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About this City Journal

Visit sunny Tropicana! A beautiful Island on the planet Gia with Large city centers, bustling suburbs and huge rain forests!

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As you all obviously noticed, i have been gone for the past... long time, this is because some a$$hole put a virus in my computer, it deleted everything, even internet explorer, so as of now Tropicana is closed, but on the bright side, my computer is working, but I don't know is i will continue this journal yet, or make a completely new one, but i WILL make one, just give me some time.

P.S........  F*CK YOU HACKERS!!!!


Animals of Tropicana

Let's take a look at the.... wild side of Tropicana.

Some of these youve seen, most you hav'nt.

I am not showing ALL Tropicana animals, just some of the interesting ones.


Bengal Tigers are are common sight throuot Tropicana. sometimes sniffing through trashcans or sleeping in backyards.



"Red Pandas" are (so cute) an endagered species on Gia. the only location of their existence is on Tropicana, where there is an

abundance of them. about 1 in every 5 housholds have one as a pet, they surly are not endangered here, and are as common as house cats, however the ratio of Red Pandas to World, is very low, so the Tropicanian sienece community posted them as endangered



"Giant Pandas" are VERY close to extinction in Tropicana. there are currently only 5 left on Gia, however, if they all die they will not be known as extincct since there are still alot on Earth



The "Almiqui" is the Tropicanian species that has been extinct for many years. Until 2003, people in Tropicana traced its existence near the eastern mountain of Cuba. When it was caught alive, its weight was 24 ounces and was found in healthy state. However, it was then released

to the wild after the completion of two-day scientific study.

Almiqui appears to be a small animal with dark brown to black hair and small eyes. It resembles a large brown rat. From its nose to tail, its length can reach between 16 to 22 inches (40 to 55cm).

(I replaced Cuba, with Tropicana)



The "Philippine Tarsier" is the nations national primate.



The "Orange Gulled Seals" are closly related to normal "Seals", but have a beak, to help eat prey.



The "Frilled Neck Lizard" 

belongs to the family of lizards called “dragons.” It dwells predominantly  in the higher elevations, or the "dryer" areas of Tropicana, and also Little Haitie. It can grow up to 95cm long. Its tail made up two thirds of its body. It has a brightly colored but often blue frill folded against its neck and head all the time. At times of danger or alarmed, it extends its frill, rises its hind legs, opens its yellow-colored mouth, unfurls its colorful, pleated skin flap that encircles its head and hisses.




The "Yeti Crab" is a new species of deep-sea crab discovered in the Tropicana area  in March 2005. It has legs that are covered with long,

pale yellow hairs. This crab is an unusually large creature found in 15cm long in a group of crustacean. It was found at the depth of

2,200m (7,200ft), 1,500km (900miles) south of Christchurch Island in the south Tropicanian Ocean.



The "Red Lobster Snake" is an amphibious creature, who rests and mostly lives on land, but hunts in the sea.



"Tropicanaian Hoaray Bat" (I replaced Hawaii with Tropicana) is described with its short and rounded ears, besides its black and naked rims. The yellow buff throat is its hideous feature, making it looks quite horrible and scary. It is commonly seen in The "Islands" , but with very less species seen on The main island of Tropicana, inhibiting particularly in the wet and dry areas, and from sea level up to 13,000ft. It emits fairy high frequency (ultrasonic) echolocation calls to as high as 30 KHz to detect its flying prey.



The Spiked "Puffer" Parrot

A native Tropicanian species known for its "puffer fish like" spikes.

These are a common pet in Tropicana, but must be handled with care to not get a spike through your arm.3.gif


"Orange Feathered Flamingos" are commonly seen in the swampy coasts of Tropicana.

(Such as the one you saw near the airport in the last update"

This species is endangared in Tropicana, the ONLY home of these birds, which cause land developers un-needed hasle, and

pro-animal activists somthing to do.


"Toucans" are very abundant in Tropicana, and are the Nations National Bird.



The very rare "Orange Man-O-Ray" or the "Underwater Butterfly"

A "butterfly like fish" which resides in reefs near the Tropicanian coast. The urbanization of the main island of Tropicana,

has caused many of these beautiful fish to vanish, and move to a quieter hom in The "Islands"


The "Deep Sea Angler Fish" is Tropicanas national fish. Lives in the depest oceans in Tropicana......



"Sea Lion" is a name commonly given to this fish. A harmless looking species nomaly, but when its jaw opens wide, the poisinious

venom in these fishes teeth can take down an animal as large as a Hippo.


The "Monk Fish"(copied from somewere) is also known as “Poor Man’s Lobster”, goosefish, “allmouth”, or anglerfish. It is a type of fish inhibits in the northwest coastal Atlantic area. It can grow up to a length of 5ft or more but the species with the length of 3ft are more commonly seen. It weights between 7 to 15 pounds but can also reach a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Its body is composed mainly of a huge, gaping mouth attached to a muscular tail.


The "Luminos Ostrich Plant" isn't realy a plant at all, but a fish which walks on the seafloor, anddisqises itself as a plant,

to keep preditors away.


The "Dumbo Octupus" is a benthic creature which has the ear-like fins protruding from the top of its head-like body. It dwells on the ocean floor with an extreme depth of 300 to 400m. It can grow up to 20cm. It belongs to a soft or semi-gelatinous octopus with a pair of fins located on its mantle and webbing between its arms.



The "Blob Fish"(copied from wiki) is a fish that inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

Due to the inaccessibility of its habitat, it is rarely seen by humans. Blobfish are found at depths where the pressure is several dozens

of times higher than at sea level, which would likely make gas bladders inefficient. To remain buoyant, the flesh of the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than water; this allows the fish to float above the sea floor without expending energy on swimming.

The relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage as it primarily swallows edible matter that floats by in front of it. It can be caught by bottom

trawling with nets.




chptrk-The water modd is the new one made by rivit <linkie


Sky Guy-thanx! and I did, thanx again!

                 btw: I noticed that when I was building it, i relized that i did'nt care becaues it looked nice.


         - and the rocks are part of the PEG PPond Kit


First... I relize none of you know where Tropicana is, its on a planet called Gia, which is part of the Gia Project.

Gia is a planet relitivly close to earth, in the same solar system, here is a map of Gia


The Naval Chart of the islands located under the Sim Nation:


Well... on to Tropicana International Airport, or TIA, which has been completed!39.gif39.gif39.gif39.gif

                                                        WEATHER REPORT

Tropicana-clear skys-98f

Andrewtropolis-Severe Thunderstorms-64f

Atlantopia-partly cloudy-79f

Little Haiti-Sever Thunderstorms-87g

***other weather currently unavalible due to down weather beacons.                                                   

                                                             Flight Scedual:

                           Departures:                                                                                          Arrivals:   

           flight#/location/airline/departure time                                       flight#/location/airline/arrivle time

                                                                                                                       ALL INBOUND FLIGHTS CANCLED

506: Atlantopia: United: 5:06 p.m.

548: Atlantopia: TAL    : 5:07 p.m.

666: Little Haitie:***       : CANCLED

832:Timbuktu/Puget Sound : DELADE: 6:47 a.m.

970:Andrewtropolis:AA : 5:26


A quik overview.


So, for the terminls....

(To show the airport, I will be going left to right.)

First is Concourse A, which serves local and International flights.


The smallest is concorse is known as A-Minor, which serves flights to The "Islands" ,and also Marsh Framing International Airport, which is located on the other side of the island.(yea, I named an airport after me!35.gif35.gif35.gif35.gif)


Concorse A serves normal International flights to various places on Gia,

Such as Atlantopia, via United

and Andrewtropolis, via AA (Andrewtroplis Air)

(I relize nobody knows about Gia... Its actualy a large project where...... well, just read THIS!


Concorse C (there is no B) is the TAL terminal (Tropicana Airlines(its realy JAL but pretend its a T 2.gif))

There are only 4 gates but the airport is already under plans for expansion.


Next comes Concorse D, which has... diferent planes.2.gif


Concorse D only has 5 gates, but these gate server new planes.

One is the new Airbus A380,

and the other, the highly advanced Concordia, the fastest plane on Gia AND Earth!


The large swamp to the left of TIA is currently being looked at. Curently it belongs to Demesticorp Energy, but TIA wishes to buy it, it would turn into the new TAL terminal, (Concorse E) and the old TAL  terminal would be replaced with a terminal for Atlantopias Airline. (United)


Another completed portion of TIA is the Airport Hilton....... not much else to say...........



Demesticorp (Tropicanas energy company) is experimenting with some "green" energy concepts.

One of which is this windfarm,


And next to it, the Hinau Damn, wich supplys some freshwater to residents in the area.

Demesticorp is actualy planning to sell the dam to a company which will build a bottling plant for a new water, Tropicanian Life Water.

The resivoir,


The Dam and plant.

(don't know ho that palm tree got there.)


At the head of the resivour is the Hinau rock slide which occored about 5 years ago.

Rock slides are common in the steeper areas in Tropicana due to common Terenchal rains in the wet season.


The area north of the swamp is commonly used as a dumping ground. this is a major problem and Demesticorp is doing all it can to help but people keep dumping ther crap there. It is now starting to float out to the reef and even across the oceans, killing wildlife.8.gif

Extreame measures may soon be taken.


As you can see here the trash has floated around the entire airport. Boats are currently there attempting to clean it up.


Finnaly, some scenes of the areas surrounding TIA



The island is not complete because trees are a pain in the ass to place.

The trees you currently see took about an hour.


Anybody have any ideas for what to do with this Island?



And a region overview for whos interested.


If you where wondering why most flights at TIA where cancled,

Severe weather was occoring in the middle of the planet, creating a "wall", creating horrible weather conditions,

such as huge tornados.


and ice storms.


Stay tuned for, Weather of Tropicana next update!


I'll update the "Intro Page" in bout 10 mins.

how do you make region maps like this?!?



Schulmanator: well thats good... for you.3.gif3.gif3.gif

chptrk: I know, i mean I never even planned to have a Nat. Forest3.gif3.gif3.gif

koolkalang hmmm, anyway thanx!3.gif3.gif3.gif

CTMandR  THANX AGAIN!9.gif9.gif9.gif

_marsh_ Yea! Listen to this guy!3.gif3.gif3.gif

Blakeway thanx!, and its lookin good!9.gif9.gif9.gif

ac94 SWEEEEEEEEEEET! just make what you think would look right in my city9.gif9.gif9.gif

Blakeway mee too!3.gif3.gif3.gif

driftmaster07 I know,(its even worse at concorse D3.gif3.gif3.gif) but since it looks nice so I realy don't care34.gif

bigthing 6.gif


It is about time everybody sees somthing other than skyscrapers. Sooooo.........................

The "suburbs"(as the locals call them) in Tropicana arn't suburbs at all, they are actualy millions of midrise houses which lie on the outskirts of downtown, which acomidate over 60% of the population.


Construction is always going on in Tropicana, whether it is new single family homes being built on the outskirts of town, those homes being replaced with "suburbs", or hirise condos built inplace of those "suburbs".


The Subway System/E-Rail is now under construction. Currently the only completed section is the E-Rail portion.

(sorry bout the "zots")


Random Blocks of hirise condos are a common sight throughout Tropicana.


The Christchurch Memorial Soccer Stadium is only 1 of 2 stadiums in Tropicana.

3.gifAnd i need ideas for a teem name.3.gif

---During the day---


---And at night---


As maany of you know, Tropicana is famous for its horrible traffic conditions, and has some of the worst traffic on the entire planet of Gia, but it is mostly not because of volume, it is mostly because retards like the ones circled, think there the only, or the most important people in the world.26.gif

(notice that the light is almos red)


An overview of what we looked at today.


And the port......


And some devolopment im planning for the future.

To the East...


And to the south...




Thank you for Replies!


       Could anybody make a flag lot with the Tropicanian flag???


Going Up!

It has been a while since anybody has seen downtown, and alot has happened, so without further adue....

The newly completed Bayside Grand Towers are now the tallest structures in Tropicana. Standing at a whoping.... umm...... somthindysomthing



Not tall but certinly well known in Tropicana is the Shangri-La memorial plaza. A large plaza which honers all that died in the tradgic Shangri-La collapse with 2 large stone walls which are enscribed with the names of everybody that died.8.gif


What are we in china?!?.... No, this is the just the large Beigestone development, which houses over 50,00 residents!


And now...................................

A kick ass mosaic!!3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif3.gif



And just to show where the airport is.3.gif3.gif3.gif




Sky Guy: thanx3.gif3.gif3.gif, and yes, they will be longer.

stoney525:yes it is.3.gif3.gif3.gif

GingerBlokey: Oh Noooooooooo!6.gif


chptrk: Yes I am3.gif3.gif3.gif. And thanx!

Blakeway: LOL.... no, i just rotated the image in photoshop3.gif3.gif3.gif

thepokemaniac: thanx, and I did'nt know that3.gif3.gif3.gif

Flamerunner14: I am too!3.gif3.gif3.gif


Tropicana International Airport, or TIA is the largest airport in Tropicana. However... it is not completed yet, so it technecly

isn't the bigest yet...


TIA is built around a central "loop" highway system, with a parking lot in the center.


There are only a few flights currently going in and out of the airport, and that is to The "Islands" and the airport on the other

side of the Island, which wont be introduced for a looooong time7.gif

And also, since a Tidal wave recently hit The "Islands", flights are currently stopped there.6.gif


As you can see the other terminals are currently unnocupied, and one still under construction.



Here are two newly completed Hangars.


TIA also shares its runways with the Tropicana National Airforce


The runways of TIA are still however, undercunstruction.


Also still under construction is the Airport Hilton.


And last, the start of the highway which circles the parking lot, (very crowded3.gif)




thepokemaniac: thanx  I remember that tutorial is to, and also forgot where it was.

driftmaster07: mee to!


***Breaking News!***


 This is HSBC with some Breaking News!

On an already cloudy and depressing day, things got worse when a Tsunami hit the island of

Christchurch today. So far we cannot enter the vicinity of the island. So far all that is known is that

most of the island was desimated.

A strange thing that happened with the tidal wave was a strange "wind" that leveled buildings not

destroyed by the wave.

The Tropicanian military is not allowing News Net works near the island for at least 10 days.

(cause i'll be gone.... don't you love being tortured?2.gif)

At the moment only 1 picture of the wave at the coast is avalible. Also with it is the strange wind.



Horseshoe Island

***this will bbe my last update for about 10 days***8.gif

Horseshoe Island is another island in The "Islands". Horseshoe Island has only a few permenent residents, who are farmers. The Island is jast a small island were tourists go to be nice and quiet, or Spring Breakers go to party.

The only way to get to Horseshoe Island is by boat, but only your own boat. Because there are no ferries or charters that go there.

Here you can see my photoshop practicing3.gif

before photoshop10.gif10.gif10.gif


after photoshop10.gif10.gif10.gif

its a different pic..... but the same idea3.gif3.gif3.gif


One side of the island is the beach for the people, with beutiful coastline and expansive reefs




However the "other" side of the island are a few farms, they are private property only and people are not allowed here.


People are not allowed here because...... well, the farms are marijuana farms.

Marijuana, or simply "weed", "pot", "mary jane"...... (well the list can go on forever,) IS infact illegal in Tropicana, however the goverment

and police just don't enforce it. Mostly because, well, theres more problems in the world for the goverment to worrie about people getting high.

Ever since the goverment and police stoped enforcing the law, crime has gone down, and people have become calmer and happier.

The only reason the "law" is still in place is to not get other nations mad at us.



      I don't smoke marijuana, i just don't care if people do. Like I said above, theres more things the goverment should be doing, then throwing harmless "pot heads" into prisons with murderers and rapists, were they don't belong. They should be concerned with bigger problems like starving familys in Africa,Darfur, this $hithole reccesion were in,ect..................


Christchurch Airport

You saw in the last update a "teaser" for a new area, which is called, The "Islands"10.gif10.gif10.gif

The "Islands" are a group of Islands to the Southeast of the main island of Tropicana.

They are far enough away from Tropicana to not beable to see it, however they are still part of the same nation.

The "Islands" have also been voted the "Best Getaway" by well known magizines such as The New Yorker and Playboy.

( hey, playboy is well known 9.gif )

Today we will be looking at a vital part of The "Islands", Christchurch Airport; you guys guested right! 3.gif3.gif3.gif


Christchurch Airport is the only airport in The "Islands", and for that matter the only way to get to The "Islands".........

unless you own a Yacht10.gif10.gif10.gif

The terminal...... well theres no terminal, theres just some spots for a few small planes to land.



There are only two runways at the airport......... well technecly at the moment one.....the other is still under counstruction.

(Yea, this airport is small )



Christchurch Airport is named after the city its next to, Christchurch, and the city is named after the island its on,

Christchurch Island, nd the island is named after the S.S. Christchurch, which crashed on the island during a major storm 56 years ago,

5 years before the city was founded.

The ship was never removed however, the residents say its a historical landmark, the city agrees.1.gif


And finally, what u think of my new night modd?9.gif9.gif9.gif




feliwi: thanx9.gif9.gif9.gif

thepokemaniac:thanx, i did9.gif9.gif9.gif

Retep Molinari: glad your happy,9.gif9.gif9.gif just dont help York and we wont ave a problem11.gif

chptrk: I cant either!9.gif9.gif9.gif

ac94:yes you do!9.gif9.gif9.gif


                                 ************HSBC NEWS************

Prime Minister Marsh Framer decided to have the naval blockade pull out from Balboa today

when Balboan leader stated that he would stop trading arms with Yorksheier.

The boats are to safley return to Port Wells by Wednesday.

In other news the top tourist destination, votted by Tropicana Getaway Magazine is

The "Islands" ................10.gif10.gif10.gif





Thanx for commenting!


Downtown Construction

Construction is a major asset of Tropicana. Its happening somewhere on the island nomatter what time

or day it is.

So lets look at some construction going-ons in Tenatious. Shal we?

One of the newest skyscrapers in Tenatious is the Youngfu Tower. It was constructed more on the

outskirts of downtown then in it. It was the tallest building In Tropicana for a mere 5 days untill the

Shilito Tower was constructed.



Remember were the old city hall was? It was here, so far in the plt 3 skyscrapers have been

constructed, 1 of which became the new holder of the tallest building... the Shilito Tower (top left)

However, 5 others are currently under construction. 2 of wich are planning to be taller then the Shilito Tower.


Another constuction development known as Saints Row, is a large row of future condos along

Altus beach. Nobody knows how tall any of these are planning to be.


Another  project you herd about a while ago is this tower. Well, now tower"s", as the project is now 2 large

towers instead of 1 large one. However nobody knows what it will look like.The project is, by the looks of it, being rushed.


Across the river we come to the republic of Andrewopolis's Emmbasy.

(could sombody pleas tell me how to spell EMBASSY, as i feel if ive been spelling it different, and on top of that wrong, every time.)


Here we come to the court house. It was intentially desgined to look like a Robot because I simply felt like it.

Also, on the left is the still in planning City Hall,

and on the right is Atlantopia's Embassy.

Its still under construction because the lot i downloaded didnt come with a plopable (damn bixle)


P.S. I want my Embassy to be the Robot building if you make it, please10.gif10.gif10.gif

Also, for anybody who wants a region veiw....9.gif


And the transport map9.gif


P.S. Be Sure to vote for the new Capitol Building on the previous page10.gif10.gif10.gif

Results so far,

2 votes for1

0 for 2

2 for 3

and 1 vote for 4

And thanx for voting!9.gif9.gif9.gif



                                                                    Current Poll!

Which BuildinG Would be best for a Capitol Building?

1:  CriD.jpg 2:       125LondonWallSS.jpg

3: day.jpg4: BerlinerDomDay.jpg

 I NEED MORE SUBMISSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Port Wellington

Port Wellington, also reffered to as Port Wells, is the primary trading center and "job creator" in Tenatious.

Port Wells is, well u can call it the "boom" that drove Tenatious forward.



Port Wells is the largest seaport in Tropicana.


Another vital asset of Tenatious is the Port Wellington Natural Gas Power Plant.

It suplies the power for all of Tenatious and naboring towns.

It is, however, almost at full capacity. Soon a new plant will be built, and will beable to suport 2wice as many homes.6.gif

(BTW, thanks to the Greenwhich Republic for the Natual Gas....... we realy need it right now!)1.gif1.gif1.gif


Tropicana is known for being the top producer of Oil in the region.(sorry Greenwhich, but we no need it)20.gif20.gif20.gif

Tropicana is also famous for the fact that the oil is found VERY close to shore,  allowing more money to boom the economy,9.gif

at the expense of slightwater pollution.8.gif


Also, the Tropicanian Refinerie, is one of the most sifisticated in the world..... not one of the largest..... but most sufisticated.

(yea im being realy sifisticated spelling it wrong)

Being so su....sifi...st..........whatever........ this refinery can handle twice the ammount, of other refineries the same size.6.gif

This does not mean, however that it hanndles ALL the oil in Tropicana, the rest is just shipped out raw (i think thats the correct term)

However, another refinery is in the midsts of planing.


Now for somthing a bit greener.1.gif

This is Confluence park. It was built to Greenify and "cheer-up" the Port District of Tenatious.

The fact that it is near the newly plotted "landfill"22.gif.........does not stop people from coming..... however it may in the future.


Now, lets go across the river to..................


....Cocunut Grove.

Cocunut Grove is the only National Forest to reside within the borders of the countrys capitol.10.gif

Cocunut Grove was once in fact a large cocunut farm.

The story is that the lone owner died, but nobody knew until the "Men In Black" came to forclose the place,

(due to the fact he didnt pay the bills cause he >>14.gif14.gif14.gif)

When they found out, the farm was put up for auction. A man bought it, then decided to give it away to the city,

As long as the allowed nobody to build on it and turned it into a National Forest.

The man who did this gratious deed is now dead... Former Govener Leroy Gibson was going to sell the land to developers when he died,

but before he could a new Prime Minister was elected.......... and i would never sell it, so thanks to me, it is still standing today,

And familys can still enjoy afternoon picnics, or just a nice swim in the river.1.gif1.gif1.gif



Until Next time..............









P.S.I Still need more submissions for a Capitol Building!!!


chptrk: what do you think about this embassy?

Retep Molinari:so your mad at York now?

Others: thanx!3.gif3.gif3.gif



I said i would make a statement today..... here it is.....

I relize that The Republic of Balboa has made plans to sell wepons to Yorkshier.

However i see the only solution to be this.....

to ban all Balboan goods and set a Naval Blockade around Balboa,

haulting all shipments in and out of the country.


Tropicanian ship blocade

I relize that Balboa is sellling arms to our Allies, The Greenwhich Republic.

The blocade will stop that also......

so for the time being, we will supply Greenwhich with Wepons, free of charge.\

You can see that our facilitys are more than equiped to do this.


As for the York, no worries are neccesary, as we have more than enough firepower to handle them.



Newly Elected

***HSBC NEWS****

After 6 months the polls are in, and the new Prime Minister is now......  Marsh Framing (me)


Marsh Framing pictured above

Marsh Framing was asked about The Republic of Balboa's plans to sell arms to York,

He will make the statement today at 3:00



                                            ******WEEKDAY HSBC NEWS WITH Jorge Stefenopolis*********          

Hello, this is Jorge Stefenopolis with your weekday news.


Both Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed, the suspects in the Shangri-La collapes, have been

comfirmed dead today. There bodies found in the parking garage where the bomb went off.

These suspects have been confirmed to be the ones how set the bomb off, but as stated by York Prime Minister

"They did not blow up the tower...... the bomb did."

The newly constructed York Emmbasy.... was immedatly raided when Samuel made that statment. 

The empty building will be destroyed, and will be replaced with one of a country who actaly likes us.


People everywhere agreed today  that York Prime Minister Samuel Hamilton..... is a prick. In Lighter news, an analiance has been signed with the Greenwhich republic hopfully this will help with the war

against York.


The Greenwhich Republics Embassy (Lower) and the U.S.A. (top right) and U.K. (top left) newly completed


The new Capitol Building is currently under planning.... the govoner is asking the people to help design it.

(that means YOU, give me a link to the building you think i should use and ill choose the one i think looks best!)3.gif


Forest Cities Emmbasy, with the "Under Construction" Capitol Building behind

The Reflecting Pool of Capitol Park is nearing completion.


The church of Scientology was 

called a "fraud" during a court hearing, to which the council for the defense, a

Mr. Alien Lord Xenu (pictured below), vigorously objected.


Rich people can finally have fun again, as the Castillo Golf Corse has been rebuilt across the bay near the Beigestone

Condos, and is now open!!!


A woman was robbed at a cemetary by someone who, apparently, “ain’t afraid of no ghosts”.  So now you should have the Ghostbusters theme song stuck in your head for the next half day or so.  You’re welcome.


Four Tropican Procinces are requiering people not to smile on driver’s license photos, and other provinces may soon follow.  This is going to be tough to enforce because most DMVs are such fun places that you just can’t help yourself.

Now for the weather with Linda Thompson......Linda


Thanks Jorge!

The forecast today: Partly cloudy with a chance of

Yorksheir Nukes, Might want to carry a Patriot missile if you’re going to be out.

Now for Tom Jones with the Traffic report, which can't help u because your somwhere where a T.V. is..... Tom....


Todays Traffic is truly horrible....... Tropicana Aveneu became a parking lot today since it had to be diverted because

of an accident right outside this studio.

The accident....


The diverted Traffic......


Now to our eye in the sky, Josh Hope.


Josh: Thanks Julie...

Tom: Its Tom......


This is your eye in the sky, signing out with HSBC Morning News




HSBC News..... Sponsered in part by.....


********t.v. turns off*********



Knapp14: We did3.gif

Archean: Yes it is3.gif

thepokemaniac: I did....no...i acept....us too3.gif

chptrk: Horay!17.gif

Retep Molinari:nooooooooooooooooooooo6.gif



                                                                              ***BREAKING NEWS***

The Intentions are now known.........

It has been discovered that the country of York (enemys with Greenwhich) are responsible for this terrrible act.

The Govener has been going through negotiations at the moment ...... it seems WAR may be the only option6.gif





Tropicana Govoner Leroy Gibson (left) and York Prime Minister Samuel Hamilton (right)

Leroy- Why did you blow our buildings up?

Samuel-We felt like it!

Leroy-You bastard!

Samuel-Well then F-U

                    and F-that

                    and F'ing-this u mother F'er



Day of Despair

                                                                                                 ***URGENT NEWS***

News person-

                          Last night at aproximitly 256 a.m. a bomb went of in the parking garage of the The Shangri- La Tower.

                          So far it is thought to be a carbomb. This hoever is still under investigation.


                         The primary suspects are belived to be Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed.

                         Both belived to be dead.



We have these shocking images while the bomb went off.... taken from a hospital helecopter.


When the Tower fell, it did exessive damage to nearby buildings... causeing them to collapse.


And the nearby Whales Tower also fell.


And people screamed in terror as loved ones jumped from the building, rather then burning alive.


This morning we look at the site in fear...... people ask, will it happen again?

..............................................................................pray it dosn't



The Govener has made this an official holiday....... The Day of Despair......... to mourn the deaths of this tragic event....

and any others that may happen.8.gif


Knapp14: thanx!

thepokemaniac: cool! 1.gif


I was going to put this smiley 14.gif next to to the pic of the people jumping from the building, but i knew it was too much........

waaaaaay too much


-mini update-

This is just a little quik update-3.gif3.gif3.gif (i love using smilys) 17.gif


These are the plans for the new subway system.

And u can see where the new Gov. Centre is going to be..........also the emmbasys!3.gif3.gif3.gif


The beach near the Torre Altus Towers is very quiet at night.5.gif


Cons.......... Deconstruction has begun at the old city hall.

Plots are still for sale! Dosn't anybody want their own downtown skyscraper!!!9.gif9.gif9.gif


And finaly......... downtown at night.3.gif3.gif3.gif



Mayor Dylan Thomas: Thanx! And u can find Canadian buildings by just serching CANADA on the stex.9.gif

                                         although scotty222 makes alot of them!3.gif3.gif3.gif

MTA3479: Lots of trees 3.gif3.gif3.gif

chptrk: heres were your condo is! 3.gif3.gif3.gif


thepokemaniac:umm.... i didnt use photoshop, i just took pictures as close together  as i could, then just posted them on

here without spaces inbeetween them...... as i said i did a half assed job.3.gif3.gif3.gif

stoney525: YES!!!


if u want an emmbasy please post a link to the building u want........ try to keep the file under 2 MB. Im having space issues.8.gif


Urgant news!!!!

construction has haulted on the Tropicana tower.

It turns out that because of the towers height, the filled in ocean will cave in due to stress and liquification on the ground below.

Plans are already in the making for a new tower.


the real reason is because the file of the building is to big and my game is starting to run slow.8.gif8.gif8.gif


As you can see, all workers have gone home ill this problem is taken care of.


Thats all for today! 25.gif25.gif25.gif

40.gif     40.gif     40.gif

40.gif40.gif40.gif     40.gif

40.gif     40.gif     40.gif


Scenes of Downtown

Tenatious.... the capitol of Tropicana... has many interesting buildings and landmarks.

Though this journal i will be selling houses, and/or , buildings,

So if anyone wants a house, just let me know!!!19.gif

The first landmark is the Torre Altus Towers, currently the tallest residential buildings on the island,

which offer stunning ocean veiws and easy beach acsess.

3 Condos are currently FOR SALE, prices start at 1 mill. 3.gif3.gif3.gif



Next comes the Conrad International; Hotel and Casino.

These buildings host a casino on the lower floors, a hotel in the South Tower (left) and the North Tower is residential.

Only  1 condo is FOR SALE here..... and it is the Luxury Sweet on the top floor, only 3.5 million!3.gif3.gif3.gif



Next are the Diamante' Towers!

2 "not so tall" residential buildings located conveniently next to the Castillo Downtown Golfclub in the heart of downtown.

A  Tennis Courts and a Driving Range are also located here, FREE to anybody who lives in the condos!3.gif

Currently ther are no apartments FOR SALE, however....... there is a contest out,

whoever can spot and clearly mark a PURPLE CAR in this update gets a top-floor Luxury Condo ABSALUTLY FREE!6.gif


The Castillo Golfclubs Driving Range.

The Golf Club decided not to put nets up to "uglify" the area. Instead golf balls just fly into the bay and cause lots of

"golfball related fish deaths"8.gif


This is City Hall.

It is currently in the procces of removal, (Currently the inside is being demolished), and instead of a City Hall,

a large Goverment Center will be constructed across the inlet, and it will control the entir island of Tropicana.

The Castillo golf course will also be demolished.

And it will all be FOR SALE if you want to buy a plot, let me know by

outlining an area u wish to have in the second pic and give me a link to the building u wish to have there.

1x1 grid plots sell at 1 mill! and if that grid is ajacent to the ocean the price doubles, So Grab Fast!

The driving range however is NOT for sale. It will remain open and countinu to kill fish8.gif



Next we arrive at the Demestacorp Buildings. These buildings are responsible for all the energy use in the city,

and are unarguably the most important. The taller one manages the power output of the island, and also the "GREEN"

efforts of the city, and is represented by a green plaqu near the roof with the Demestacorp D on it.

The shorter building manages the water consomtion and the garbage usage in the city.

This building is represented by a blue plaqu near the roof, and has a little wave thingy on it.


Now we come to this large "mass" of buildings.

The buildings, named from the top left, going clockwise to the bottom left...

-The Fairmont Building

-Gateway 6 Tower (behind the blue one)

-The Jardine House

-Harbour Center, hosting compinies such as Hitachi and Olympus

-Casal Mar Condiminiums

-Wales Tower

-Market Tower

Then at the center, -The Shangri- La Tower

Im trying to get taller development downtown, sadly none yet8.gif


This is Tenatious University.

Its "Castle Like" style is because it was built built by the first europeans who came here.

Surounding the university are lots of student apartments to acomidate...... the students.

And across the highway is the Shangri-La Beach. it is the only beach located this close to downtown, making it very crouded.


The Philips Building is currently the tallest structure on the island, but it is soon to be surpased by 2 different buildings.

One is still in the midsts of planning. the othe will be located........



the area was filled in to acomidate the large structure and the sea walls are being reconstructed to hold back the land.

So far here are the plans.

-base and lower levels, Casino and Mega Mall

-lower half,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hotel

-Upper Half,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Residential

-Top Floor and Bridge,, Resturaunt and Observation Area


Whats that??? A Bridge??? You will find out.

Ground Has just been broken 1 hour ago. 6.gif6.gif6.gif

Counstruction time estimate, 1 year, 1 week6.gif6.gif6.gif

Cost Estimites.... 2.6 bill6.gif6.gif6.gif

Height Estimite....490 meters, surpased only by Taipei 101 ( and the Burj Dubai after its constructed!)6.gif6.gif6.gif

Apartments are already up FOR SALE and selling fast!

Normal Apartment, 1 mill!3.gif3.gif3.gif

Luxury Upper Floor Condo, 2.8 mill!3.gif3.gif3.gif


yodadrummer: thanx! And the city concil is planing to plan a subway once the new gov. center is built!1.gif

yodadrummer: I know right!9.gif9.gif9.gif

chptrk: thnx! and me ether.

ac94: I like the Tropical city too!6.gif

           and here u go!!!!!

overveiw of the city!3.gif3.gif3.gif


The undveloped Island to the East ( Thats the REAL derection) is where the Tropicana Goverment center will be,

and im thinkin about lots of pencil towers3.gif3.gif3.gif


Sugjestions would be great!

3.gif    3.gif         3.gif

3.gif3.gif3.gif        3.gif

3.gif     3.gif        2.gif


I will be using the front page as a country stats page from now on. So enjoy!9.gif


Tropicana is a small Island on the planet Gia, a planet close to Earth in the same solarsystems.

Map of Gia


The Naval Chart of the islands located under the Sim Nation:



Capitol- Tenatious

Largest City-  Tenatious

Other Cities-  (currently unavavalibel)

Prime Minister-  Marsh Framing (me)

Goverment- Socialism

Currency-  Tropicanian Trop (1 Trop = to 1 1/2 U.S. dollars)

Religion- Atheiest- 66% Troplianism (ancient/native Tropicanian Religion)- 23% Rastafarism-10% Other- 10%

Avg. income per. family-    -100,000 per year (no joke, this is what it said in-game)

Avg. # of cars per family-  -3

Heathcare- Universil free healthcare

Schooling- Free schooling through the 15th garde

                         (There is no college in Tropicana, instead ther is an extended highschool)

Highest Point-Mt. Tropicana, (picture currently unavalible)

Tallest Structure

Bayside Grand Towers

height. Somthindy,somthin ft.

(only avalible pic is a night shot)





Official Flag

This is the official Tropicanian flag.(CTMandR helped9.gif)

The Yellow stands for the bright sun,3.gif3.gif3.gif

The Cyan stands for the beutiful Tropicanian Waters,3.gif3.gif3.gif

and also a sihloett of a palmtree, the countries official tree.3.gif3.gif3.gif


Official Seal

>any ideas?<

Official Tree

Cocunut Palm


Official Plant

Venus Flytrap


Official Bird

Tucan (I love these!)


Official Nocternil Animal



Official Primate

The Philippine Tarsier


Official Bug(s)

These realy cool catapillars! (anybody know the names?



Official Fish

Deep Sea Angler Fish


Official...... Thing.

This thing is actaly a real animal, I think, I found it at the bottom of this page.

(look!, he has a smileyface!)9.gif


Official Rock (What did he say?)






(major)Tropicanian Laws

-- smoking, inhaling, comsumption, and/or injection of illegeal "drugs" is prohibited

                  this includes but is not limited to,

                  -tabbaco (ciggeretts)





*this law ,however, is not ussaly enforced by the law, or goverment of Tropicana.

 It is mainly in place to prevent other countries from looking down on Tropicanians.

-- Hate the Hater, Rape the Raper,

   *in otherwords, if you rape sombody, you get raped,

                            ,if you kill sombody, you get killed in the same way,



This list will be updated regulary.......





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