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  1. Dixon Kennedy Stadium

    Wow keep the lower league stadiums coming!,i love them!!! Im a supporter of a League 1 football club and there are some away grounds that i have been to that look like this!I know this BAT is'nt based on real life stadiums,but this looks alot the Withdean stadium in Brighton.Anyway youre a real good BAT stadium maker you should try looking at some League1 and League 2 stadiums,and perhaps try to make them.
  2. marrast Road Loop

    If it was transit enabled it would be unrealistic,cool lot there is a loop road in Wales somewhere!lol:) but of course nobody uses it.Anyway good work 10/10.
  3. Reds Roadside Motel

    This looks alot like the Motel from GTA San andreas!
  4. Liberty Tower

    You really should of not made this growable cause people who naturally have high Comercial demand in there city are gonna have millions of these things.
  5. The Supersonic Boeing

    Whats so sick about this design?
  6. Ill Tonkso Park V2

    Hi very good stadium!,you are very talented have you ever thought about trying bigger football stadiums?
  7. Union City Embassy

    This is a very cool building!,i was wondering do you make Stadiums,you know football stadiums?
  8. Old Trafford BETA 1

    Great work but its saying it cant install it becasue of some unkown Unzip compression method does anyone know what i can do to get Old trafford on my Simcity4?
  9. GTA San Andreas Billboard

    Its good,but that isnt what a billboard looks like sorry.And it is the real box art!,only if you live in the U.K it is.
  10. Spinnaker Tower Version 2

    Im gonna give it one thumb up partly beacause you hav'nt included the Crow's nest which stands on the top floor of the Spinaker Tower,and the gift shop which lies at the base of the tower.However you done the moduling of it to scale,it looks brilliant! and i just love the night time affect you added!:) now i can make my favourite tower in my hometown portsmouth!! is it possible you could make a version 3 with the crows nest and the gift shop?
  11. Andisart,could you possibly make Madison Square garden wrestlemania 10 0r 1 edition?