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  1. What are you reading?

  2. 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

    I agree, its a little blunt, but what else do you call someone who votes for someone who will not act on your best behalf? I mean, if he would be doing something in the best interest of the country, alright, but Romney is unlikely to do that as well. Also ewww, libertarians *shudder* What can I say? I have a habit of being blunt. When folks in the States vote today, just don't fall prey to the god of Mammon. Vote to improve your life, to respect the lives of others and their freedom to live as they please, and to encourage more open-mindedness in the country we live in. I know I have failed at this miserably for over a decade and I won't do it again. Barbarossa
  3. 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

    I stand by my comments. Take it or leave it; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Romney lies, changes his stance when it suits him, has never known struggle, is dismissive of 47% of the population, and is, overall, the most untrustworthy presidential candidate in my lifetime. As for Libertarians - socially, I am quite in agreement with the more sane of the group. Economically, I can't stand them because economical anarchism is part of what got our country in this mess. It has nothing to do with close-mindedness. It has to do with knowing what you believe and opposing those who wish to force their social beliefs on everyone else. Barbarossa
  4. 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

    Haven't been around a while and not into catching-up. I am hoping for an Obama victory. No one in their right mind should vote for Romney - the man does not care about you or your problems. He doesn't even know what it is to live in poverty and if you struggle to get by, he cannot comprehend it. He has no idea what it is to make ends meet and he has no idea how hard it is to pay that $120 electric bill. Do not vote against your own interest. Barbarossa
  5. Syria

  6. What are you reading?

  7. What are you reading?