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  • mntoes

    SimCity "Complete Edition" for sale on Origin

    Love it or hate it Simcity complete edition is for sale on Origin. If you don't want the complete edition then the Standard Edition is also on sale.

    "Complete" edition £12.49 or $20

    Get all extra content with SimCity: Complete Edition.

    This version includes the base game, all city sets, the Cities of Tomorrow expansion, and more!

    Standard Edition £7.49 or $12

    Power to Change a World Together

    Download SimCity for PC/Mac on Origin and start building the city of your dreams with unprecedented control. If you don't love it, return it!

    I guess they want the sales before the new arivals!

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    User Feedback

    I uploaded this news article for those who choose to buy the game even knowing all of the above comments. Please don't turn it into yet another flaming of SC2013. It's all been said before.

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    This is a place for news-worthy announcements related to the SimCity community, not a place for the same debate by the same debaters.

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    Let's see.  This version came out in 2013 and it appears that the industry plans on starting the end game about a year later.  Maybe its me, but I think that kind of marketing thinking is just a little cynical considering it now has off-line and modding.


    The modding community for SC2013 could keep it going for a long time, but expect off-line only.  I'll be surprised if you can find their servers for this in 2017.


    EA really hasn't stopped marketing SC4, they just put it on the back burner.  It is still a cash cow for them and hasn't dried up yet.


    I truly hope they've learned that this kind of game is not suitable for on-line requirements.  The only way to really make it work would have been using a transaction environment probably with some big, interconnected main frames.  However big they may be, that is one heck of a capital investment which I think their board would not be willing to even consider.


    With a larger hardware environment, the size of the map being played would have been irrelevant because everything would have been virtual.

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    Will this pack contain the fixes as well?

    Since I don't have this game, I don't know that they issued and official fixes.  Did they?  If so, it is a good question.

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    From what I saw all game updates up to the last version released 10.1 are included as offline patch 10 is included.


    From looking EA haven't done any updates outside of their usual game patches which according to many haven't fixed all issues and there are still many bugs.


    I don't understand the thinking or logic that they would include patch 10 without the other patch fixes that patch 10 offline required to be installed to use.


    The game version will be at offline patch 10 its not like it'll be version 1.0 release with offline that would require extra dev work and be stupid when patch 10 comes after patch 9 game version and fixes.

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    do not buying this game on the mothersucking origin

    because the mothersucking website origin stoling my 10 euros

    this game is not for you forever this website sell the games a few hours very little time this website origin is a speculative mothersucker

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