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  1. I haven't been able to get going...... because I can't find SC4 Terraformer. I've read that it's been uploaded to the Mods forum, but if I do a search for SC4 TerraFormer, I get no hits at all. Please, where is SC4T? Edit: OK. So a search doesn't bring it up, but if you look you can see it. BTW, the dx error came up with me too. Despite using the 9.0c. I then downloaded d3dx9_30.dll and put it into my system32 directory, and it worked. Interesting. Thanks for what appears to be a fantastic program. I'm sure I shall have lots of fun with it. Ciao for now!
  2. How to: Make your own Mods

    I have a question about air pollution. I'd like to make it so that the larger parks reduce this somewhat, while raising garbage pollution. In the GreenPark3 bit (the largest green park), I notice that there is a "pollution at center" line, with different values for air, water, garbage and radiation. The last two are 0x00000000, which I can easily change to 0x00000001 for garbage (to raise garbage pollution, right?). But the air pollution value is 0xFFFFFFF1, which has a decimal value of 4294967281! I'm stumped. So the question is, how do I adjust this to lower air pollution? And if I wanted a negative number, how can I get this in hexadecimal? The second question is radius of effect. I guess the pollution radii (6,3,0,0) could be amended to (12,3,3,0) to make the effect for air and garbage more noticeable? And the final question regards the decline in effect as one gets farther away from the park. I could find no line which suggested something of the sort. Please help. Pretty please. And thanks. PS. The flip side to this is that I can't find any information for air pollution values under say, "Industrial Dirty".
  3. Making Accurate-Scale Real-World Maps

    Thanks very much. This is really a Map Editor for Dummies. I was able to get my first map done the first time through (though actually rendering it was a different matter!). Thanks again.