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About this City Journal

This contains a showcase of my latest city since my return to Simcity 4.

Entries in this City Journal


I was unsatisfied with this city despite its density, mostly because I don't like skyscrapers hanging out at the edges of the city (looks ugly for pictures) and I wanted to try out the development of new custom buildings (as well as the DarkNite mod!) Here's some of the new stuff that came about!


I was able to get a defined downtown through some careful zoning! I obtained Hunt Enterprise and Cahalane Communications, and was able to get Lind Entertainment close to the city center rather than at the corner. Got a new Ong Condos as well :)


Accompanying the double Pedriana's Pharmaceuticals is the Hogan Wallace & White Insurance building! Another nicely designed skyscrapers in a satisfactory location.


Such phenomenal work was done on this game...I mean that detail!


The long building pictured there is one of the custom buildings! They're infrequent unfortunately, but they do appear! When I was doing the zoning work to relocate the skyscrapers, some of them appeared! Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble getting them to appear consistently.


A widely expanded CO$$ district. These buildings still look pretty nice for some blocky concrete slabs. Such office space would still be very expensive.


On the right you can see that glassy skyscraper. I think I got all of 'em in this game! The vanilla ones, of course. More specifically, the CO$$$ ones.


A custom skyscraper! This is the Jeweler's building from Chicago. Unfortunately this one is an invasive species: it kept trying to appear wherever it could, much like Wren Insurance. It's beautifully made....


Just an overview: I made way for a large airport, got more tall buildings, and rezoned some high tech industrial just to stimulate some high wealth demand.


Main Showcase

I first playing Simcity 4 years ago, after enjoying the wonders of Simcity 3000. My first cities were merely slum lands with little aesthetic value. After viewing Youtube tutorials I progressively got better and eventually was able to build my first stable city. After a bunch of decent save games I began to get bored/frustrated with the game and left. I lost the disc soon afterwards.


Fast forward to 2014, and I bought the game once-more. After sprucing up the Big City tutorial, I began work on a city just to delve back into the game. Because I was returning, I named it "Regresado City" (regresar = return in Spanish). It had a rough start but eventually gentrified into a beautiful metropolis, full of high wealth skyscrapers. Here's a series of pictures.


This is the full regional picture of the city. As you can see, it's a skyscraper concrete jungle flanked by huge industrial districts and residential suburbs. Because working with the current landscape would be difficult I opted for the easy flatlands. I don't believe in demand mods so I had to build the auxiliary cities to supply CO$$$ demand.


This is a picture of the city center itself. I mainly used the Chicago 1890 set (it has many great buildings) although I switched to other tilesets at times because I wanted some buildings out of them. It's a mix of residential and commercial zones, with no particular organization other than the tried-and-true grid.


This shot contains one of my favorite skyscrapers, based off of the Commerzbank in Germany. It's part of the Euro tileset. The skyscrapers in the city aren't condensed in one place but distributed throughout.


This is a twin coupling of one of my other favorite skyscrapers, Pedriana Pharmaceuticals from the Chicago tileset. It's one of the hardest buildings to get but a satisfying one once you have it. It's based off of the Nelson Tower in New York City.


This is a portion of the high-end district of the city, with the glaring lights of the rich people condos from the Houston tileset. These are also fairly hard to get, especially the one with the blue lights. Interestingly, Ong Condos (also one of my favorite buildings) is based of a building in Australia.

The city is fairly stable, and shall stay that way as it cannot grow any bigger. I'm starting to experience problems in the auxiliary cities that have led to strange demand phenomenon (one time I went into Regresado City and saw that my CO$$$ demand was rock bottom for some reason. I hastily removed low-rise office buildings in fear that my precious skyscrapers would be abandoned). It's held together by a poorly crafted bus and subway system, and whatever passive effects the NAM mod has on traffic and capacities.

I plan to start another city soon, with better planning so that the CO$$$ isn't distributed so much but rather concentration in a complex of towering skyscrapers. I plan to use NAM more extensively, to have a more varied landscape with rivers, and to incorporate more of those fancy custom buildings (although with the right combinations the vanilla tilesets are sufficient in creating a diverse skyline).

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