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  1. I love to build parks and supply water. It results in very high land value across the city and more than 70% are $$$ group even they have 13% tax. I want some poorer area inside my city, with good parks and water supply. Is it possible? How to do it?
  2. When I place a car ferry pier, SimCity 4 instantly gets crashed and jumps to my desktop I have searched for the problem and the result is: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/topic/37652-car-ferry-pier-crashes-game/ The link http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=124&threadid=115146&enterthread=y is not accessible It says May someone help?
  3. An idea - commercial services

    Very good idea In Cities XL 2011 we cannot build an area alike shopping area
  4. Interchanges between different bus lines and subway lines

    The trains are serving the unskilled / skilled worker area to the industrial area. I build the metro system because the previous bus line (more stops) has 9x% (double decker) usage. I doubt that the people is unwilling to walk to the metro station to commute, and choose driving or bus instead. Another question is that how can I edit bus / metro lines? In the previous Cities XL 2009 I cannot find this tool. I expect my $20 purchase has this function
  5. Change zone type - how?

    "Delete" on the keyboard only removes structure. You have to press one more to delete the entire zoning after the structure is cleared. You can also use the "Bulldozer" button in the menu to remove the structure and zoning.
  6. Interchanges between different bus lines and subway lines

    Yes. It may be a british word because the metro of my city uses "Interchange" to indicate stations which you can change between lines. I have searched for the posts like this: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=370&threadid=112063&enterthread=y Combining lines: you can 'cross' two different bus lines. To do that just place a stop close to the stop of another line (the cursor will highlight it automatically when it's close enough). The people using those lines will now be able to switch lines at this point. You can, for example, cross lines from two or more terminals, creating a neat network. This will also improve your other lines' usage. Yet I do not see such effect. I have built a metro in my city. However the usage is extremely low (3%) so that I open some feeder buses routes. Eventually it has no effects (feeder bus: 0-1% usage) and I kill all the cross-district bus lines. It results in a rapid increase in the usage of metro (3x%), no change in feeder bus lines and a disastrous increase in traffic jam But I really want to keep my metro network
  7. CXL 2011 Sandbox

    Use a trainer which allows infinite cash and tokens and turn the expert mode on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77YKIbPtV8g (Download Link in Description)
  8. Will my citizens interchange between different bus lines and subway lines? It is because I cannot see my citizens take public transport if I force them to interchange. Thanks everyone
  9. Jeronij CMD Walls Addon Ramps

    Why coundn't I see the concrete? I can only see the trees and the rail.

    Great mod but too many dependencies. Those dependencies messed up my menu...