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  • Stuart98

    Under the hood of SimCity's Traffic

    Hello, I’m Alexander Harkness, and I’m a Software Engineer working in the transportation team of SimCity. I’ve primarily been working on implementing the behaviors for the vehicles, rail, boats, and helicopters during my amazing time here at Maxis. I wanted to take some time out of my usual duties to explain to you all how the traffic system works and how you can make the most of it.

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    Look at this .. Emergency services could not leave because the vehicles could not be "fished" by the street due to lack of space in traffic?
    But that has not happened nor in old "Pharao" that had this same philosophy of " everything is taken by the streets "
    So to fix the path to search for the best way to go just remember to break the straight segments ...  would not be better then only  circular roads in the  town?
    Frankly this sounds like something written ten hands but with no ear ie it seems that the project lacked coordination and now what's left and try to patching the oversights.
    All rest is regrettable!

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    Indeed,the pathfinding in this game needs serious retweeking.

    We also need a way to build connections to the region highways ourselves cause I found those are the biggest gridlockers atm

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    This article is definitely worth reading, as it painfully shows how buggy 'SimCity's Traffic' is handled.


    You can however influence the network by forcing a path to split into multiple segments. The cheapest way to do this is by drawing a dirt road midway along the path and then bulldozing this path. This then changes how the values are applied and would make the vehicles take the alternative longer but less congested route.

    Obviously, this is not an ideal solution for you as a player since you can’t see how the paths are split up, so we are of course working hard at improving the routing.


    This obviously is not an ideal solution, indeed dear sir! The way you as a player need to hack the underlying system almost hurts my eyes.


    Let's continue, mass transit:


    Since busses don’t follow set routes, it’s a good idea to place them closely spaced in lines on the same side of the road to encourage the busses to go to the next stop in the line.


    It sounds like something that could have been prevented, then. The game clearly misses some kind of route tool, which was quite frustrating in SC4, too.


    Finally, he calls this way of dealing with design flaws 'tips', which are actually preventing you from 'designing your perfect city', instead of helping:


    I really hope these tips help you out in designing your perfect city and getting that traffic flowing.


    I really hope these bugs will be repaired, so I could consider eventually buying the game. I'm quite disappointed they delivered such an unfinished product...

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