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About this City Journal

The Callahorn Empire, once the most powerful in the world, travels into the new modern era. Based on NHP's Boston map, it is a fictional place. Come travel through the Empires countryside...

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Stopping... For now

I have encountered massive problems with my city tile which is right in the centre of the region which is supposed to be the capitol. Go figure, right? Also, I havent been happy with picture quality and Ive been experimenting with new ways to upload pics. I am also going to be really busy in the upcoming months with exams and university applications so I am not going to have much time to update unfortuanately.


I plan to make two new journals. One continuing with the Capitol District and one with Coos Bay, a colony of the empire, which will follow development in the first 10 - 20 updates then look at the fully finished colony. I'm planning small movie clips and learning how to do mosiacs so anyone who looked at this journal please give my next two a look!

Thanks for your past support and look forward to returning!

Here's pictures of the region currently...



The Empire bids you farewell



Sorry about the lack of posts... I've been really busy but I've been working on the Empire quite a bit and I have a bunch of stuff I am dying to show so hopefully during X-mas there will be much more posting going on, anyway enjoy this classy golf neighbourhood and Ski resort (One of three in the Capitol District).















Once again, thanks for visiting the Empire!



--- Replies ---

Daan300 - Thanks man, I appreciate the comment!


North Kritton Creek runs through two lakes. Lake Oboejor and Lake Talisman. It is one of two sources of the Kenningsjor River and watershed which runs through central Kritton and of course Kenningsjor. It is surrounded by grade A farmland and some small cottages and homes along the bank. So, to the pictures!



The lovely town of Talisman and Lake Talisman


IRR- 02


IRR- 105


The end of Lake Talisman fed by natural springs from its bottom and runoff from surroundings.



Downtown Talisman


The Talisman Rail Station. Two trains a day to and from Central Kritton.


Windfarm one of two in Krittons clean energy program. Wind makes up 25% of power consumption in the municipality.


IRR- 04 and IRR- 105 from left to right. Also the beginning of North Kritton Creek.



Just north of the Creek. Gilbert Hill.


The Ford at Oboejor Resort. You can see the senic area around the small lakeside resort and its riverside beach.


Lake Oboejor and the rocky sheild on the hillside to the right Also shown is the Northernmost part of the Kritton subdivisions.



Thanks very much for visiting the Empire! Golf and ski resort coming soon!




shulmanator - Thanks, I just got some more flora props so im hoping to improve even more!

Retep Molinari - Thanks for the rating! Im glad I angered you 3.gif

Dann300 - Thanks buddy! Always nice to hear from you!


Kritton was once an important river stopover for goods being run up and down the river by boat delivering a wide variety of goods from the SW Quadrant. The modern rural highways still run through town but its importance as a trade centre has plumetted due to its landlocked location. Afterwards, during the 17 and 1800's, many painters flocked to paint the marshes and rolling hills so close to the capitol, and some beautiful buildings were built. The monastary was the first to be built, and also become the secondary centre of religion in the capitol district for some time. In 1885, the river through downtown was urbanized (now regretted) to help prevent the recent bad flooding and erosion after many rainy seasons. Today, the city has gone the tourist route and hosts a mountain resort for skiing and mountain biking, two golf courses, a large conservation area, a lakeside resort, canoeing, road cycling, and a famous farmers market. Famous chefs from the capitol often send employees to get fresh ingredients from the market. Its also full of history and many take guided tours downtown. The city also boasts a large industrial park and a successful tertitary sector which employs many people. So without further ado...




Part market, part cafe. And the train station with direct trains to the capitol.


The monastary


Across the river where a large portion of residents live.


To the west




To the north




The remaining plot of marshland to the northeast of downtown.



The main road to Kenningsjor.


The main road to Urhillian mountain.


The Empire thanks you for visiting!


Rural Kenningsjor


tepodon - Thanks very much! That was my first experiment with those culvert lots, I'm glad you like them!




First off, lets visit the small village yet to be engulfed by subburbia... Madison. Madison is as old as kenningsjor but has not enjoyed the growth the heart of the city has. It has however prospered and has succesfully attracted hightech jobs to replace the manufacturing jobs it has held for the past century. Madison is now home to a modern biotech lab and a brand new apple packaging plant. Its old economic driver, the Madison Potato Fertilizer Corp. still operates a large plant there and still turns in a decent profit.

Some quick history. Established by farmers in 1661 as a place to trade goods among locals and grew to a population of 1000 within ten years. In 1701, the church was constructed after the previous wooden chapel was burned to the ground in a lightning storm. In 1899, the Madison Potato Fertilizer Corp set up shop and the infrastucture of the town was heavily upgraded, and the citizens were delighted by the ashphalt roads. By 2007, the census reported a population of 2107 people after many Kenningsjor residents moved into houses renovated or totally rebuilt townhouses by CCI (Capitol Central Imperial) construction works limited.

The town today...



The other small village which has an extremely boring history is Absence, Kenningsjor. It developed while the junction of two roads in town were an important meeting place. Now traffic has been redirected and the small town is dead. The population is 706 as of 2007.


The following are the outskirts of the main city.






The dirt roads you see is just the leveling of land in preparation of road widenings to four lanes. The Capitol District Infrastructure Board is upgrading country access around the region to help move goods after the explosion of subdivisions has brought traffic in some places to a standstill. These roads now act as ringroads and freight movement is already seeing a massive improvement in completed zones.



Lastly, here is the remaining part of the city to the south of the CBD that rings around the opposite side of the bay.

Leewood is the name. Wide avenues and subburbs is the game. However, Leewood does have a well developed core as well and is home to tons of jobs... almost matching the CBD.




Well thats it for now! Thanks for visiting the Empire!




tepodon - Thanks a bunch!

Dann300 - Ah, you're too kind as usual, thanks a lot! BTW I hope to see your city journal updated soon 9.gif


Well Ive shown you the urban side of Kenningsjor but what about the places which never got developed? Here they are... these areas have been protected as small islands of green for the environment of the Capitol District. Enjoy.


Here is the pride and joy of the Kenningsjor hippy community. The Upper Kenningsjor Conservation Area was opened in 1956 and was one of three starting parks that the newly established (at that time) Capitol District Conservation Authority decided to protect and develop. There are many hiking and biking trails to explore. As you can see there are also a variety of terrains within the park which include ponds, marshes, rocky sheild, forests, and meadows.


Here is the ranger station and information centre.


Borland lake. (Really a pond, but don't tell Mr Borland that)




Here is the small remaining marsh at the very edge of the city along the river. Most of the marshland has been elevated and developed on.


Inside the railway junction a secluded micro habitat flourishes.


The hole created by construction of highway and rail infill has now filled up into a nice little pond.


A river crossing in subburbia. A trail runs along this segment of the river for the local residents.


A little farther down, baseball diamonds along the banks.


Lastly, the lake which you might remember from the previous update. It is probably the most popular trail system to the residents of the city and is becoming more and more the social hub of it also.



Thanks for visiting the Empire!

And if you have the time you could preferabely nominate me for a trixie 9.gif


Upper Kenningsjor Bay


Archean - Thanks very much!

CTMandR - Thanks a lot! Ya, I'm looking for ski lifts without much success and I've never made my own lots so I hope it turns out!


Upper Kenningsjor Bay is the newest neighbourhood of the city, only about ten years old. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Settlement joined together and created a protected area around the city to protect the high grade farmland so this will likely be the last development for Kenningsjor. The area is largely middle class residential but has potential to become more desirible as the neighbourhood ages. Planners spent years on this area trying to stamp out infrastructure details and traffic runs smoothly in the subburban district. It is also home to a small buissness district and industrial park which provides many jobs to the city.


This is at the very edge of Upper Kenningsjor as you head toward the CBD. The park is always busy with sims staying heathly running and biking.


The lower cluster of towers is the Upper Bay Condo Complex.



The major intersection on the districts Eastern edge.



The hotel and small residence area at the top of the park.


Here is the Uptown Core. This area is slightly older then the rest of the disrict but has grown tremendously for a development only twenty years old.


One of the many issues the planners had designing the neighbourhood. This rail overpass cost a whopping 30 million simolineons but is well worth it as this is a major railline which has allowed the Uptown Core to develop so well.



Here is the last area to develop in the city and its a subburban nightmare!



Here is the brand new hospital and school which is the centre of this community.


BONUS: Here is the updated downtown core. This growth was totally natural since showing you the downtown last. Buissness is booming as the city finally dropped its high major coporation extra tax and has made Kenningsjor a ver desirible place to set up shop. Capitol Union Associates Tower is the large tower near the bottom which now dominates the skyline.


Once Again, the Empire thanks you for visiting!


Back with a BANG!



Here is a preveiw of everything to come starting this weekend. Kenningsjor Bay has been completed along with two smaller towns within its borders. Also the city to the west, Kritton is almost complete along with its internationally acclaimed golf course, ski resort, and lakeside resort.

Here is a shot of the completed Kenningsjor Bay.






Here are a few pictures from the outskirts of Kritton.


And the not yet completed small ski resort...


Thanks for returning to the Empire! Callahorn Salutes you!




xdancerk3 - Thanks very much!

dimipol006 - Thanks a lot. I like to develop coastal areas the most. Always a challenge.

Daan300 - Thanks! 9.gif

PlyPlay665 - Thanks, I appritiate your comments! BTW, you were clear, I was the one who worded my reply badly. I meant I hope you like the next update as well! But anyways, thanks 18.gif


Here are some various sights that make Kennigsjor a beautiful and unique place to live.


Here is Promenade Park. Built on the hilltop overlooking the city, the Park is almost as old as the city itself, but the soccer pitch was built in 1928 as the first soccer staduim in the city. It has become too small for Professional games but many universities, schools, and amateur leagues fill the itinerary.


Here is one end of Bayshore Park. The path was created in 1945 when the fish stock in the area crashed and the fishing industry was wiped out. The abandoned buildings were demolished for the park which is always busy and fish populations are very slightly and slowly coming back.


Here is part of the relitevely new Bayshore Gate Tunnel system which connects Proud Point with downtown greatly releiving traffic. In fact since its completion in 1999, housing prices on the point of soared 110% of their previous value because of the new access to downtown! This project took a staggering 11 years to build and features veiws as well as environment conservation.


Featured here is the rennovated Bayshore development which includes a new office tower, apartments, soccerfields, hospital, and redirection of the major eastern railline. This has darastically improved the quality of life on the eastside and improves traffic with the new dual level rail crossings. This project was just recently finished in 2006.


Here is the new Proud Point elementry school featuring the new large playground part of a citywide incentive to improve quality of life for the city's youth.


Here is an intresting sight enjoyed by many condo owners each day. The mixing of the fresh water and sea water at the end of the bay.


* This weekend's update will feature the outskirts of the city and a little rural development, it will also have a dedicated nature close up section so stay tuned to the EMPIRE! *

The downtown has also spontaneously grown this week. It was really weird, it just came alive so I have a new much better shot of downtown as well!




Stoney525 - Always a pleasure, thats my favourite interchange!

PlyPlay665 - Thank you very much for checking the Empire out! I hope its worth the wait!

Keep-Up - Thanks a lot! I'll definately look into the Alliance, sounds cool.


Welcome back to the Central Quadrant. This time we Visit Kennigsjor Bay, a large city built along the beautiful shores and escartment of Kennigsjor Bay.

Kenningsjor was settled long before the Island but was peacefully integrated into the Empire at its creation. It started out as a fishing village but has grown into a modern city since. In fact there is not a single fish buissness nor harbor left in Kennigsjor. Signifigant events include the highways built in 1907, part of the first highway in the Empire, the bay ring or the IH-1. In the 1920's the cities population tripled due to large Imperial settlement projects aimed at correcting the disspraportionate population size of the Capitol to newly conquered cities. This influx of people resulted in a very mixed culture and allowed the Empire to stabilize itself once again. In 1928, the city became home to a baseball team, soccer team, cycling team, and a year later, the only racetrack in the Capitol District. The city has always struggled for fianancial investments in the city despite its central location, and attarctive parks and shoreline. The city hasn't always had the most enticing taxes for large cooperations and the rich. The city is however home to many small buisnesses, most of which have downtown offices.


Downtown. Sorry about the repition, my next downtown is nothing like this. Anyway, you can see the IH-20 run through the downtown and a major rail spur which runs along a ditch and tunnel through the area. We also have the famed Jamison Park, named after the Jamison Insurance group, the only large coperation in the city, which funded the project and owns the large tower nearby.


Here is the major Bay crossing connecting the Capitol with Eastern Quadrant. It saves 45 minutes, rather than going around the bay. Also, the train station is used by many in the eastern part of the city. They park theyre car for free and take the train in instead of fighting for a twenty simolineon parking spot downtown.


The communtiy near the crossing is well forested to make up for the traffic noise.


NW downtown and IH- 2 Ring. Notice the small pond near the top right. It is the crater left by the largest terrorist attack in the Capitol Districts history in 1921. A refugee in one of the new Imperial apartments blew himself up at the grand opening killing the mayor at the time as well as 136 others. The crater was left as a reminder and eroded into a quaint pond.


Slightly farther West.


The river mouth and the end of the small IH-102


Windmill intersection and the classy Proud Point neighbourhood.


The N. village coastal communtiy, all begun in the 1920's has been greatly redeveloped.


N. Village Avenue slips under the main rail line to the capitol.


Until next time, thanks for visiting the Empire!

Next time we take a closer look at the sites around the Bay while I develop the subburbs and farms.





Stoney525 - Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoy my cities as well! The journal is changing directions, ran out of islands on the map 3.gif

Daan300 - Thanks a ton! Always a pleasure to have you visit!



I've been spending all my extra time on this lovely city for you folks, but, im still working on it. Assuming no crashes, I'll have a big update by the end of the week but here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on.

This is the busiest and most important interchange in the city connecting Imperial hwy. 90 with IH 1, the longest higway in the region which wraps around the entire bay/region!


Thanks for your intrest in the Empire!



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mgmg14 -

Thanks a lot!

Daan300 - Thanks very much for you comment and for returning!


--- UPDATE---

This is the last Island Quadrant update! Yes thats right, one quadrant completely done! You can expect a little more land in the updates to come as well as some big cities and large infrastructure projects.

The Wee Islands was established in 1887 by a rich merchant who wanted a nice secluded place to spend his money and get into the fishery industry. The town was completely supported by the merchant until 1901, when it was officially made a municipality. At the same time, the Imperial government was re-surveying the bay and nearby waterways and established a small Cartography office downtown which employs the rest of the population. It has remained an important office in studying the marine environment and in testing new marine mapping technology. In 1902, an official daily ferry service was introduced to the town. In 1956, a quadrantcial park was created on two islands just to the north. Although other then a small sign, the islands have been left untouched. Many private boaters camp on the islands beach and meadow.



The Central office is home to the Cartography offices. Water for the town is imported by boat and kept in the water tower.



Homes on the island may be beautiful, but only go for about 20,000 simolineons because it is so isolated.


Fishermans wharf hasnt changed since the merchants day.


Here is Wee Island Quadrantcial Park. As you can see, the beach is a popular stop for boaters.


The meadow is home to many rare bushes and flowers such as the callahornian orchid, which flourishes here.


Thanks for visiting the Empire and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!




Attila464 - Happy to hear you like it! Im pleased with the water mod too, I only got it a few weeks ago 1.gif Glad you think its realistic!

Shulmanator - Thanks a lot! I hope the Scolly Isles doesn't dissapoint!

abcvs - I really appriciate your comments! Realism is my number one goal.

emmie - Thats very kind of you to say! Thanks a lot! *blush* 3.gif



The Scolly Isles is a popular tourist attraction for Capitol District residents, great for long weekends. The Isles are a series of populated and unpopulated islands which stretch across the Great Callaharn Bay and into the open seas connected by the most part, only by ferry's. Its rocky geography is pretty unique for the district but also includes beautifully kept sandy beaches. Its also a poular location for fishing, hiking, swiming and boating.

The Scolly Isles were populated before the Empire was even born but were incoperated peacefully soon after its creation. Its history has been quite sleepy and remains a very modest, friendly part of the Empire. Its main indusries have been fishing and a growing tourism industry mostly for weekend vacations.


First we have little Scolly island. The modest cottages and homes stretch away from the "centre" of the village, at the ferry docks. The entire municipality is run soley on its own wind power. 



Mobby Island. The only semi- poor island is home to the famous Mobby boat assembly, which still uses traditional, by hand methods of boat building.


Mobby Islands resort hotel on the opposite end.


The Spire Islands. Protected by the municipality.


The also protected Mullet Island. Stone at the front, beach in the back! Get it?...


The Kind Island.



Heres a sneak peak at Big Scolly Island. Famous for its signature lighthouse seen here!


As always, thanks for your intrest in the Empire!




Here are some regional shots showing you where recent progress is being made as well as imminent development and future updates.

You may be wondering why there are more than 4 quadrants in the region. Well there are actually eight if you include Celwyn, the Capitol City, which is its own mini district. This is because when the quadrants were created, the population only required four back in 1388, at the very beginning of the Empire, after forming together into what at the time was the Callahorn Republic. Gradually, after centuries of growth and changing needs, the quadrants were further broken down, retaining the name "quadrant" to keep official records and papers accurate. Besides saying octrants (?) really sucks! Each time a new Quadrant was made, it was because geographical and other factors such as economy, wealth, society, transportation, and public intrests began to split. Quadrants were a great tool used by the government to keep the symbolic Capitol District Stable and prosperous, and keep the Empire looking strong.

There is talk today of spliting the southwest Quandrant further (The largest quadrant but by no means the densest or most populated) and to create a new Calhr River Quadrant which would bring the total to nine to ease administration stress, jobs and power of the small Q. Capitol of Timberville, but the idea has been picked up by few and the far between just yet. Anyway here are the pictures...



Thanks for visiting the Empire!




Cobra_nVidia - Haha, thanks, I'm glad you agree!


Welcome back to Konowa Point. This time we're getting up close to see what the city's all about! So without any yakking....

The lovely city hall.


A look at the harbourfront. Unlike most places, the harbour is outside of downtown because this site provides more protection from those great Callhornian storms!


A park near the stadium. The path system here connects the retail, residential, school and beach.


Did someone say stadium? Hmm well image shack doesnt seem to wanna show the stadium! Oh well... did someone say beach?


The point hill.


And because subburbs never get old...


Here's the total opposite... the small industrial park.


And finally for those who love transportation networks like I do, a table of traffic volume!


Things flow quite nicely exempting the central avenue leading from the highway to downtown. In hindsight, it needed a branch of highway to connect the city but whats done is done.

Thanks for visting the Empire! I've just got a ton finished, Ive got another set of islands to show you, another city centre of decent size, and work has begun on the giant capitol! So don't forget to return to the empire!




Dimipol006 - Thaks for visiting the empire, glad you like it! Aye you've got that right, although their habitat is a bit small, perhaps you would like to suggest a name for the new speices and i might integrate it into the journal 3.gif

Daan300 - Thanks a lot!

Naftixe - Totally agree with you there, I was going for more modern developments so I didnt really build the towns outward from the ferries but I see what you mean... I have some ideas for next time. Thanks for your advice!


Hello, and welcome to Konowa Point! Named after the Great General in the 15th Callahornian Conquest, It was established in 1776 and is right beside Hushenna Bay. The city has totally changed from what it once was because of a massive fire in 1908. The only building left was the town hall, which was saved by its expansive surrounding lawn. The city is quite modern and hosts a variety of dwellings and commercial areas. In 1909 to cheer up the city from the disaster it was given a district soccer team, despite its small size of 15,000 people, what is now 35,000 people. In 1949, the I-101 was constructed in Konowa Point which linked The capitol district with the East Quadrant. In 1960, Ferry Island District Part was established as a close getaway from the city, on an island in Konowas juristiction. In 1998, the stadium beach area was redeveloped to what it is today, with a renovated beach, stadium, parks, and residential towers. Today Konowa is known for its gorgeous beaches and Konowa Golf Links, which hosts the annual East Quadrant Golf Championship shown Empire wide!

Here is an overveiw. The large island to the top right is Ferry Island.


Here is Ferry Island. Hikers can walk up the road to reach a beautiful veiw of the city, ocean, and if you squint on a clear day Hushenna Bay City.


Downtown, the old townhall clearly stands out, as well as Gelwyni pond.


Here are a few pictures to the east of downtown, the quiet subburbs, stretched out on the point.



Here is the famed golf links just steps from the city centre.


A small subburb on a small jut in the land and another untouched island protected this time by the city. Those billionaries will just have to look somewhere else to build thier mansions.


The re-developed beach area. Great place to live...wouldnt you say?


And to the right, Rockpoint, a fairly new gated developmet overlooking the ocean.


Finally, the of the West end of the city. The city produces all its own power here and has a strong manufacturing base as well. It even has a rail link to the rest of the region although seldomly used by travellers.


Thanks for veiwing, sorry it may have been a little rushed but I'm tied down in homework right now, but I'll have another update tommorrow or Saturday, Thanks again for visiting the empire!


N'bhat - Island Quadrant


(x+x²)²/x - Thanks a lot for your support! Im glad you like it and look forward to future praise 3.gif ...or ya know critique, I don't mind!


Welcome to N'bhat! Ive taken time off from Hushenna Bay hoping to fix tech issues. So heres another subburb of the city, an hours ferry ride away! N'bhat was settled in 1880 but was not officially an Imperial Certified settlement until public docks and post office were built for the islands inhabitants in 1953. Shortly after a road was constructed, a few country homes were built and the island finally got water and power. Recently in 1995, housing developments were built with an industrial park to the original habitants dismay. They had no say in the matter because the Board of Cartographers and Municipalities deemed the island to small for a structured government and the land was annexed to N. Tally, whose government is very pro-developmental. So here are the islands today. 

First, a pair of islands untouched by man... for now.


An overveiw of the main island. Some farms still survive.


Here is the town centre, not much character but it sure was cheap!



The farms. Some over 100 years old!


Old man Mcferrel has run a successful farm for years but has suffered from pollution recently. He got a government "Save our food" grant from the capitol itself to build an air purifier! MMMMMMM look at those hamburgers.. emm I mean cows9.gif


Resort point. Built with the development and has done very poorly, the island just isn't that attractive.


Lastly, we have Little Rock island. The subburb for the poor. It is seaside property but the rich deemed it too far away and lacking beach front to be worth living on so here is the result. Its only been settled for ten years and is struggling. The government refused to inject more money, deeming it not worthy at the moment. Hence, the dirt roads.


Thanks for visiting the Empire. Future highlights include Two new shoreline cities and a new regional shot!

Please comment, I would love your input!



--- Update ---

Welcome to North Tally Island Municipality! Just a few cottages and a small fishing jetty for years, the development of neighbouring Hushenna Bay and the rest of the Capitol District prompted this prime land to develop into beautiful communities. Once rezoned in 1947, the area exploded in development and is now the main and richest subburb of the Capitol District to date.

Houses on the beach and seaside bluffs go for as high as 10 million simolineons. Its natural beauty, reputation and central location make this an ideal spot to live. The islands have two ferry docks and all important mainlnd access through the highly congested Tally Narrows Bridge and Rockjut Bridge. The municipality contains three islands: Prison Point, N. Tally Island, and the unfortunate name of North North Tally Island. Enjoy the pictures...

First we have some pictures of downtown Tally and the Imperial monument of the famous ruler past "Hendrick the High Hearted" who spent his time on these islands in the ladder part of his life.



Some Subburbs on the same island.



Windmill Beachhead. Awesome for those sandcastle builders.


N.N. Tally Island.





Prison Point! Ironic that one of the most expensive places to live is also the home to the Empire wide famous Algory Jor Prison which has housed inmates for over 150 years and is still in operation. No one has escaped in one peice if ya know what I mean.

Here is the Gate house. The old one is to the left, kept for history and the new one now resembles a toll booth with infrared cameras. No hiding in the laundry!


A little renovation could have made it a hotel if not for the notorious history.


Thanks for visiting the Empire!

---Side note---

If anyone knows a cure for a game crash when the population hits a certain point...say i dunno 250k 3.gif then I would be eternally gratefully if you helped me out! Thanks




Hallranian Springs was established in the early 1900's shortly before the invention of the car as a few houses at a train station. These people had worked and that very railway and decided the springs were too beautiful to leave! They saw an oppurtunity in tourism and began to build cabins and trails. By the 20's, the town experianced a huge surge in population and has become an important centre for services for locals and remains natural in beauty.

Todays stats are...




It is run under the SW Quadrant government but does have a small local council.

The first picture is of the water tower, water road, and Halranian Resort hotel. The springs are to the right.


Walking trails near the springs.


The very quaint and busy downtown. The 1-13 circles the area.


The small industrial park to the north and a town house complex.


The Halranian Railway junction is extremely important in connecting Capitol district rail to the western expanse of the empire.



Farthen River Imperial Park

Here is an overall shot. There is no establishment or trails yet but plans are on the table.


The only road crossing in the park. Contact with the river has been kept to a minimum to preserve the environment.


Thanks for your intrest and please comment!




Hi all, Ive been very busy and already my cj is falling behind. Here is a sneak peak at the new coastal City I have been working on...Hushenna Beach. More information will follow but here are a few pictures!

Here is really the centre of the city. The large bookfold building is the brand spankin new city hall, along side the Hushenna Empirial Hotel and among the expensive beach development condos.


Here is where the Capitol District League Hushenna Huskies play beside a condo development that has been recently injected with a lot of investment.


A look at the picturesque north end of the city. The Resort is one of its kind in the city and is the most relaxing place to stay with a network of bike paths, shoreline, beaches, gallerys, and large parks only steps away! The central avenue weaves its way through the area.


A look at some high class subburbs on Hushennas peice of North Tally Island. A great picture of Cedargrove Elementary and the playground where those spoiled kids play!


Finally a close up at the tiny bridge that connects the mainland with North Tally Island. This very shallow narrows is only passable to skilled kayakers who can squeeze between the rocks. Hey, its a popular passtime as there are tons of small marinas nearby.


Thanks for taking a peak, and love to hear comments/ suggestions! Next big update is coming soon, so dont delay, comment today!!!!





Blakeway: Thanks a lot! and congrats on the first comment 9.gif

MTA3479: Thanks! I like region shots the most, especially the sprawl3.gif


Timberville was set up in the late 1700's to provide lumber for the growing capitol. It was built first around the mill operated by Calhr Lumber Co. later dubbed the Royal Calhr Lumber Co.. Later in 1729 a large church was added which drew city expansion south. In the later 1800's after timber started depreciating in value, the city deversified to other manufacturies although the backbone of these industries remains the lumber sector. Much of the cleared land by this time was also converted to farmland, creating a large farming community as well. In 1909 it became the capitol of the newly created SW Quadrant of the Imperial Capitol District to better serve local needs. In the same year there was a large expansion of the rail network that allowed the city to expand further. The last event of signifigance happened in 1965, when the Imperial Bypass 23 (Locally known as the ditch) was constructed along with a small airport.

Current city stats --- Res. --- 53,000

                              ---Com.--- 12,000 jobs

                              ---- Ind.---- 16,000 jobs

Here is the transportation map of the area. The red highway through the centre of Timberville is Imperial Bypass 23.


And an overveiw of the city...


Here is a shot of downtown, the church is in the centre. To the left is central station and you can catch a glimpse of the mill to the north. The park to the south is Calhr lake park which is over 100 years old. It is a popular place to walk or take a refreshing swim and is right next to parliment. The large tower to the north is home to the offices of the Royal Calhr Lumber Co..


And another of downtown. Sunday's parking is full!


Heres a picture of parliment overlooking the park. Its just over 100 years old.


Here is a closer picture of the mill that started it all.


A picture of Imperial Bypass 23.


The easttside of the city and a few of the windmills that help power the city.


More of the eastern side of the city.


Timberville Airport at the end of Imperial Bypass 23,


Southern subburbs.


And the only residential northern development right beside the industrial park.


The railline running west.


Finally the industrial park.


The next update will centre around one of the smaller towns in the region. A little more... appealing then the above shot :)


Just a quick note to begin, I'm using no demand cheats. I am obviously using NAM and I don't play the game with a budget. I use a casino which I buldoze after one month that gives a monthly income of over 6 billion simolineons. In terms of mods I use the agrigulture quadruple job mod and landmark jobs mod. Most of my cities are largely growable as I feel it creates a much smoother working city and often looks more natural. 

I am nowhere near done this region, in fact I've just started a few weeks ago so the first few updates will be previos development and then after that I may have updates following along with progress in a natural or unnatural way. Anyway here it is, I hope you like it and feel free to ask me any questions! 

First the Clearwater Area, which is in the Southwest Quadrant of the the Imperial Capitol District of Celwyn. Geographically, Clearwater Metro Area is situated on Clear Lake, which is the beginning of the Districts main river, Calhr River.


Next, and just to the southeast of Clearwater is Timberville set on the plains of Lora For.


And Lastly is the Urhillian Mountains, quite a nasty place to live. Built around smalls hills with small deposits of coal and iron ore, it has become the epicentre of polluting industry.


And here is a little bonus, a major storm front approachs Timberville!


Next update we focus in much more detail on Timberville. And it will be muuch bigger!

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