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  1. Disasters

    i say bring back the auto disaster option! in SC3000unlimited the auto disaster always keep me looking out for my city but now it gets kinda boring causing controlled disasters no matter how bad its. also i say in a city with a nuclear power plant or a toxic waste plant there should be toxic cloulds if these buildings are under-funded and also i would like to see a power surge disaster. and to the ppl who wanted train derailments it already happens if your rail is underfunded
  2. DK1 Diners

    Bravo DK1! i can finally have either a nice diner for my medium wealth and for my low wealth citys. Thanks!
  3. KAOS Rusty Generator

    Its wonderful for my rural countrys and small towns but please do something about the radioactive thing.last time it exploded and spread radioactive stuff everywhere.so please fix if able to.
  4. KAOS Gamestop

    Finally a gamestop within a game! lol thanks kaos78414!