. Luckily, We had just finished the first runway at the Winchester airport, because the closest other airport with sufficient facilities for an emergency was Wilmington! Everyone on board was alright, and the plane is being repaired at a hangar in Winchester.

westminsterjul183612522.pngGood thing we had ground crews!


WinchesterGood evening! Tonight, there is a special performance of Chess at the Metropolitan Opera house, and I have special box seats! After the show, we will get to meet the actors up close.

winchesterjan2556125211.pngWe will walk to the opera house since it is only about 12 blocks.

winchesterjan2756125211.pngNow, look to your right and you will see the newly-completed Citigroup tower.

winchesterjan2856125211.pngFinally we made it! And just in time- all those Labor Day vacationers are here too! Well, I hope you enjoy the show!

Mayor Adam44.gif


Winchester Glossary

Ever wonder what I mean by something? Cant figure out a word? Look here first!

Adam- the most awesome dude to have ever set foot on Winchester. AKA, the mayor, and myself.

Atlantic Avenue- the main boulevard that runs from East Winchester, into the suburbs, and out of town where it becomes highway 2.

Atlantic Ocean- a large body of water that borders the Bay area, it stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the coast of Antarctica where it meets the Southern Ocean.

Atlantics- an AUSIHL (Alliance of US CJs International Hockey League) team that calls the AT&T center home.

AT&T Center- a mixed-events indoor arena with a capacity of between 20,000 and 26,000 spectators. It is home to the AUSUHL team Winchester Atlantics, as well as the NBA team the Delaware Bobcats.

AUS- Alliance of US CJs, the union/allinance that Winchester belongs to, headed by NY24

Aviation Parkway- a span of Interstate 295 that passes by the airport.

Bay Area- a local term used to refer to the Indian River Bay.

Bobcats- Winchester's NBA team, also known as the Delaware Bobcats.

Bridgeport- a suburb to the north of Winchester, also home to the Winchester Country Club, which hosts the anual Winchester Open PGA tournament.

Bridgeport Expressway: A portion of Interstate 295 that passes through Bridgeport northward into the suburb of Regency.

Carslile- a town located on the outskirts of Winchester to the North.

Constitution- also called the Delaware Constitution. Winchester's MLS team.

Current- Winchester's NFL team. They call the Met Life Stadium home.

Delaware- the state in which the city of Winchester is located. Its capital is Dover.

Dover- the capital of Delaware, located 30 miles north of Winchester.

Dover Freeway- a portion of Interstate 295 that runs from Winchester to Dover.

Fremont- a small town on the Atlantic Coast off of highway 1.

Greenwich City- the capital of the Greenwich Republic, aka the Greenwich People's Republic. One of Winchester's sister cities. Also one of thepokemaniac's temporarily inactive journals.

Indian River Bay- a bay in southern Delaware at the mouth of the Indian River where Winchester was built.

Interstate 95- a US Interstate that runs from Miami to Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.

Interstate 295(Delaware)- a US Interstate that branches off of I-95 and runs from Wilmington to Winchester, Delaware, not to be confused with I-295 in Rhode Island or Maine.

Interstate 295 Business- a branch of I-295 that runs a 13 mile stretch from Bridgeport to Winchester.

Interstate 495- a branch of I-295 that is refered to the locals as the "Bay Loop". It runs from I-295B to the eastern sections of Winchester.

Jack Markell- the current governor of Delaware.

Martin Luther King Blvd.- the main road that passes through east Winchester. It starts in downtown, and then passes through a very rough predominantly African-American and Hispanic neighborhood. Also nicknamed "Skid Row" by the locoals due to its shabby image.

North Bay Redevelopment Commission- a group of architects, urban planners, engineers, and location analysts who are trying to redevelop the north bay area into a nice place to live.

South Delaware International Airport- Winchester's main airport, which is currently under construction.

Winchester County- the county that encompasses Winchester, Bridgeport, Westminster, Carslile, and Regency.

Winchester- a city in south Delaware that has a population of about 200,000.

More will be added soon!


WinchesterHello again! Ah, Labor Day weekend, we are expecting a lot of vacationers here in Winchester! So, to beat the crowds, we will go to the beach now! Erm, not the Atlantic, that is for later, but the Bay! Its salt water, so it will feel like the ocean, sort of.

winchestermar1451125209.pngWow! 3:00 already?! We should leave now! Come on, I am good at getting around downtown, so I'll drive.

winchestermar1551125209.pngWe will keep going on Pete St...

winchestermar1751125209.pngFinally, we have reached Atlantic Ave. Now, we continue on this road until we get to the beach.

winchestermar2151125209.pngNow, we will pass over one of the many shallow inlets along the bay. This particular one is called Sheffield Inlet, and this is the Sheffield Causeway.

winchestermar2251125209.pngPerhaps you would like a bite to eat? So what do you want-we got everything here! Jack-in-the-Box, Applebees, McDonalds, Whataburger- hold on a sec, whats that doing here? Those are supposed to be in Taxas! Hmm, oh well!


And here we are! I give you, the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this update!

Mayor Adam44.gif


I lover to tease you guys! I also like to use the Lot Editor, something that I wil be using a lot for this airport, so you will see some pretty cool stuff in it, and even some that hasn't been released as a lot yet!

westminsteraug182312516.pngThis is the oldest terminal in the airport, the 36 year old, terminal A. It will be demolished after the three new terminals are completed, and then replaced with an ultra-modern new T A. Note the super awesome Delta CRJ!

westminsterjun282412516.pngWith a tight buget, the state has not been able to handle the thick growth of natural trees near the terminal. This area is also known as the biggest waste of space at an airport in Delaware and Pennsylvania!

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing a sneak peak at my new airport! There will be airport access roads added on next to all the taxiways for airport vehicles to drive on, too, after I get some time to do the Lot Editor.

Mayor Adam44.gif


East Winchester Ah, hello! Sorry to wake you at 1:30 AM, but there is a part of Winchester that I want you to see. This is not an area where you want to go past midnight, but it is necisary for you to understand the poverty that still exists in Winchester. Keep your gaurd up, as we will not be getting a police escort into this area; it will attarct attention.

winchestersep2549125161.pngAs we leave our hotel, we will continue on MLK Blvd past the stadiums.

winchesternov3411250450.pngAt the intersection of MLK and Port Ave, we will continue going strait.

winchesterjan2950125161.pngAfter we pass over the inlet, look to your right!- you can see the port of Winchester. Up ahead is Broadway.

winchesterapr1501251610.pngWe will drive on Broadway going east. To your left, you can see unit 1 and 2 of the Townview Towers Public Housing Apartments. The area is very heavy in crime, so we will not take any back streets.

winchesterapr2501251610.pngNow, we will continue on Broadway into an industrial area, we will go further into this area in the day, as it gets worse as we go east. Right there is Unit 3 of the Townview Towers. I will take you back to- POW POW POW!-what was that? Sounds like a -POW!- gun! We need to get you out of here now! Whee-whoo, whee-whoo- here come the police.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the less bright side of Winchester! We will be investingating those gun shots, so don't worry, you are safe!


WinchesterThere is a big problem in  downtown Winchester, and its not just the crime! The Indian River Bay is eroding right upon the city! To fight this serious problem, the state of Delaware has given 2.5 million dollars to the city of Winchester to fix the problem. So with a team of highly trained engineers from the Corp of Engineers, FERC, TVA, and the Beurau of Reclaimation have been gathering in Winchester for the past month to try and decide how to fix this problem. The solution was simple- a 4 mile long seawall!

winchesterjun5481251577.pngThe start of the wall begins near Atlantic Ave. As you can see, Bay Area Blvd. has been expanded to a 4-lane road.

winchesterjun7481251577.pngAs a gift to the city of Winchester, the state of Delaware built a Zen Garden on the Seawall to symbolize the international community that calls Winchester home.

winchesteraug5481251577.pngThe seawall curves with the road as it passes an office building.

winchesteraug6481251577.pngThe seawall finally ends at a condominium complex.

Mayor Adam44.gif


THE WINCHESTER POSTToday, Governor Jack Markell announced that the State of Delaware, in a joint effort with the City of Winchester, would build an airport in Westminster using leftover stimulus money. Many Westminster residents are upset since they don't want planes zooming over their homes all the time.


Mayor Adam Jones is listening to these complaints, and he is urging the planners to make the runway face Indian River Bay 1/4 of a mi. away. No one lives between the proposed site of the airport and the Bay, making it the ideal location for the airport, although residents do live on the North side of the airport.

Although many are complaining, more are very happy. "With a city the size of Winchester, it is difficult not to have an airport," said one resident. "It will bring so many jobs here in this tough economy, making Winchester thrive as an oasis," said the future Winchester Airport Authority Director George Patel.

The name of the airport is up to the Residents of Winchester to decide. The state is sending out a survey for them to fill out regarding the name of the airport. The considered names are as follows: South Delaware Regional Airport, Winchester Municipal, or Governor Jack Markell Airport. In the future, the airport may be upgraded to an international airport, depending on demand and usage.

Now its your turn! Which of the three choices do you want the airport to be named? Remember, the final descision is always up to me!


AT&T Biker's Cure Race against CancerToday in Winchester, there was a bike race in Winchester! It was to raise money to fight against Breast Cancer. It started at the Toyota Center, went around downtown, and finished at the AT&T/Bellsouth Tower.

winchesterjul5411250887.pngThe start of the race, beginning at the Downtown Marina at the Toyota Center. It continued into the park, and through several back roads, eventually going into a bad part of town when the bikers went over the Port of Winchester Bridge(not pictured). Finally, the race ended at 4:00 EST in front of the Bellsouth/AT&T tower(below)

winchesteraug1141125088.pngWell, there you have it! More updates will come soon, and thank goodness the first week of school is over!


University of Delaware at WinchesterWhy hello there! I am Mayor Adam of Winchester. Today,  I would like to show you our fine University we have here. So come on! Grab your camera and lets go!

winchesterdec1440125043.pngWe will start on M.L.K Blvd in front of the baseball stadium. Up ahead, the road widens.

winchesterdec1840125043.pngWhen M.L.k Blvd widens, we will continue going down it past city hall. Doesn't city hall look wonderful?

winchesterdec2340125043.pngWe will then turn on University avenue and it will cut right through the campus. Here, we can find the planetarium, the hospitals, and some dorms.

winchesterdec2540125043.pngFurhter down Universiity Ave., we can find most of the dorms and lecture halls, the stadiums, and the Delaware Belltower.

winchesterjan2841125043.pngMy goodness its getting late! A great place to go eat dinner is the Promenade Grill. It specializes in seafood and steak, as well as many New England cuisines!

I hope you enjoyed your day in Winchester!

Mayor Adam44.gif


Winchester, DelawareHello, and welcome to Delaware! I can see that you have just arrived in from the airport. As Mayor of Winchester, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything while you are here. I will be taking you all around my beautiful city and the surrounding areas. So come on, lets go see Winchester!

winchesterfeb1725125035.pngYour hotel is the Intercontinental Hotel located next to our baseball stadium.


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