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  1. Just seeing the names Oppie and Karybdis in this thread took me back 10 years. We are in good hands here.
  2. Sourcing the community for buildings must be tempting for Maxis, its a cheap way to add diversity to the game and prevent it from going stale. So by that logic, we should see a BAT tool sometime (or plugin to a CAD application). I am curious if any of the community's master builders like Jenx has been approached to create content and what tools Maxis used to create the buildings that will be shipped with the game. Videos has shown a city style feature, something batters really could exploit if given the right tools
  3. Mies van der Rohe school of architecture

    Excellent. If you are are recreating famous Bauhaus buildings, I hope you do some of Gropius' work. A definate 10
  4. Aspen Village Condominiums

    Very good, just what the game needs. You obviously follow up the high standard you set in your SC3K lots.
  5. Hotel Kudaemmerung

    Great. Good to see more European buildings in the game
  6. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Tropod, I really appreciate what you are doing, so please don't take this the wrong way but is it (or will it be) possible just to download overpasses and the bridges? I have tuned my pathfinding and speeds the way I like it and built my cities accordingly. The way this modd is structured means that this will be overwritten (I also forgot what I did to the Radical Traffic modd). -daMainDude
  7. GDV Yacht Club

    Excellent. Just what the game was missing. Great detail on the Yachtclub
  8. Buffalo City Court

    I like brutalism, the DeathMetal of architecture. Did you listen to Mayhem while creating this? Although sometimes scary and ugly, these buildings represent the legacy of Le Corbusier and should be appreciated in that context.
  9. Villa Savoye

    It's nice to see that most of you understand what I was trying to do: A true representation of one of my favorite buildings the way that the creator (Corbu) intented it to be. I tried to do a more elaborate roof garden but the flora I used caused rendering problems.
  10. Villa Savoye

    Version 0


    Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier's 1929 masterpiece. Located in Possy, France and recognised as one of the most influential buildings of its time, now a museum. Thus, a 3x4 landmark lot (default stats) with a matching 2CV. Enjoy! - daMainDude
  11. NescoSpoonbridge with Cherry Minneapolis

    I can practically hear Semisonic singing "Midnight in the sculpture garden, underneath the cherry moon....."