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  1. Riprap Seawall

    Hope it will have a 45degree version:)
  2. Real Size Hong Kong

    How to use it?
  3. Shanghai Center

    Not your problem but he building itself is not attractive enough
  4. Rail U Turn for UDI

    I love this though unrealistic
  5. HSRP - The End for now

    I don't want the train provided
  6. HSRP - The End for now

    Where can I delete the Train file?
  7. Stop and Smell the Roses Flower Gardens

    Can it reduce air pollution?
  8. B House

  9. High Speed Rail Project

    Originally posted by: whiterabbit2015 I can't use the HSR. It keeps crashing my system. Anyone have a suggestion? I'm running a 3.0 Dual Core Processor, dual NVIDIA 8800GTs in SLI mode, 2 GB of RAM and Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.quote>It I don't get it wrong you may place a starting tack next to the station or some NAM things "touched" during you choose the place to build the pieces or the station
  10. Solar building II ct

    we ain't not willing to give him a chance but he need to stop uploading the still-in-progressing building here is not a web to upload not yet finished stuffs that's all
  11. Solar building II

    This one is better but would you lie to stop?
  12. High Speed Rail Project

    Originally posted by: warrior You can't really use the HSRP without the NAM. I strongly suggest you use the NAM, many people have said it is like another expansion pack. It adds loads of new network features, and plugins like the RHW, SAM and HSRP require the NAM to run. May I ask why you dont want to use the NAM? If you really really really don't want the NAM I can PM you instructions on how to use the HSRP "without" the NAM but, you will get quite a few instances where there are missing textures, or models, etc.quote> Because I it will crash when I use nam I am lazy to save game usually lol Moreover, how to make a train? I wanna make a new train
  13. High Speed Rail Project

    I don't want to use nam so only beta can be used?
  14. Cockatoo's BAT Thread

    Originally posted by: villagemayor wow that would be great. But the whole airport it might take up most of a small map. Due to the large number of windows the BATer will have to put in actual stores to make it realistic.quote>I built The north runway and building the taxiway with those airport packs in Simtropolis. It need a around half of a big map to do so lol I am learning how to make a bat and lot. It will become a huge capacity terminal as 50millions ppl per year and 47million tonnes of cargo. lol. Also with a hub with airport express(in simcity 4 maybe a high speed rail/metro station) and bus station. Also 3$$$ jobs! As I know the airport will be much extanded but for now really wanna make this 1st lol