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Cars drive along Baden-Powell Street in Historic Downtown Brookhaven

BROOKHAVEN is a small town south of FRANKLINTON, the largest city in Cuyahoga County. The town shares its land with Lake Baden-Powell State Recreation Area, which holds campgrounds, a marina, and hiking trails. Downtown Brookhaven is home to some small shops and some turn-of-the-century housing. Compared the the booming and noisy Franklinton, which is only a fifteen minute drive away, Brookhaven is a quaint and quiet community.


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I recently got interested in SimCity 4 again, and I decided to give it another go. In the past, my population cap for my cities was ~100,000 (The name was Austin in case you were wondering. I made a CJ about it five years ago, but all the pictures are gone. Also I was 11 when I made it, so y'know...yeesh. :lost:). 

I will now try to create a realistic American city, and if any of you know any good mods to help with that, telling me about them would be super. I already know about some of them (NAM and Co., various buildings I have saved, etc.), but more would always be better!

Here's some background on the city:

Cuyahoga is a city and county on the southern American East Coast. The city was founded in 1765 as the "Citie of George's Town", was renamed "Georgeton" in 1773, and was finally named "Cuyahoga" In 1785 following the American Revolution. In the mid-1800s, a large shipping industry came to the city. After the Civil War, the city, which had avoided much of the destruction sustained by other southeastern cities, boomed as a port city. Industry blossomed, and the period from Reconstruction to the First World War was known as the Cuyahogan Golden Age. The city, which before the Civil War had a population of less than 10,000, had a population of 75,000 by 1919. The Great Depression hit the city hard, and many people left to look for work. The city lost at least a quarter of its population from 1929-1933, but soon workers came back after industry began to reestablish itself in the city. During World War II, the city prospered as America needed workers to fuel the war.  Factories rose up again in Cuyahoga, and the city healed. Post-war America emulated the American Dream: small, happy communities, a large and bustling business district, and a fully employed populace.

The 1960s-80s brought white flight, and the city center shrunk while the suburbs grew. Towns like Oakfield, Warner, Bonneville, Thierry, and Holly Springs grew exponentially, while Cuyahoga proper dwindled. The crime rate increased in the city, and Cuyahoga experienced a harsh rise in murders and violent crimes in general. However, the 1990s brought change, the economy in the city once again recovered, the inner city was revitalized, aside from a few areas.

Today, Cuyahoga City is booming town with a specialty in research with three universities (Cuyahoga City, Cuyahoga State and Yancey College) and a multitude of high-tech institutes. The city also has a large financial scene, being home to the Cuyahoga National Bank along with the insurance firm Dewey, Cheatem and Howe LLC. While the city's population is now around 450,000 (~1.8 million in the MSA), it still manages to cling to its small-town atmosphere. 

Hope you enjoyed! I'll post again soon, probably by the end of the week.



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