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  1. SimCity 4 is one of the coolest games ever created. I have no interest in SimCity 2013.

  2. Leavenworth, WA

    Wow, I never thought that somebody would make a Leavenworth map for SC4! This is cool. When I was younger, I used to go there with my family every summer.
  3. Cityhalls Unlocked Modd

    It does not work on my computer. Windows 7, with SC4 running in XP mode.
  4. Saturn IVB



    January 29, 2011 10:48 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00) Copyright by Daniel, 2011. Hello, My name is Daniel. This is my first upload to STEX. It is called the Saturn IVB (Saturn 4B), a fictional rocket based off of the real Saturn V (Saturn 5) and Saturn IB (Saturn 1B). The Saturn V was used to take humans to the moon durring the US Apollo Space Program. The Saturn IB was used to transport earlier test versions of the Apollo program into space. Because this is my first upload, I am making a promis to always include everything within the .ZIP file. This means no more searching for "Essentials" that do not exist any more, or having to edit lots once you have down loaded them. In this file: "Saturn_IV_B_01_Lot_LM4x4.SC4LOT" "Saturn_IV_B_01_Desc.SC4Desc" "Saturn_IV_B_01_Model.SC4Model" "Saturn_IV_B_01_JPG.JPG" "Saturn_IV_B_01_ReadMe.txt This is simply a landmark custom BAT. I did not edit any of the values when creating the LM Desc file. Feel free to lower the cost if you wish. It sits on a 4x4 lot, with Maxis (Default) base tiles, with no additional props. The service structure (gantry), launch pad and rocket are all the same (GMAX -> Model) file. This is the standard in which I name my files. The files are clearly labled and do not contain long strings of numbers. "Saturn_IV_B_" = Name "01_" = Version "Dat_" = File type (Lot, Desc, Model, JPG, etc.) This way, you do not have to look for the file if you need to remove it or edit it. PLEASE; DO NOT make re-lots or upload my files on other sites. ©2011 by Daniel Fulk
  5. Is that St. Peter's cathedral in Vatican City, in the top of the last picture? Where did you get it?