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  1. I asked this before,but I'm looking for a tool that allows you to make the bitmaps for the region. I can't remember the name all I remember it had a name generator in it
  2. The Road to Alpha, Week 7 - First Signs of Gameplay Detected

    Actually,I believe this is the first city sim I know off where food is an issue,glad to see farms have a purpose beyond providing jobs
  3. The Road to Alpha, Week 7 - First Signs of Gameplay Detected

    So far I'm really liking how this goes,especially with the prospect of a 'region' and transportation. I really missed the complexity of the railway systems in SCS & SC 2013
  4. Anyone else lost interest?

    My biggest dissapoint is the traffic problem with the regional connection, there's only 1 so you can't resolve traffic problems on that one. The game does run well on low-end systems, hell I can even run it on a laptop that could barely run SC4. But in order to be better then SC4 a whole lots needs to change. I'm doing a compare video on this next month. In my opinion however SC4 is the better Sim City although it suffers from performance issues.
  5. Under the hood of SimCity's Traffic

    Indeed,the pathfinding in this game needs serious retweeking. We also need a way to build connections to the region highways ourselves cause I found those are the biggest gridlockers atm
  6. SimCity Update 1.8 - Police and Roads improved

    There's been more patches for this one in 1 month then they were for Sim City 4 in 10 years,also seem to added a bug that freezes build progression on sites you just demolished
  7. SimCIty Update 1.7 - Traffic and Emergency Vehicles Improved

    I'm doing a compare youtube vid between SimCity & Sim City 4, but so far this is my conclusion *graphically it's better then SCS *simulation wise its better then SCS but not as good as SC4 *gameplay faulty mechanics worse then SCS And for the last one I'm referring to the fact that the trade buildings give profit per month while all the other stats run by day
  8. SimCIty Update 1.7 - Traffic and Emergency Vehicles Improved

    This behaviour should have been in the game from the start,in real life emergency vehicles have priority over other traffic
  9. Maxis to RPS: SimCity servers 'not necessary'

    The 20 minutes is definatly true,I've experienced it multible times during the server outages in the first few days
  10. They should focus on SC4,making it a viable option if EA decides to shut down the SimCity servers. Did this SImCity kill the franchise,in my opinion no. But their still needs lots of polishing. For instance I got a city with over 10.000 low wealth jobs open, but in the connected cities I'm getting complaints about unemployement with low wealth sims. Som of the information panels are to simplistic,then I mean mostly on employement Can you run out of water regionwide,yes so how do you solve this.(Sewage treatment plant can create a new clear water source though) Overal SimCity is a casual game but if the modding community of Sim City 4 keeps focused on modding the game further it will make a good if not better alternative for the serious city builder.
  11. Can someone help me I place PEG's Break and Bulk port in a city which caused a crash to desktop followed by me being unable to load the city. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gbzchutc1e9rb0o/xOyyb8MMRn Also included is the error report
  12. Nice review, my love for it that we now get a propper SIm CIty sequel to 4. Not a washdown Sim City Societies was. Biggest concerns are what if EA decides to shut down the servers, what if EA stops existing and Origin dissapears Another is the lack of terraforming and control of the region before you start playing
  13. I think maybe they take a block of CIties XL and have imports
  14. What "Day One" features do you require?

    *Working game *Decent manual or strategy guide available (and preferably not by Prima, no complaints but here in Belgium those guides are a no show) *Public transport that works and is used *Private regions *Some way to edit the regions, would be stupid if we get regions with the rodas for inbetween the cities already there
  15. Simcity Interview & Walkthrough

    Still not much info about what we really want to know.