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  1. You want to change the propterty "LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes" in the Lot exemplars. A low density Res would have this set to 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, meaning that it grows on Low-Density Res (0x01), Mid-Density Res (0x02), and High Density Res (0x03). A mid-density res would have it set to 0x02, 0x03, so if you want it to grow on high density only, set the value to 0x03. Com and Ind have their own values, 0x4-0x6 and 0x7-0x9 respectively
  2. There are all kinds of things to change if you are trying to do it in Reader or SC4Tool. It's much easier to us Silur's advise.
  3. Help with Terrain Mod

    The high altitude patch increases the Max Altitude to 5000. it is a mod on the Terrain Properties Exemplar, so there needs to be a version for every terrain mod (as they use that exemplar too). So, read the readme and pick the patch that is meant for your terrain mod. If you use my terrain you don't need it because it is already part of the mod. Your getting confused with high and low. If you want more snow, then you want a lower patch.
  4. @jdenm8 : Check out the Pigeon S3D - 5AD0E817, BADB57F1, CA81A33F. Not too bad, I would say (at least, not much S3D work). @Mr_Maison: If you do make your own models to be additions to Maxis, I would be willing to try my hand at making effects out of them. There seems to be two parts of making a complete effect, the behaivor of the effect defined in the effectDir and the generator made via LUA. I haven't quite made this connection yet, and I may be wrong about it anyway, but something like the God-Mode animal plops or the effects as props is certainly managable. The modding is pretty involved, but a big part of the modding is what models are actually displayed in-game. I've started a thread at SC4D about effects - Here.
  5. Help with Terrain Mod

    Use the "snow" option, but not the "high" option, and snow should appear around 750 meters. I guess you have two options, 1) alter your greyscale image be brighter (higher), or 2) alter a property using reader. I think reader would be much easier, and you can get the snowline to be anywhere you want. Open the file "LK_AppalachianTerrain_Snow.dat" (or whatever controller you are using), and find the Terrain Properties Exemplar. There is a property "Temperature Range Factor" (which would be set to .14). The lower it is, the lower the snow line will be. In fact, this is the only difference between the default and "high" options. High has this set to .33.
  6. Fire you say?

    Nothing worse than that. Sometimes my computer thinks I've moved the mouse' scroll wheel, think dezoning in zoom 4 and then have the game go to zoom 1 You can turn off the auto-goto-disaster if you want. ...Fires in SC4 are more likely to happen in summer, and the spread of them is effected by wind...
  7. Help with Terrain Mod

    Thanks for the comliment there, fatschmo Mr_Maison, I think that most every question you have is answered in the readme (also note the link to the thread that is dedicated to this mod). The only question that isn't answered there is: "Is there a way to see how high the terrain is by looking at some data?". You need the extra-cheat mod, then hit Shift-Ctrl-Alt-X (in-game), and type "terrainquery" (no quotes). Your mayor mode query will now display terrain information (x,y,z coordinates), the y value is altitude.
  8. I'm going off topic, this is a little more complicated than looking at the building stats. You have to open SimCity_1.dat in reader and check out the RCI exemplars, in the case of CS$$$: T: 0x6534284A, G:0xC7BB4816, I:00003131. Here you will see a property "Drives", with a value of: 0x00002010, 0x0000003E, 0x00002020, 0x0000001E, 0x00002030, 0x00000008, 0x00004900, 0x00000064 Which Means: R$, 62%, R$$, 30%, R$$$, 8%, Contribution to IR CAP, 100% A CS$$$ building that has a capacity of 100 will provide 8 R$$$ jobs, and yes, contribute 100 to the CAP of farms (meaning if you had 30,000 CS$$$ population, you wouldn't be able to make farms anymore). As a side, everything except farms contributes to the farm CAP (which is 30,000). A CS$$$ Building Desc has three values in Capacity Satisfied, and these are the various capacities when the building distresses/dilapidates. When/If it distresses to a CS$$, it no longer emplys this percentage of people, rather it links to the CS$$ RCI Exemplar, T: 0x6534284A, G:0xC7BB4816, I:00003121.
  9. Problem with ploppable RCI...

    Water supply cap is found in the developer exemplars. It defines the stage at which water is needed. There is also power, park, and fire supply caps. Power supply is set to 0x00 by default, but if you increase it then you can get things growing without power.
  10. Locating and Modifing Game Elements Help

    It seems that Baldur's Gate (The Inifinity Engine) uses .eff files. Armor class and things like that are essentially effects. There is a program I looked at: Go Here and find "EFFMaker v1.5 by Maltanar". Unfortunately, SimCity effects don't use the same format and can't be opened with it.
  11. From Wikipedia: A serial modder is typically defined as an individual who has modded three or more times over a period of more than a month, with down time (a "cooling off period") between the mods, and whose motivation for modding is usually based on psychological gratification. No offense taken at all. I attached that at the last minute just because I saw that I could. I'll have to try the rain tool without an EffectDir in SimCity_1. If it doesn't make the water rise, maybe we can do this (It might not make it through the save game, but I would be happy just seeing a plop that makes the level rise.) I'm generally an optimist about these things. If I remember correctly, tool exemplars have an effect id property, perhaps it's a matter of finding that id in the EffectDir and seeing how hard it is to deal with. I have been thinking of more useful things though. I seems possible that a plop could act like a terraformer, maybe a next-gen hole digging lot type thing. Perhaps a 1x8 lot that makes a smooth slope to a 15m change. I don't know, just an idea.
  12. @Dedgren: I totally understand your concern. To make this effect, I didn't technically mod the Maxis EffectDir. NAM uses effects all of the time when they make puzzle piece previews. These effects use section 1, 12, and 13 in an EffectDir, and only have two entries. Using this as a starting point is way easier than the Maxis one, because Maxis has near 1500 entries. The special thing about NAM effects being two entries is that it makes it easier to see what makes the effect work, and what parts of the EffectDir are headers (in the HEX). So, here is an image of the file I attached in Reader: Full Size without having to load ImageShack A thousand words? Maybe not. What you can see is an EffectDir with one entry that doesn't make Reader crash, the property resource_key points to a 3D model (the S3D with its FSH), that the model has a spin of 360, and a slight x_force. The model will also keep being created, and this is controlled in the first property available in section 1. Making a disaster would be long way away, they link to other sections than just 1, 12, and 13. Disasters are also a series of effects. Fire, for example, is an effect for the actual flame tool, a fire, and smoke. All I know is that without an EffectDir, disasters, like the meteor, do nothing. This would imply that every part of the effect is moddable.
  13. Sorry if I'm posting in a thread that should be locked. I might argue with this. "New" would be the tough part. I've been playing around with the effect directory, and with some pretty decent results. I've been able to make a 3D model spin while slowly accelerating, and what does look very much like a snow flurry. The snow being the most likely target for me to keep working on, right now it takes up a lot of processing power. Today I wondered "What would happen if I removed the EffectDir from SimCity_1.day?". Well, the game still fired up, and I even entered a city. There were no fireworks when I became Mayor. I plopped a coal plant (sans smoke) and some R$ sims moved in. Automata seemed to work, had some moving vans. People found their jobs at the coal plant. So, on to disasters. I tried them out, and nothing happened. The only disaster that worked was fire, and this was minimal. There was no actual fire, no smoke. The house was on fire though, the building got the fire mask and then burnt down (red disaster pause lines). I think at the very least, a disaster could be completely modded. One would have to know his/her way around an Effect though. As for making an additional one (with a new button and everything), this I am not too sure about. Hmm, looks like I can attach a file. Just so you know I'm not completely full of it, try this out. Put into plugins and type "effect lkfx" (without quotes) into the cheat dialogue. Interesting things will happen in the center of your city. I have no idea about conflicts with this, so make sure it loads last and don't load an important city. LKEffect_120113.zip
  14. This happens when terrain goes above the Max Height. Having the max height modded should fix it though, I would guess there is a conflicting plugin in your folder somewhere. It isn't a save game issue or anything. Temperature range factor doesn't work like that, it isn't a percentage. I don't know how it works exactly, just that the lower it is the faster the changes happen.
  15. Searching for a BSC lot

    How about this: BSC Parks - Wide Paths. I'm not sure about the red bricks, but perhaps these work with the unified textures.