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About this City Journal


Welcome to Portburg mayor! I'm very glad to be the first to welcome you here!

I hope you will enjoy your stay in Portburg, once a rising star among the towns in this country. A boom town some would have called it, founded to feed the towns big employer Portburg General Machines (PGM) with employees. But the good times are since long over for PGM and they are one the verge to go bankrupt. Today the factories just don't need uneducated labor to make their products. Here PGM and Portburg has fallen behind which is a huge problem for this town. The whole town has been thrown into a downward spiral where people are getting unemployed and moving out to find a better life elsewhere. 

So this is where your task begins mayor, help Portburg become a triving town once again and the people of Portburg will be very grateful. 

Yours sincerly,
Andrew Hawkins 
Deputy Mayor

Entries in this City Journal


Portburg #3 - Economy back on track!

Welcome back to Portburg once again! 

Portburgs city council has continued the work to improve the citys economy and attract new citizens to Portburg. Now it starts to pay off! Exports is on an all time high and the population has increased dramatically in just a few years.

First thing we will take a look is the expansion at The Bluff close to downtown Portburg as shown in the previous entry. 

After the sale of plots started The Bluff was fully built with apartments very quickly. It's now an attractive place for the young generation in town when they get their first own home. 

Bluffington Street is the main street in this neighborhood a vibrant place which quickly became know for its bars, cafés and restaurants found here. 

Just north of The Bluff on the other side of the motorway a new residential area called Meadow Plain has also been built since last time.

Down at the harbour a brewery has opened up. The Portburg Porter Brewery has quickly become know for their well tasting beer. They are now exporting it to every corner of the country. 

Since the opening of the university PGM has been able to hire more and more competent young engineers. They have come up with new products like the robotic toilet cleaner and the automatic sorting machine which many recycling plants now use. This has boosted PGM sales, so they have invested in a new factory floor and an office building for their administrative employees. 

A new bus station was also built on the west end of Portburg avenue, currently two lines stop here. Line 100 to Amber Forest and Line 120 to Barlow (More about Barlow soon), more lines will probably follow soon to cover the increased demand for public transport. 

Now lets get on a bus on Line 120 and take a trip to Barlow county. The bus route first takes us out on the motorway a few miles south where the bus turns off at the newly rebuilt South Ridge interchange.

The bus now drives along Country road 12 more commonly know as the C-12 a winding road through the hills west of Portburg. 

After a few miles we reach Barlow countys small manufacturing district where the bus takes a detour into the area to pick up commuters. 

Then the bus drives down the hill to the town of Barlow. Barlow county is a relative small rural county but has recently seen an influx of new citizens when the industries in Portburg started to employ again. 

Most of the citizens in Barlow own their plot of land where they have built their houses, almost no apartments exists here. Many middle class families have moved here from Portburg to be able to build their own house. 

In the center of Barlow lies the Barlow Park which is well visited on weekends. It's also here that the main bus stop in Barlow is located. 

Next to the Park is Barlows town hall located, they meet their Portburg counterparts several times a month to try and coordinate the expansions of housing and commerce during the now rising economic boom in the area. 

This is High Street where all the shops and cafés in Barlow is located, usually a very busy place.

Now we leave Barlow and continue along the C-12, in car this time since now bus line exists between Barlow and Amber Forest yet. 

A mile or so later we drive past the exit to the village of Monson located across the Baker Creek. They have a wind farm located on top of the hill behind the village, wind farms are pretty common in Barlow county. 

Next we pass by Manderley village, pretty new built and most of the inhabitants works in the forestry industry down at Amber Forest. 

Now we are close to Amber Forest! And what a view when we drive down into the valley. 

And here the exporting of forestry products are in full swing, several freight trains leave this terminal every day. Further boosting the growing economy in Portburg. 

Back in Portburg you can see that the town has invested in a new trainstation. Portburg Central is right now only used for long distance trains to cities in the country making it easier to travel. But more is planned for the future! The city council has some grand plans yet to be put into practice. 

Welcome back next time! 


Portburg #2 - A new beginning

Welcome back to Portburg! 

The mayor and city council quickly began to make plans to turn Portburg to a great town once again. The mayor used his contacts in different banks and businesses to get loans for their new projects. The first they had in mind was to establish a Technical college to educate engineers for PGM and other factories in town. 

After six months of building the mayor attended the opening ceremony of Portburgs Technical College (PTC).

PTC is located in the west end of Portburg Avenue, some new apartment houses with small apartments for students where built around the new college. 

After the opening ceremony the mayor and city council got in their cars and drow out on the motorway. The traveled north about to visit their next project they had founded with loans from the countrys biggest banks. 

New motorway interchange just north of the Bluff. 

New road leading from the interchange towards an area called Amber Forest. Here the city together with the Hudson Forestry Company would start a forest industrial business. The city would build the infrastructure for the new village close to the forestry area. These trees would hopefully get tax money flowing into the citys accounts.

Initial road layout of the village of Amber, you can also see the cargo trainstation that was built to export most of the forestry products.

After a year it was clear that the investment was a success. People had been pouring into the city to work in the new forestry industry. Amber village had become overcrowded so the city decided to expand the village. 

Another six months later the village inhabitants themselfs built new roads to get room for more houses. Most of the inhabitants in Amber village lives in trailers, many haven't had time to build real houses yet. 

A company called Castle Real Estate approached the city council. They had found an area just south of Amber village they where interested in and wanted to give people a chance to build their dream house. Castle Real Estate would fund the infrastructure themselfs and sell the plots to citizens and people from neighboring areas. Their plan was approved by the city council without much hesitation. 

Castle Real Estate began constructions soon after and it was finished a few months later. 

The new plots of land got sold surprisingly fast. 

After six months the first houses was being finished and many more would follow soon after. 

The new amounts of tax money that was put into the citys treasury was used to start the construction on a new development close to the downtown at The Bluff. It was a somewhat modified version of the general plan from 1958. As the picture show a new arterial road was built, it runs from the college out to the bluff. 

The initial road layout on the Bluff, the city planned this to be an area with apartments for the now pretty fast growing population. How it went will be shown in the next entry.

Welcome back next time!


Portburg #1 - First council meeting

The new mayor wakes up after a good nights sleep, he arrived late last night to take up office as the mayor in Portburg. Hope I can handle this he thought for himself the town seems to be in a pretty bad shape. But that was why he took the job in the first place, he's know around the country for turning around cities that are doing poorly. So when the offer came from Portburgs city council he couldn't say no. It's a big challenge yes, but not impossible.

He pulled the curtain to the side and watched down the Portburg Avenue which seemed to bustling with activity.

After a while he was dressed and headed down to the meeting room downstairs, his first meeting with the deputy mayor Andrew and the council would begin soon. Upon entering the meeting room he shook hands with the whole council. Andrew opened the meeting which today mostly would focus on getting the new mayor ready for his new task. He started by showing pictures of the city. 

Here's an overview photo of the city I have marked out the four different boroughs as well as some districts of interest.

Downtown Portburg is the primary borough where most of the citizens live. It's also the oldest part of this town founded in 1901 when Portburg General Machines (PGM) opened their first factory down by the coast. 

Here's the second borough called South Side. This borough was founded shortly after the downtown when the managers at the PGM factory wanted to build larger houses for themselfs and their families. It's the least populated borough in Portburg.

The third borough is East Side, located closest to the harbour and the industries there. Historically this has been the poorest of the boroughs with many low educated people working on the factory floor. 

And finally here's the fourth and last borough, called Portburg cliffs. Mostly made up of detached housing and is the borough of choice by the citizens in the middle class. 

The Portburg harbour isn't formally a borough since there's no residents living here, the area is just made up of industries of different kind with the PGM factory as the biggest employeer. 

After that briefing and the following discussion about the state of the town and how to change it Andrew put forward an old dusty documents folder, the paper had started to turn yellow and said.
"It's the 1958 General Plan of Portsburgs Development called GPPD. I found it in drawer down in the old archive, maybe it can be of some use."

It was really an ambitious plan they had back in 1958 the mayor thought. Maybe this plan can become useful in the future when we hopefully expand this town again.


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