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A country which borders the northern regions of Germany and facing the Northern Seas.United Islands Of Territories is a country founded in the mid 1200's.UIT is one of the most efficient...

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Victor Valdes

Update: St.Peters International Airport. (Flughafen Saint Peters)

Hey there!,im glad that you have dropped by and im here to share another update with you all.This update is a update that i have long awaited to share with you guys and i hope you all do like it,its United Islands Of Territories main aviation hub,the Saint Peters International Airport (STIA).Now some of you here might find that the name is similar,because it was once a existing airport in UIT.The first Saint Peters International Airport was build on reclaimed lands where it is located about 40 km away from Berlina,which is the capital city,and 63 km away from Zenhofsviertel,the countries main financial hub.The first Saint Peters International Airport,or better known as STIA 1,was the first international airport constructed in the country after Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport (KLMA).STIA 1 was completed in 1998,but many planners and developers have already created a new masterplan for a new international airport for the country since STIA 1 was a airport that was build to only have one phase in its capacity and it cant be expanded to meet future demands.

The plan was studied and designed by world class planners to conduct a new airport being build in the Koriimehn Municipal,where most empty lands are filled with forests and small farmlands.The planning took 4 years and it was finally completed in 2002,since after the plan was completed,construction began to build the new STIA.After 7 years of construction,the airport finally opens its doors in November 2009.The existing STIA was demolished and replaced with farmlands to meet the strong agricultural development demands.After its opening,STIA has won many awards and given a 4 star ranking by Skytrax,along with Zurich Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.The airport is also the biggest airport constructed in the history of UIT,where it double's the size of Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport and it can handle more than 40 million passengers per year.The airport is also designed to be build in phases,where the second phase enables it to hande more than 110 million passengers per annum by 2018.

Hub Airlines: St.Peters Charter Airlines

Domestic Destinations: Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport


International Airlines And Destinations: Thai Air                        - Bangkok/Phuket

                                                         Egypt Air                      - Cairo/Tel Aviv

                                                         Volaris                         - Mexico City

                                                         Air Italy                        - Rome

                                                         TWA Air                       - Hartsfield/Boston/Pittsburgh/Baltimore

                                                         Aer Lingus                    - Dublin

                                                         Aeroflot                        - Moscow

                                                         Air China                      - Guangzhou/Nanjing/Shenzhen/Shanghai

                                                         Cathay Pacific               - Hong Kong/Macau

                                                         Croatia Airlines             - Zagreb/Dubrovnik

                                                         Czech Airlines              - Prague

                                                         Icelandic Air                 - Reykjavik (seasonal)

                                                         Kuwait Airlines             - Kuwait (seasonal)

                                                         Air Canada                  - Toronto

                                                         Ukraine Airlines            - Kiev

                                                         United Airlines             - Chicago/New York/San Fransisco/Washington

                                                         Malaysia Airlines          - Kuala Lumpur/Penang/Kota Kinabalu

                                                         Qantas                        - Singapore/Sydney

                                                         Japan Airlines              - Tokyo

                                                         Myanmar Airways        - Yangon/Hanoi (seasonal)

                                                         Singapore Airlines       - Singapore

                                                         Swiss Airlines              - Zurich

                                                         Finnair                        - Helsinki

                                                         Air Berlin                     - Berlin/Frankfurt/Köln/Stuttgart

                                                         KLM Airways                - Amsterdam

                                                         Romavia                      - Bucharest (seasonal)

                                                         Lufthansa                    - Munich

                                                         British Airlines              - London/Dublin

                                                         SAS                            - Stockholm/Malmö

                                                         SAS Norge                  - Oslo

                                                         Austrian Air                 - Vienna

                                                         Virgin Atlantic              - Los Angeles/San Fransisco/Atlanta/Las Vegas

                                                         Virgin Air                    - Stansted/Edinburgh/Glasgow/Aberdeen

                                                         Virgin Blue Air             - Sydney/Melbourne

                                                         Virgin Blue Polynesia    - Apia/Suva


Simland Airlines And Destinations:        Corsica

                                                         Svanskinahya Republic


                                                         Kingdom Of Schulmania






                                                         Rep.Of Roanoke




Total Passenger Movements: 31,896,993

Total Aircraft Movements: 280,701




Saint Peters International Airport from aerial view.



The Main Terminal,where most international flights are located


The Satellite Terminal,where most domestic airlines are located.


The airport's main entrance,along with the airport control tower.


The entrance that leads to the satellite terminal via a tunnel and more underground parking spaces.


The entrance/exit of the satellite terminal.

Pictures Of The Airport.

















Thank you for dropping by and i hope that you like the update!! 4.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated. 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Teaser: St.Peters International Airport.

Hello there,im back here to preview a teaser on my recently completed St.Peters International Airport (STIA).You might feel familiar in seeing this airport naming because it was my first airport created in SC4 and in UIT plus it was previewed in a past update,but in order to improve the airport,ive created another brand new STIA from scratch,which now serves the country.The new airport took me nearly 2 weeks to create due to RL issues but i manage to complete it.STIA is the new gateway and international hub for the country.

After the completion of the first St.Peters International Airport,the government proposes and develops a plan for a new airport to meet future demands.The plan tooked 3 years to be developed and finalised and it was finally approved by the Metropolitan Zenhofsviertel Aviation Authority (MZAA) to be constructed in 2001.After its completion in 2009,the first STIA was demolished and it was developed into farmlands to meet agriculture demands.The new airport is situated beside the town of Koriimehn.The new STIA opens its doors in December 1st of 2009,thus for the new airport naming,St.Peters International Airport still remains as the favoured choice by most citizens.The new STIA doubles the size of Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport,and it is capable of handling 10 times more passenger capacity,8 times air traffic capacity and 4 times more air cargo capacity then KLMA,it is also the biggest airport in the history of UIT.


A Cargolux and KLM Cargo plane parked at the cargo terminal of the new St.Peters International Airport.

Comments and reviews appreciated!!

Victor Valdes

Update: Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport (Revisited).

Hello there,Im back here to preview another update on the Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport.The reason i made a revisited update on this airport because after a few but important improvements and its being taken over by a private corporation,which is the Metropolitan Zenhofsviertel Aviation Authority (MZAA) back in November 2009.MZAA conducted many improvements on airports around the country and their main focus on improving the passenger capacity,safety and efficiency of a airport.A new terminal was added to serve budget airliners and Virgin Airlines are planning to lease the new terminal as their domestic hub for UIT.KLMA was a airport that cant serve cargo planes before its redevelopment,in which MZAA adds a new cargo terminal to the airport and it can accomodate two cargo planes upon arriving.

KLMA was among the most used airports in the country in terms of domestic and budget flights.The airport however was always plaqued by overcrowding passenger capacity and delayed flights during the 90's.After many improvements made to the airport by MZAA,today it is one of the most efficient airports in the country in terms of serving budget and domestic flights around the continent.Today,KLMA serves more airliners and destinations to other well known places and KLMA does serve international destinations to certain countries.

Hub Airlines: St.Peters Charter Airlines

Domestic Destinations: St.Peters International Airport


International Airlines And Destinations: Swiss Airlines              - Zurich

                                                         Finnair                       - Helsinki

                                                         Air Berlin                    - Berlin/Frankfurt/Köln/Stuttgart

                                                         KLM Airways               - Amsterdam

                                                         Lufthansa                   - Munich

                                                         British Airlines             - London/Dublin

                                                         SAS                           - Stockholm/Malmö

                                                         SAS Norge                 - Oslo

                                                         Austrian Air                - Vienna

                                                         Virgin Air                   - Stansted/Edinburgh/Glasgow

                                                         Virgin Blue Air            - Sydney/Melbourne

                                                         Virgin Blue Polynesia   - Apia/Suva


Simland Airlines And Destinations:        Chihiro


                                                         Rep.Of Roanoke




Total Passenger Movements: 1,178353 (^)

Total Aircraft Movements: 61,082 (^)



Karllstad Liberty Airport overview today after the improvements.


The main terminal overview and the airport entrance along with the new cargo bay entrance.


The main airport terminal entrance.


The new budget terminal extension.


The new cargo terminal extension.


The airport at night.

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Berlina-Zenhofsviertel Daily News


                                   Further improved for your reading pleasure.


€ 0.70/þ 1.00.

International News: Pakistan Faces Backlash After U.S Troops Attacks

Local News: Transportation Facilities To Be Fully Improved By Q4 2010

Weather: 29 C (Sunny)           Date: February 5 2010         Please Recycle To Save The Enviroment.

New Express Trains Introduced And Replaces Ageing Ones.

Friday 1300 pm- The Ministry Of Transportation And Vehicle Managements have introduced 4 new fleets of express trains connecting to major cities and airports in the country.Among the first fleets were put to function was the Berlina - Zenhofsviertel Express,which was launched and introduced by the Transportation Minister,Peter Robson today at the Zenhofsviertel Central Terminal Station.He quotes that this new train car sets has 2 extra cars to accomodate future demands and passenger capacity.There have been plans to increase the ticket price to common commuters but maintains the similar pricing for senior citizens and childrens.



The new train set being tested this afternoon.

Thank you for dropping by. 5.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: Kreibensel Town & The National Disease Research Hospital.

Welcome to another update and i like to share this update with you all.Kreibensel Town is located about 11 km away from the St.Peters-Koriimehn International Airport.It was once a area filled with swamps and small villages.Since 2008,the town sees redevelopments and the government plans to build the countries first disease research center in the municipality.The National Disease Research Facility is was finally completed in 2008 and it is fully functional by 2009.The hospital doesnt only houses a disease research facility,it serves as the nations main hospital in many terms of healthcare,making it one of the biggest hospitals in Europe and the biggest hospital in the country.

Basic Statistics: Area: 191.9 km2

                       Elevation: 59 - 103 m

                       Population: 2 990

                       Density: 600 - 794/km2

                       Urban: 2 600

                       Metro: 200

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 3.1 billion

                                                2008: € 9.2 billion

                            Postal Codes: 71000 - 73000

                            Area Codes: 112 KMT

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-KMT

                            ISO Region: DE-KHATD

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 87.3 % (Very High Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements: Best Town In Healthcare Advancement.

To begin,here are the pics...



Kreibensel Town during daytime.


The National Disease Research Center Hospital.


The Hospital's Main Block.


The Kreibensel Outpatient And Emergency Block.


The National Disease Research Facility Block.


The Daily Healthcare Center For Childrens & Mothers Clinic.


One of the hospital's three entrances.


Kreibensel Town viewed from south.


Kreibensel Town viewed from the east.

More updates will come soon. 4.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: The Palace Of Saint Augustine And Clock Tower (Zenhofsviertel City).

Hey there,I would like to share a update with you guys after recently completing this Citadel,the Palace Of Saint Augustine And Clock Tower.The Saint Augustine Palace was build alongside the Saint Peters Civic Citadel back in the 1600's to house many major government departments.Among the main projects in the Citadel is The Palace Of Saint Augustine And Clock Tower,build in the year 1688,it is the second largest building in the complex after the St.Peters Dom,located infront of it across Parliament Street.The construction began about 15 years later,due to the government which they seeks more office expansion due to the lack of space in the Three Spires Building,plus the Three Spires Building is designed in only a single phased construction plan.

A plan was introduced by a local developer,which includes a Parliament Meeting Hall,a Educational Center and a Clock Tower.The plan was approved by the government and construction began in 1670.The first phase,which is the Parliament Meeting Hall,is completed in 1688 and after a year later,the government begin plans in expanding this complex to its second phase,by building the Clock Tower.The construction of the complex was fully completed in 1700,and its one of the oldest buildings in the country.Today,it is being used as a Secretariat Headquarters Building by the United World Journals Alliance,when it was inagurated in 2008.The whole Civic Citadel Complex is being preserved as a Educational And Historical Structure (EAHS) by the Education,Communications And Cultural Department (AECCO) of the United World Journals Alliance.


The Three Spires along with the St.Augustine Palace in the Civic Citadel.


The Parliament by a close view from front.


The Parliament by the side view,and the Walls Of The Citadel,separating it from the Financial District Of Zenhofsviertel City.


The Parliament's main entrance,along the Hatton Gardens.

Night pictures of the citadel.






Thats all for this update!!,stay tuned for the next one my friends 4.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!!

Victor Valdes

Update: Gressenfeld National Olympic Park And Town.

Hey there!,im back again after a short hiatus,and im glad to share another update on UIT's recently completed Olympic Sports Complex,the Gressenfeld National Olympic Park,or better known as SportsPark in shortform.SportsPark has been a mega project in the countries agenda,which the government is planning a bid on the Simylmpic Games or any current International Sports Events.The project was planned and designed in the mid 90's and begin construction in the town of Gressenfeld,situated just 13km away from St.Peters-Koriimehn International Airport.

Construction began around the year 1995 and came to a major halt due to the Asian Financial Crisis back in the 1998.Since then the project was left abandoned and most people predicted it was just a visionary project being proposed by the government due to its excessive cost,which is nearly US$ 5.81 billion,making it one of the most expensive projects in the world.After being left untouched for 5 years,construction resumed after fundings was secured and Phase 1 of the complex went into completion in Q4 of 2009.Since then,Phase 2 also was recently completed in Q1 of 2010 and today,it remains one of the countries main symbol of success and development.

Basic Statistics: Area: 203.1 km2

                       Elevation: 79 - 99 m

                       Population: 3 710

                       Density: 883 - 944/km2

                       Urban: 3 600

                       Metro: 110

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 2.3 billion

                                                2008: € 8.4 billion

                            Postal Codes: 70000 - 71000

                            Area Codes: 111 NGP

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-NGP

                            ISO Region: DE-NGPA

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 89 % (Very High Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements: UIT's Top Sports Complex Development

To begin,here are the pics...



Neu Gressenfeld Town and the National Olympic Park overview.


The SportsPark overview along the Avenue Of St.Peters.


The St.Peters Stadium in the SportsPark Complex.


The National Aquatic Center in the SportsPark Complex.


The Museum Of Sports And Athletes along with a Convention Center in it.


The National Tennis And Indoor Games Complex.

Random Pics Of The SportsPark at daytime.




Random Pics Of The SportsPark at night.







Thats all for this update,hope to see you in another update!! 4.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Teaser: Gressenfeld National Olympic Park.

Hello there,im very busy lately with RL issues,but today id like to share a teaser of UIT's newest addition,the New Gressenfeld National Olympic Park.The National Olympic Park started construction back around 1997 and construction went on hold due to the Asian Financial Crisis back in the 1998,but today,Phase 1 is fully completed and functional.The Olympic Stadium and the National Aquatic Center is the completed structures in the park,but Phase 2 still remains under construction.


Phase 1 houses the countries National Sport Olympic Complex and the national Aquatic Center.

I will try my best to spare some time to keep you guys updated,take care 48.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: Koriimehn-ville

Hey there,im back after completing some towns and rural areas in UIT,and now id like to share a update on Koriimehn Town with you all.Koriimehn is build on new reclaimed lands after the government proposes a new international airport replacing the old one in St.Peters Town.Koriimehn is the neighbouring town of the new St.Peters-Koriimehn International Airport,which is just recently completed few days back.The municipal town of this new island is Koriimehn,and most neighbouring areas Koriimehn is filled with swamp lands and small villages,partically the northern and western hemisphere of the island.

Today,Koriimehn is home to 4 900 citizens and its among UIT's top best towns and rural areas to live in.

Basic Statistics: Area: 142.8 km2

                       Elevation: 83 - 106 m

                       Population: 4 893

                       Density: 976 - 1344/km2

                       Urban: 4 800

                       Metro: 93

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 1.3 billion

                                                2008: € 8.1 billion

                            Postal Codes: 69000 - 70000

                            Area Codes: 110 KR

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-KR

                            ISO Region: DE-KRV

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 84 % (High Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements: 2nd Best City For Suburban Community Development

                                                                 3rd Highest Land Valued District

To begin,here are the pics...



The Town Of Koriimehn overview.


The Koriimehn Community Cathedral.


Suburbs around the town.


Suburbs on the eastern side.


The main road on the left side leads to the airport.


The Community School and some mid-wealth homes along it.


Homes at the northern part of the town.

Thanks for viewing!

Comments and reviews appreciatted!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: Region View.

Hey guys,ive been busy lately preparing alot of things after New Year and i have insufficient time playing SC4,but id love to share with you all on the current progress of the United Islands Of Territories in a region view to show how much more city tiles i need to fill in. 4.gif


Comments and reviews appreciated!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Teaser: Koriimehn Municipal.

Hello there,im grateful to share another teaser with you all here,which is the Koriimehn Municipal of the Koriimehn State,Koriimehn is a neighbouring town and agricultural area with the newly completed St.Peters-Koriimehn International Airport,that has replaced its predecessor.Koriimehn Town is home to 4 783 citizens,making it among the most less populated town and municipal area in the country.


Suburbs in Koriimehn,where most of them adapts different home styles from the other suburbs in the country.

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: The Royal St.Peters Independence Citadel.

Hey there!,im glad that you have stopped by and im gonna share another update with you guys over here on one of the countries most prominent landmarks,the St.Peters Independence Square.The Citadel was once planned out by the founder of Zenhofsviertel City,King Merkel,in which he orders a development of a new goverment focused area.The plan was scrapped twice due to the war with the Protestant Government and the White Plaque Diesease back then.The Citadel commenced full construction in 1743 and it was fully completed in 1790,in time to celebrate of the independence of the United Islands Of Territories,which leds this project being named the St.Peters Independence Citadel.

The Citadel is located opposite of the Grand Merkels Dom,which is one of the oldest building in the country today,and both of this historical landmarks are being preserved and monitored by the goverment and the UNESCO Society.Today,most of the buildings in the Citadel is used as cathedrals and small souvenir shops and it is among the top visited points in the country.


The Citadel overview by day.


The Three Spires Building was once home to various government offices but today they are used as cathedrals and souvenir shops.


The Three Spires Buildings facing the Statue Of Freedom,the biggest statue in the country.

And finally...


Tourists on the other side of the Grand Merkels Dorm spending off their days walking along the open plazas.

Hope you all like this update!!

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Berlina-Zenhofsviertel Daily News


                          Further improved for your reading pleasure.


€ 0.70/þ 1.00.

International News:

D-Day nears for Dubai's $3.5 billion debt hurdle.

Local News: Unstable market conditions makes the Stock Exchange finding for solutions.

Weather: 9 C (Cloudy)           Date: December 13 2009          Please Recycle To Save The Enviroment.

Svensda Island Finally Establishes Its Own State And District Community.

Friday 1145 pm- Svensda Island,home to one of the countries prime area in tourism and historical learning center,is now a independent state,according to the Mayor of Svensda Island City,Lehmann Derovich.He has conducted a general assembly meeting with the goverment that Svensda Island City is a well developed waterfront city and he aims that Svensda Island City will be the main tourist attraction in the country,and he plans to turn Svensda Island City into a state and community area where it can be independent on its own.Svensda City is one of the most developed cities in the country in terms of tourism industry,education and recently it was declared as the financial hub of the southern-most region of The United Islands Territories.


The unveiling of the municipality logo to show that it is now a new state of the UIT.


Svensda Island City today.

Replies will be posted soon,and thanks for dropping by! 5.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 4.gif

Victor Valdes

Eugenesville City

Update: Eugenesville City.

Hey guys,im back after busy with RL stuffs and im glad to share another update with you all,and this time its a update on United Islands Territories western-esque developed city,Eugenesville.Located about 281 km away from Berlina,the capital city,and 226 km from Zenhofsviertel,Eugenesville is the 3rd most important city in the country in many terms.Eugenesville was once a city filled with small homes and businesses,and after the economy booming era in the 90's,Eugenesville went through a radical change in especially the real estate,commercial and construction sector.Eugenesville is the city with the biggest Central Business District in the country but the 3rd biggest in the developing financial sector,which is after Berlina and Zenhofsviertel.

In terms of transportation,Eugenesville is served with a array of subway lines throughout the city and in major transportations,Eugenesville is served by the nearby Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport,which is about 37 km north of the city.The Port Of Mehavhelar also serves its purpose to Eugenesville in terms of water cargo transportation.Today,Eugenesville is a city unique in its own,separating and differenciating itself from the other cities around the country due to its western style buildings and the 2nd largest city in suburban development after Stayton Island City.Both Eugenesville and Stayton Island City belongs to the independent state of Gustavo Carranza in The United Islands Of Territories.

Basic Statistics: Area: 301.8 km2

                       Elevation: 89 - 178 m

                       Population: 227 842

                       Density: 2788 - 5396/km2

                       Urban: 220 988

                       Metro: 7 451

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 21 billion

                                                2008: € 42.9 billion

                            Postal Codes: 66000 - 69000

                            Area Codes: 100 GC

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-GC-EV

                            ISO Region: DE-EVC

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 86.1 % (High Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements:

Best City For Suburban Community Development

                                                                 UIT's Best City For Residential Experiences


To begin here are the pics!...



Eugenesville City overview by day.


Downtown Eugenesville at noon.


Downtown Eugenesville at night.


Restaurants along Gurney Road and the CBD facing the Merkels Coast.


St.Madelines Memorial Hospital,the largest hospital in UIT.


Dutch Street,where historical Dutch buildings have been preserved as shops and small offices today.


Suburbs and Parcel 1 District,facing the North-South highway.


Houses at Parcel 2 District,located in midtown.


Parcel 3 District houses located about 7 km away from downtown Eugenesville.


Parcel 4 & 5 being divided by the North-South Highway,the Church Of St.Angelines is located in Parcel 4 over here.

Thats all for now,and since now its nearing Christmas,i wish you all Happy Holidays and take care!! 4.gif

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Teaser: St.Peters International Airport.

Hey guys,kinda busy lately which leads me leaving my cities half completed 3.gif,but anyways i will try my best to spare some time to get them all completed and here is what ive been working on to preview a update later on,a new terminal which was just completed earlier.


Its the newly completed Terminal 5 of St.Peters International Airport,belonging to Aer Lingus as their hub in UIT 4.gif

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment is much appreciated! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Berlina-Zenhofsviertel Daily News


Microsoft CFO To Leave,Look For Bigger Job -Page 11           Berlina To Enforced Law On Carbon Footprint Output -Page 38

Current Temp: 12 C (Sunny)   Date: Wednesday,25 November 2009            € 0.70   Please recycle to save the enviroment

St.Peters International Airport To Have 5 New Terminals By 2017.

Tuesday 1145 am- Meetings were held by the transportation minister of the United Islands Of Territories,Karl Johannesburg,in regarding on talks to improve the transportation networks around the country.Among his main targets in the project is to extend and further improve the current St.Peters International Airport and naming the project as the STIA Aeropolis Project,the current airport has only 2 terminals,in which one is for international flights and one is the low cost terminal.He quoted that the airport needs a better,efficient in order to meet future demands of the current airport.The minister has proposed a extensive redevelopment plan for the airport,in which most of its terminal layout will be similar to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in New York,but reduced the number of terminals to 5,instead of 9,where JFK has now.The new terminals will have green and efficient designs to meet HAARP ratings and the new terminals are being leased to major airliners in the world,like United Airlines,Aer Lingus or Air France.STIA Aeropolis Project is planned to be completed before 2020 and it will place STIA as among the biggest airport in the world upon completion.



A Malaysian Airlines plane passing by the under construction Terminal 4 of STIA.

I will preview more updates as soon as possible.

Comments and reviews appreciated!! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Berlina-Zenhofsviertel Daily News

          Banks Worldwide Sees A Slight Relief In Profit -Page 31   

       Daily 24 FM Established -Page 40

Current Temp: 11 C (Sunny)   Date: Tuesday,24 November 2009            € 0.70   Please recycle to save the enviroment

Daily 24 FM,A New Record Breaking Establishment In The Entertainment Industry.

Monday 1300 pm- Today,a day that the United Islands Of Territories launches its own independent radio FM station,The Daily 24,which is located in Stayton Island City.Daily 24 FM was the idea of most citizens in which they prefer in listening english-based radio stations.Before the establishment of Daily 24,UIT mostly depends on radio stations around the European Union mainly NRJ FM which is from Sweden,situated in the northern areas in the country.To boost connectivity status and broadcasting excellence,the FM studio is located on the top floor of the Stayton24 tower,at floor 55,which makes the FM station broadcasting on among the highest points in the country.The Daily 24 broadcasts 24 hours daily and the channel number is 88.2 FM,and the radio station does broadcast news,weather forecasts information and commercial advertising.The Daily 24 does broadcasts around makor cities in the country and the whole United Islands Of Territories,including cities like Berlina,Zenhofsviertel,airports which is the St.Peters International Airport,ranging to rural sides such as Fjeddar,and suburbs in Eugenesville or Nordlingen.Today,The Daily 24 is the main choice of the citizens in the country and it promises to deliver quality music,entertainment and fun.



The Stayton24 Tower on the right,which is the broadcasting point of The Daily 24 FM,located at level 55.

Do stay tuned for more updates!!

Comments and reviews appreciated! 5.gif

Victor Valdes

Update: Karllstad Industrial Park And Karllstad Mehavhelar Newport.

Back to preview another update!!,in this update,i will be showcasing UIT's new completed port,Karllstad Mehavhelar Port,or better else known as Karllstad Newport.The port commence construction in the mid 90's in order to meet future demands in cargo and sea freight capacity,due to the cramped Riederwald Port,which is UIT's first and oldest port,aging at 120 years old.The port has gone through many engineering challenges especially when it is build on artificial islands reclaimed by the Port Authority Of Gustavo Carranza And United Islands Territories.

Located in the Klang District, it was the 20th busiest transshipment port (2006) and the 21th busiest container port (2007) in the world. It was also the 28th busiest port in terms of total cargo tonnage handled in 2008.Storage warehouses located around the port's entrance,is one of the biggest in the world in terms of handling imported and exported goods into the country,and today the port reigns as the modern face and the successor of its past,the Port Of Riederwald.

Basic Statistics: Area: 199.8 km2

                       Elevation: 83 - 295 m

                       Population: 36 984

                       Density: 1011 - 1396/km2

                       Urban: 36 900

                       Metro: 84

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 13.7 billion

                                                2008: € 27 billion

                            Postal Codes: 63100 - 66000

                            Area Codes: 90

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-KIP

                            ISO Region: DE-KPAT

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 67 % (Medium Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements: Best Port Of UIT

                                                                 Best State For Heavy And Medium Industrial Development

To begin,here are the pics...



Karllstad Industrial Park And Newport with Mehavhelar Town overview.


Cargo ships approaching the seaport.


Pier 3 with cargo activities going on.


Pier 2 overview.


Various industrial warehouses located along the port's coast.


Pier 2 facing Pier 1.


A cargo ship at Pier 3.


Storage facilites and the port's docks.The brown land barrages is placed there to note that the land elevation level of the port is much lower than land level of the industrial and town district behind it.


Factories located along the port's entrance.


Industrial factories facing the coast.


Leaving the port and entering the Karllstad Elevated Skyway.


Housing projects and suburbs being divided by the Karllstad Elevated Skyway.


Suburbs and the industrial district separated by the Skyway.


Low wealth apartments and houses located around the residential district of Mehavhelar Town.


Suburbs around in Mehavhelar Town.


Leaving Karllstad Industrial Park and heading towards Eugenesville in The State Of Gustavo Carranza.


Karllstad Industrial Park at night.

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Berlina-Zenhofsviertel Daily News

          World Economic Forum To Commence Soon -Page 12   

       A New Port For A New Future -Page 31

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Karllstad Mehavhelar Port Is Now The Biggest Port Of The United Islands Of Territories.

Wednesday 1440 pm- The Karllstad Mehavhelar Port,which is better known as the Karllstad Newport,is now the largest port in the United Islands Of Territories after a 8 year construction period after the Port Of Riederwald which is located in the Borough Of Khelkeimberg,which is now the second port of the country.Karllstad Newport was designed to handle future demand needs have passed through many engineering and building technologies,there are 3 major piers which a single pier can handle 4 mega container ships.Ranging from the piers,the port is surrounded by newly build industrial warehouses and among the biggest in the world in terms of storage to handle imported and exported goods.Once a vision on the countries redevelopment plan,the port wasnt fully completed and remained on hold for a year during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis which looms most projects in UIT to a halt,but today it is the main getaway to the world in shipping and sea freight in the country,replacing its successful predecessor,The Riederwald Port,which is nearly 120 years old.


Pier 3 of the newly completed Karllstad Newport in UIT.

Catch a update soon about this newly completed port!.

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Victor Valdes

Update: The District Of West & East Mendviertel.

Hello everyone,im back here to preview a short update on a town which is half industrial and agricultural,the Mendviertel State.Mendviertel was once a area filled with fishing villages.After the discovery of the Protestant Goverment,they have developed Mendviertel into a agriculture area to meet the demands of farming needs.Mendviertel is located in the northern regions of UIT and it is among the smallest district state in the country,which is home to 11,400 citizens.

Today,Mendviertel is among the most important places in UIT in terms of industrial and agricultural development.

Basic Statistics: Area: 212.77 km2

                       Elevation: 95 - 173m

                       Population: 11 451

                       Density: 729 - 1211/km2

                       Urban: 11 000

                       Metro: 451

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 11.4 billion

                                                2008: € 23 billion

                            Postal Codes: 63100 - 66000

                            Area Codes: 89

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-MWE

                            ISO Region: DE-MID

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 71 % (Medium Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements:

Top 5 Best Agricultural Districts Of UIT

To Begin,here are the pics!



Mendviertel East overview.


Mendviertel West overview.


The North-South Highway,linking most major cities in the country.


Farmfields along the highway.


Approaching the town of Mendviertel.


Factories along the highway.


Leaving the town of Mendviertel and passing by some farmfields.


Now we are leaving the state of Mendviertel and heading into the District Of Karllstad Industrial Park

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Update: Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport.

Hey guys,back here to preview a last but not final update,i wont be updating here until December 9 cause i will be seating for my final examinations starting from November 18.Anyways lets continue on,today im previewing a update on UIT's second airport,which is the Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport (KLMA).KLMA serves as a main aviation hub for nearby cities suchs as Eugenesville,Stayton Island City and Nordlingen Lanskapen Island City.KLMA was once planned as a military airfield back in the 1940's but scrapped due to the lack of funding by the military authority which cause the airport to remain half completed till the year 1955.After seeking for plans to redevelop the airport to serve nearby cities which has a population more than 100,000 citizens,city planners and aviation specialists plan for a Major Municipal Airport in the Island Of Karllstad,which was completed in 1971 and gets a new naming which is Karllstad Airport.

After plenty of redevelopment plans are being conducted around the country,many citizens proposed a better and bigger upgrades for the airport which has been suffering by over passenger capacity use in the mid 90's.After years or planning,the goverment commence a redevelopment for the airport in terms of expanding the runways,upgrading and refurbishing the terminals and more gates have been build to meet the demands of most travellers abroad.After the upgrades and renovations,KLMA was much more progressive in terms of airline capacity and passenger capacity which leads to a new airport naming,the Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport.

Today,KLMA handles most charter flights out and in the country,domestic and international,and it is the second busiest airport in the region after Saint Peters International Airport,which is located about 400 km away.

Hub Airlines: St.Peters Charter Airlines

Domestic Destinations: St.Peters International Airport

                                  Fjeddar Municipal Landing Strip


International Airlines And Destinations: Swiss Airlines          - Zurich

                                                         Finnair                   - Helsinki

                                                         Air Berlin                - Berlin/Frankfurt/Köln/Stuttgart

                                                         KLM Airways           - Amsterdam

                                                         Lufthansa               - Munich

                                                         British Airlines         - London

                                                         SAS                       - Stockholm/Malmö

                                                         Austrian Air            - Vienna

Simland Airlines And Destinations:        Petrovair                                - Chihiro

                                                         Atlantopian Airlines                 - Adrianople

                                                         Arcadian Airlines                    - Rockport

                                                         Alsdorf Airlines                      - Alsdorf City

Total Passenger Movements: 910,353

Total Aircraft Movements: 41,082



Karllstad Liberty Municipal Airport overview today.


Terminal and entrance of the airport.


Terminal gates and the airport avenue roundabout.


The terminal viewed from west.


The airport avenue road,where it is surrounded by open parks and gardens.


A Swissair plane on the taxiway and heading into the arrival gates.


The Northbound highway which leads to the airport taken during dawn.


A Finnair plane landing at night.


The airport at night.

Do take a review and thanks for dropping by,well i will be back soon to keep you all updated in December 9. 5.gif

Comments are appreciatted!!

Victor Valdes

Update: Nordlingen Lanskapen Island.

Hey guys,im back here to preview a update the neighbouring city of Medelpad,which is Nordlingen Island.Nordlingen Island was once founded by the Protestant Goverment back in the 1400's.Nordlingen is well known of its hills and forests which today still remains the city that has the biggest land area covered by tree.Nordlingen City is one of the greenest city in the country due to its forest reserve.Around the hills of Nordlingen,mansions and bungalows are being build by the rich which provides them a great view towards the Merkel's Coast.

Today,Nordlingen City is home to 42 000 people and its rated among the best waterfront cities in the country.

Basic Statistics: Area: 312.77 km2

                       Elevation: 130 - 239m

                       Population: 42 011

                       Density: 729 - 1211/km2

                       Urban: 30 544

                       Metro: 12 995

Other Information: GDP/Nominal: 2007: € 43.1 billion

                                                2008: € 51.6 billion

                            Postal Codes: 62000 - 63100

                            Area Codes: 88

                            License Plate Code: ÐR-M

                            ISO Region: DE-MLIS

                            HDI (Human Development Index): 83.1% (High Developed)

                      Awards & Achievements: UIT's Best Choice City For Nature Preserve

                                                                 Gamma Rank World City

To begin,here are the pics...



Nordlingen Island from aerial view.


Downtown Nordlingen,the 4th biggest CBD in the country.


The Nordlingen Memorial Hospital.


The Nordlingen-Eugene Island Bridge.


Suburbs in Eugene Island.


Suburbs being divided by a newly constructed highway that connects to a neighbouring city.


Downtown Nordlingen at night.


Nordlingen Island at night.

Updates will come soon!!

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