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About this City Journal

Well, you've seen it from the start. Now its all over, so join me as we look back on the happy times of the Republic, from its birthday celebrations, to its Communist takeover! Take a few...

Entries in this City Journal


Thats All, Folks!

Hmm... Its been a great 4 months! I am satisfied and sad to report to you that I have decided to stop with this CJ. These past few months have been good, but now its time to put a rest to this short-lived city journal! My reasons for stopping are mostly personal, but these are a few of the reasons for my quitting:

  • The past few updates heve been somewhat disconneced and hard to follow.
  • I have decided to persue other interests, maybe a new CJ? 3.gif
  • On the current track, the updates were going deeper and deeper into a hole.

I am very satisfied with this city's accomplishments (30,000 views, 3.30 rating, etc.), but I have also learned a lot about city building along the way, and a little about life. Ok, maybe not life, but you get the idea. If you want to still see what I'm doing, check out my personal Blog! It will have random things about me, pictures and videos (PG rated of course!), and even a few teaser pics of my up and coming cities. I will be back with a new CJ, and this one will be inactive, however, it will still be here for me and you to look back on the old times. My other CJ, USA, will still be active, so not all is lost! I may post an update here of how Greenwich's doing, but don't count on it. I  am not quite sure when I will have my new one up, but when I do, it will be better than Greenwich! So thank you everyone, its been a good experience!

Mayor Adam 44.gif

PS: Special thanks to my regulars, froelich131, blakeway, chptrk, _marsh_, ny24, and anyone elso who stood by me the whole time!


I am proud to announce that at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Simlympics, we will have performances by Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Smashing Pumpkins, and Of Montreal. There might be more, but for now, thats all we have. It will be an amazing experience, so pick Redding to host these Winter Simlympics! Ah, but February is so far away, well, no reason not to prepare early!


Random quote of the day:

I just can't live that negative way, make way for the positive day! - Bob Marley



Because the competition is getting very tight over on Simsports for the host of the Winter Simlympics, I have been working really hard to improve Redding! This is the new Simlympic park, not where all the stadiums are, but just a park in downtown Redding just 3 blocks from the arenas! As you may have noticed, Redding sure looks a lot different!

mtgreennationalparkdec3.pngWoa! Now thats what I call changes! In the winter, the ponds will most likely freeze over, creating a large public ice-skating rink!

sponsors.jpg'Nuff said.

Now, we should all have a moment of silence to remember those who died at the tragic site of the World Trade Center 8 years ago today. They will never be forgotten.15.gif


New Runway

Greenwich City Metropolitan Intercontinental AirportThis is a new runway that I just built last night. I was going to do an update after I finished, but it was really late and my SC4 crashed just as I was about to take a picture! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this picture.

greenwichcitymetropolit.pngThis is Northwest(Delta) Airlines fight 247 taking off. The runway is being tested before the airport is opened. This plane is flying to Franklin K Christmas Airport 10 miles away and will return. It is vacant.


PS: I will be starting a new City Journal soon!


A New CultureWith a new government comes new cultures. Among some of the new "Cultural" attractions is the obbsession with the color red. Some of the new bands incude the hit-rock group Red Star, and the love song artist Soviet Sam. There are also new television shows, like the childeren's show Cozmo and the Crazy Communist Kitties.

The newspapers have also changed, as you may have noticed. The Greenwich Star, formerly known as the Greenwich Times, is now run by the government. The Editor of the Times was exiled along with all the rest of the Republican leaders.



Night Time Raids

Manchester RidgeIt seems as if Manchester Ridge has gone downhill in its reputation in the past month, since the toxic train spill and the terrorist attacks. Now, the new government has gone into neighborhoods and burned down the homes of suspected Republicans. Republicans are the supporters of the old Republic, not the American political party. With so many Republicans in the country, it may be hard to tell why they didn't destroy all the homes in the country! Whatever the reason, this neighborhood was targeted.

manchesterridgenov53312.jpgIt was a dark and stormy night...

manchesterridgeoct20331.jpgIt has been raining terrentially for five days straight, with no end in sight for at least a week. There has been over 11'' of rain in some places, with flooding reported even on the Beltway. The rain helped to contain the fire in this neighborhood.



Manchester RidgeThis is what the government is doing to all the major roads in the Greenwich City area. Perhaps it is to remind the people of their new government, or maybe its to remind the people of the authoritarian rule that is soon to come. Whatever the reason, the statues are sad, depressing, and all around ugly, that is, if you're not a Communist.

manchesterridgemay33312.pngAh, the Red Star...



Greenwich CityThis is a teaser for a later update. What will happen to downtown with this new Government? A depressing picture from the rainy day the Communists took over.

greenwichcityoct1845124.jpgEveryone knew that something bad might happen that day, especially in the financial district.



redstaropf.jpgThe Greenwich Times redstaro.jpg

Today, the Greenwich National Bank announced that it has gone bankrupt. They filed for Chapter 11 earlier this morning. The Greenwich National Bank was the largest bank in the country, with over 200,000 people having an account there.

"We are asking the Government for a bailout, much like what happened in the United States," said CEO Jack Oslon.

It is being questioned if Greenwich's Government will give them a bailout, but we will keep you informed on this issue. And remember, at the Times, we serve the people!




Today at 3:00, just after Tropicana Prime Minister Framer announced that he will blockade Balboa, three hotels in Hickory Creek caught fire in the worst terrorist attack in Greenwich's History. The three hotels that were bombed were the Marriot Hickory Creek, the Intercontinental Hotel Greenwich, and the Embassy Row Embassy Suites Hotel Greenwich. All three hotels burned down. In response to these attacks, all airports in Greenwich were closed, with all flights being grounded. With the explosions just three blocks away from the Parlaiment, all representatives went into the underground bunkers below the city.

In an ameture video shot on a cell phone camera, the videographer captured a woman with a baby jumping from the 23rd floor of the Marriot Hotel just seconds before the foundation collapsed. This video is being sent all over the internet today, in a day of sorrow and despair.

The attacks are suspected to be carried out by Yorkshire terrorists who were staying at the hotels. Right now, emergency crews continue to arrive on the scene, while family and friends of the victims gather one block away. York has not issued a statement, and they are not expected to.

Currently, there is a riot outside the Yorkshire Embassy. Police have not been dispatched, but the army has. To many people's surprise, they have been sent to encourage the rioters. However, if the rioters attack anything but the embassy, they have been instructed to arrest people. Tonight, there is a manditory curfew in affect for 9:00, and to enforce that, the police will patrol the streets. Many are comparing this to martial law, however, and in response, the Government has said : This is only for tonight, and we will not do this again unless circumstances are dire.

This evening, the death toll has risen to 312 people, including the six bombers. Their names are not being released at this time.

To help you understand this situation, we will tell you this: Tropicana, Greenwich, and Forest City are allied against York. Balboa is selling arms to York, but Tropicana is blockading Balboa, but Greenwich doesn't approve. Its so confusing!


The last moments of the Marriot Hotel. The Intercontinental hotel is the brown one.



I am doing this update-yawn- very early in the morning so that you all can see it from the start of the day. Yawn-enjoy!23.gif

greenwichcityoct1545124.pngThe tram network begins at the Web Stadium in a loop, it then continues down Franklin Ave...

greenwichcityoct1345124.pngIn front of the Science and Technology museum...

greenwichcityoct1145124.pngThe line then moves down past the City Court and the National Aquatics center...

greenwichcityoct9451249.pngFinally, Franklin Ave. hits Adam Brown Blvd...

greenwichcityoct1845124.pngIt then passes through the skyscraper-littered financial district into the university where Adam Brown Blvd. changes names to University Ave...

greenwichcityoct2045124.pngAnd finally, the tram line hits Old Greenwich Industrial Road(other major avenue) where it loops around on Power Plant St.(road coming off OGI Road) and reruns the loop over and over again.

I hope you enjoyed this update!

             He made this at 2:30 AM?! Thats what I call dedication! Or no life...




PS: Im sure some of you had eyesight keen enough to spot that the intersection lights were not working properly! Never fear, Greenwich Light and Power is here!


The Greenwich TimesTuesday, August 3, 2009

Greenwich City-AP- As many Greenwich City commuters know, there has been a massive construction project in downtown on Franklin Avenue. It is a headache to many, causing heavy traffic on the side roads and overcrowding of the subway lines. The construction is due to the new Smartway Electric Tram Network that is being built from Web Stadium to Franklin University.

One of the biggest construction projects of its kind, it is being compared to many to Boston's Big Dig, or Houston's Downtown Light Rail Line. One thing that is true, however, is that this project will be finished sometime this week.

Although many support the Tram, such as the Liberal lobby in the City Council, many are still speculative of it, like Greenwich City resident Brandon Cho. "It is more trouble than its worth, and there will be accidents at intersecctions, little to no usage, and will cause heavy traffic delays on the most hevily traveled road in the Downtown area,"

These arguements are nothing new to the Greenwich City Council, which will vote on Thursday to extend the line into the suburbs of Manchester Ridge and Oglethorpe. It is expected that it will be voted as a yes, a descision that could cost the city over 3 million dollars in total expenses, in addition to the 54 million already put aside for airport construction.

We will keep you up to date on this continueing story! Thats why we bring you the news!



Greenwich City Metropolitan Intercontinental AirportThe Greenwich Area Airport Planning Commission has recently added an electric tram in the airport parking lot to help get travelers from the far reaches of the parking lot to the terminal. These are just a few pictures of the unfinnished airport.

greenwichcitymetropolit.pngThis is a picture of the short term parking lot.

greenwichcitymetropolit.pngThe lower level is the baggage claim and also has some check-in desks. The upper level is mostly the check-in areas.

There will be an update about the colonies soon, just to reassure you.



Sloth Day

Sloth Day!Tomorrow is Greenwich Republic Sloth Day! Unfortunately, I will not have time tomorrow to make an update, so I will do it tonight!

First, Sloth Day Song, Sloth Rock!:

Second, Sloth Highway! Location: Somewhere in the remote mountains of Greenwich, where no one goes.:


Last but not least, the Sloth Wireless Store in Chinatown, Greenwich City! A Chinese Food and Prepaid Phone store named after Greenwich's favorite animal; the sloth!10.gif:


Well, that has to be the most unrelated to Sim City update ever, but everybody in Greenwich Loves sloths!

PS: Does anybody know of any good parade lots? Thanks in advance!





PM Brown: Good gravy! I'm glad to be out of that airport! With all the, "Mr. Prime Minister!" and, "Look! Its Adam Brown!" It gets so annoying when I travel!

Jackson: I understand sir.

PM Brown: Well this land looks absolutely empty! Where is the city?

Jackson: This is it, sir. Or, rather, this is just an annex that is undeveloped. We should be seeing more as we make our way to your Prime Minister's Mansion.

PM Brown: Is it big? Whats it like? Are there mini soaps like you find at hotels there?

Jackson: No sir. But they do have a swimming pool over the ocean. In fact, you might be able to see Canada from there! Its only about 15 miles away.

PM Brown: Look at those mountains! They remind me of the Green Mountains near Greenwich City! But, where's the snow?

Jackson: These Mountains are only about 5,000 feet. Once we go to New Greenwich City on Christmas Island, you will be able to see mountains of around 10,000 to 15,000 feet.

PM Brown: So, how far is Christmas Island from North Victoria Island? North Victoria Island is what we're on, right?

Jackson: Yes, sir. It is about 34 miles northwest of here, near Alaska. We will be taking a boat there from the marina downtown.

Limo Driver: Pardon me, Prime Minister Brown, but we will be arriving at your villa in five minutes, but first we will need to go through this tunnel.

PM Brown: Thank you. Say, Logan, did I tell you that story of when I went skiing in Alaska and got stuck on the slopes because of that snowstorm?


Jackson: No, sir... But perhaps you should save it for another time, because it looks like we're here.


PM Brown: Wow! Look at that! Who's red car is that?

Jackson: It's yours, sir. You can use it any time to travel around the island.

PM Brown: That is awesome! And look at that pool! And its so big! Oh, look at the patio! And the balcony from my bedroom!...

Jackson: Enjoy it sir, as many prime ministers have before you!

PM Brown: Where are you going?

Jackson: I need to get to my hotel. I said I would check in at one, and its now-6.gif- I need to go!

PM Brown: Just be here tomorrow night! I'm making steak!

To be continued...




PM Brown: I hate these long flights. How do you get used to them?


Logan Jackson(Minister of Colonial Affairs): Ah, I remember my first few transatlantic flights… I guess you just get used to them.


PM Brown: Well I don’t like them!

Jackson: Oh this is nothing compared to our transpacific flight in a few days!

PM Brown: Ugh, I don’t want to think about that. Say, did I ever tell you about the time I flew to Washington in that big snowstorm?

Jackson: *Sigh* No, sir…


PM Brown: Well, it all started when…




Pilot: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We are about to begin our final approach into New Delta. We are about ten minutes ahead of schedule, so we may expect a delay on the tarmac as we wait for the plane at our gate to depart. The weather is sunny and 68 degrees, so you all should have an enjoyable rest of the day. On behalf of myself and the flight crew, we would like to thank you for flying with Delta Airlines.




PM Brown: Ah it feels so good to finally walk on Greenwich owned land!


Jackson: Sir, we need to go this way, we have a police escort to where you and I will be staying…


PM Brown: Yes! Yes! Of course!

To be continued...

A note to the readers: The updates in which we will visit our colonies will be told mostly by Prime Minister Brown and Logan Jackson. They will be on a boat, in a plane, a helicopter, and maybe even in a blimp!



TakeoffAir Traffic Controller(ATC): Air France Flight 1793, you are clear for takeoff on Runway 36L for immediate takoff

Pilot: Thank you, over.

ATC: Have a  good flight...


Pilot: We have now reached 10,000 feet, you are now free to use all portable electronic devices. This will be a three hour flight into Paris Charels De Gaulle International Airport, and we will recieve weather information before we land. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the flight.


Prime Minister Brown: Im glad that flight was over, I hate it when my ears pop!

Minister of Colonial Affairs: Me too, sir. I hope that the flight was better for our travel companions!(thats you guys reading this...)

PM Brown: Well, we need to get to the gate. Oh, what did I do with that stupid itinerary!


Pilot: Thank you for flying on Delta airlines this afternoon. Our flight to Atlanta should arrive at around midnight, local time, so this might be a long flight. On the bright side we do have wonderful flying conditions, and those of you with window seats should have excellent views of the Atlantic. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

AT 10,000 FEET...

PM Brown: Ah, I love first class...

M of CA: Me too, sir! And these little cupholders are so cute too!

PM Brown: *Grumble...* Here comes the airline food...


PM Brown: Woa, even at one in the morning this airport is busy!

M of CA: Well, sir, it is the busiest in the United States...

PM Brown: Ah, but ours shall be better! Tell me, can you think of any other airport with a swimming pool?

M of CA: Actually sir, I think Singapore has one...

PM Brown: 32.gif


PM Brown: Well, at least we will arrive in New Delta at noon. I love to see our colonies from the air, even if we must fly over Vancouver...ech.

M of CA: Well sir, Vancouver's not that bad, I suppose.

PM Brown: Yeah, to you. But you're not the one who had to represent Greenwich at the cotton candy festival! Not a good experience...

To be continued... when they land.


Colonies?In the next few updates, we will be flying out of Greenwich City to the Republic's Colonies! As most European countries did in the 18th and 19th centuries, Greenwich Established Colonies around the globe. The colonists and the natives got along very well, so well that they were among the most stable colonies of all time. As I was saying earlier, we will be visiting our distant colonies in North America, South America, and the Pacific. I hope you enjoy these offbeat updates! Ahh, it feels good to escape the bustling cities of Greenwich, doesn't it?


Hickory CreekThis is a small showcase of some hotels in Hickory Creek.

hickorycreekapr30261248.pngThe newest hotel in the Metropolitan area is the Marriot Greenwich Convention Center. It has over 9,000 hotel rooms and over 123,000 sq. ft of meeting space, not including the convention center.

hickorycreekjun28261248.pngThis is the Pedestrian Bridge from the parking lot, but there is also additional parking underground.

hickorycreekjul20261248.pngThis is the Royal Seaview Hotel, a modern luxury hotel by the delta of the Greenwich River.


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