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About this City Journal

This CJ tours you through the newly independent nation of Katamegi, an isolated isle recently broken free of Japan's grasp.

Entries in this City Journal



Hey everyone, Im sorry to let you guys no i'll be ending this CJ now, as I have run out of room on the island to expand - however, I will be starting a new asian themed CJ, so look out for that shortly. Hope you enjoyed what there was of my first journal!




Welcome to Watanabe Island - The resort paradise of Katamegi. In this short update, i will show the small island of Watanabe from the perspective of a travel journalist - explaining such things as accomodation, activities, routes, etc. throughout the process.


Overcrowding, tourists and pollution - just  a few of the horrid things I expected coming into Watanabe Island, Katamegi's most popular vacation destination. But with luxury hotels spanning white powdery coastlines, serene farms and rich cultural influence throughout the region - this assumption proved anything but true for, at least, the duration of my stay.

Getting to Watanabe Island from the majority of places in Mainland Katamegi is a difficult task for most, as the only mode of trasportation to the isolated isle is one of the few weekly flights - courtesy of Katamegi Air System - departing Seken. Seasonal cruises also visit the island, however these few voyages originate mainly from Okinawa, with the odd vessel or two coming from Hong Kong via Taipei.


As previously mentioned - The island of Watanabe is full of luxury accomodation affordable to the bulk of Katamegi citizens. The most famed of these resorts (The Tropico and the Sands) are modern towers renowned for their hospitality, cuisine and recreational activities such as boat hires and snorkelling. Though all are fluent in Japanese, most staff of these establishments also have some english skills, as well as a little knowledge of basic phrases in languages such as Chinese and French.



Watanabe, though thought of as a beach resort town, also holds a few cultural jewls such as the ones in mainland Katamegi. One of these (actually a resort itself) Is the Tsu Retreat, a cultural spa hotel built in the traditional Japanese architectural style. Another famous attraction of Watanabe is the National Museum of Watanabe, a modern facility hosting many exhibits about the island's history, traditions and ancient cultures.


This article was sponsored by Katamegi Air System as a part of the 'Visit Watanabe 2009' Campaign.



Hope you enjoyed the update - please comment on whether you are enjoying the theme of different perspectives throughout this CJ so far. And RATE!!!!!




Welcome to Ohiri! Vacation hot spot and high wealth heaven of Southern Katamegi. In this update i will show the small town of Ohiri from the perspective of a local resident, Shinnosuke Tanaka. We will begin at his cliffside home and progress through a tour of his home region.

Konnichiwa and or Hello to my home town Ohiri! My name is Shinnosuke Tanaka, and I have lived here for twenty five years - ever since my family moved from Sapporo for work. Ohiri, though not heavily populated (Below 1000), is a wonderful place to live -  and I am here to show you why.

My cliffside home, positioned off of one of the region's main roads Pacific Shore Drive, is one of the many high wealth buildings in the area.

This is mainly because of the beautiful location and high demand for properties of this type. In the image below, a few examples of Ohiri residencies can be seen, the first one being mine  ;)




Because I live such a wealthy lifestyle, It is obvious my career must be highly rewarding to myself and my family. This recently has become true, after many years of hard work and promotions. My job, Manager of the local Sheraton Hotel, pays a good wage and provides an enjoyable, though challenging, work environment to dwell in. In the images below, my workplace can be seen from twodifferent perspectives.



In the little freetime i get from work, I tend to enjoy long walks to the recently created independence squaremonument, or viewing shows at the modern Ohiri Performance Center. A few images of the monument as well as the performance center can be seen below, the first one showing the opera house and the last two displaying independence square.




One other activity I love is visiting the local farms and buing fresh produce from them. Though small, these farms provide most of Katamegi's fruit and veggies and are fun places to take the whole family for the day. In these last two images some of the crops and greenery can be seen.



Well that's all for now - hope your enjoying the CJ so far! More coming tomorrow (:




Welcome to Seken, gateway to Katamegi and the inner region. In this update, I will show Seken from a tourist perspective - from landing to takeoff.

It is 2:00 in the afternoon, one hour and a half into my flight from Osaka. After only the sight of eggshell white clouds and the ocean, the island has finally come into view. We are close - i can sense it.


5 minutes later, we have decended and are now on final approach, our airliners wheels practically skimming the greenery and crops below us. Then, through the intercom - "Flight attendants, please prepare for landing." I brace myself. This is it - the moment i've been awaiting since morning.


A few minutes later, we are on the ground. As i exit the gate and say arigato to all of the friendly staff, i look back at the plane. I can't believe im finally here. The feeling is overwhelming.


Wow, only 10 minutes after arriving I have made it through customs... Thank god that it's much faster if your a japanese citizen!!! Anyways, I better check in at my home for the next night, the Marriot Grand Seken - Supposedly the nicest hotel in the region.



Ok - After a quick clean up and a bit of roomservice at the hotel, its time to make use of my little time in Seken before I explore other places throughout the island. First, I think i may visit the National Theatre of Katamegi - as it is said to be one of the most amazing sights throughout the whole of Katamegi AND its very close to the Mt. Kitemajuro trail - a hike i have been long awaiting.



WOW! Amazing. Absolutely Amazing. Okay, Its getting kind of late so i better start the hike up to the historic emperor's summer residence now on the Mt.Kitemajuro trail.



Uhhhhhhhh.... So tired ;) 

The hike was beautiful but uncomparable to the summer house. Probably the most peaceful place I have ever been.... i mean, growing up in downtown Osaka is hardly quiet! Anyhow, i am starving, so I think I may just go back to the hotel and chill for the night. But to sign off, I'll leave you with some photos of town.



Well, that's a wrap for this update - Check in tomorrow for more ;)


Welcome to Mizuke, The Capital of Katamegi & Cultural Masterpiece of the southern bay area.

Founded under Japanese rule in 1936, Mizuke has grown to become one of the regions most populated districts, housing many of Katamegi's main facilities such as the...


National Center of Culture and the Arts

(Bottom of image)


Emperor's Palace atop Royal Hill


And the University of Southern Katamegi



As well holding much of Katamegi's rich cultural heritage, Mizuke is also a home to most of the islands commerce. Though having quite a small population, the district's demand is booming and skycrapers continue to soar through the city skyline - The tallest remaining Tower 1 of the Pacific Complex. Some of Mizuke's commercial areas can be seen in the images below.

Pacific Complex, Tower 1


Esplanade Shopping Strip


Realex Realestate Consultants

(Second building from top right)



Now that we have covered commerce and culture within the boundaries of the region, we must move onto residential.

As well as apartment complexes and multi-storey condos, Mizuke is full of bustling suburbs widely spread with magnificent mansions, torturous tentaments and cozy cottages. Though not too tall or monstrous, these residential properties are what make up Mizuke's unique population and reflect many different cultures and 'Phases' throughout the generation and or history of the island. In this section of images, as well as the pictures i will explain the origins and history behind the architecture of the properties shown.

In this first image, a combination of luxury villas and multi storey apartments are seen by the boardwalk. The apartments, though new, resemble the architecture of some Japanese apartments seen built in the last few decades. The high wealth villas, on the other hand, mark the time in Katamegi's history when many rich europeans came to the islands sandy shores for vaction from their temporary job relocations in Japan.


In this second image, we see the previous images last statement put into a more obvious form.


And finally, in this image we see more apartments - however, i urge you to focus on the building found in the bottom left corner as well as the top right, as they reflect the modern era of Katmegi's architecture as well as the country's strong point of view towards eco-friendliness (note the solar panels on the roof)



Anyways - Thats all for this update :P



Welcome to Katamegi - An island island nation full of rich cultural heritage, bustling cities and beautiful natural landscapes - In these next few updates a few of Katamegi's cities will be shown along

with the influences that the Japanese occupation of the island has had upon them - in such forms as cultural, architectural, etc. Tomorrows update will focus on Katamegi's capital city, Mizuke.

Katamegi's location in terms of Japan


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