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About this City Journal

This Journal is an introduction to Eamonn Isle(a project I started Dec2016). Eamonn Isle is a five Island-one tile City-state on the Asperanean Sea. EI is mostly urban, it's small but large in attitude. You will be experiencing much of EI through my Avatar, Zac B. Welcome!Eamonn-Sep. 26, 2661484688775.png

5a48e47e25ed8_!485c10c5ed.thumb.jpg.a0c54f5a8ae69f0d4dc48fb33e059320 (1).jpg

                    ZAC B

Eamonn-Jan. 29, 4871513893761.png

Entries in this City Journal


Mt. Atom

Mt. Atom is a landmark and residential neighborhood of Eamonn Isle. It is where EI first settlers resided over 200 hundred years ago, making  Mt. Atom the oldest town in EI. Historic and picturesque...a must for tourist or date night--Unique dining,wonderful views and more.

! Eamonn-May. 27, 3111489520177.png

Eamonn-Dec. 22, 3121489523026.png

Eamonn-Dec. 29, 2811484918488.png

Eamonn-Nov. 30, 2451484631813.png


Brent spent millions of dollars renovating the family manor only to be disappointed with the end results. What do you think, do you have any suggestions? Was the manor fine as it was, do you like the new look or should we hire another designer?


Eamonn-Oct. 22, 5101514258833.png


Eamonn-Nov. 6, 5381515132520.png

Eamonn-Nov. 23, 5351514795462.png


Eden Park is where we spend a lot of our time reflecting and meditating -shopping as well. It is the most beautiful landmark in all of EI, Imho! It is located on the east side of downtown EI on the corner of Reddonquixote st and JenX st. I posted pics of Eden Park back in Jan 2017 after its completion. So of course I would be remiss not to post it here.


Eamonn-Jul. 6, 5381515031214.png

Eamonn-Nov. 6, 5381515033808.png

Eamonn-Nov. 6, 5381515033670.png


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