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A small fictional US state

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Gypsy Hill

Good Evening Everyone and welcome to the newest entry for Powhatan Island!!!

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@Kim SunwooThank you for the kind words! I appreciate it!

@MymyjpThank you!!!!


This entry covers the town of Gypsy Hill, which I named after Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton, Virginia.  This town is one of the older towns in the state of Powhatan Island, and located just east of the tallest peak in the state, Gypsy Hill, which is a monadnock isolated from the Appalachian Mountains far to the west. The town recently experienced significant growth as many people moved to the town to escape relatively high cost of living closer to Powhatan City, and to be near the mountain and Powhatan National Forest, which surrounds the mountain and covers about 1/3rd of the entire southern island of the state. Gypsy Hill is also the home of the Powhatan Island Military Academy, a senior military college similar to The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, and Norwich University.

Without further adieu, here is Gypsy Hill, showcasing the recently installed Meadowshire Terrain Mod by C.P., complementing his tree mod which I've had for years!

Gypsy Hill's small, quaint downtown:




A shot of downtown with the Town Hall:


A commuter train heading towards Powhatan City, passing thru downtown:



The town is filled with numerous historic neighborhoods, with most homes being built between 1705 and 1920:





Here is Powhatan Island Brewing Company, a fine craft brewery producing numerous varieties of delicious ales, located southwest of town:



And here is Powhatan Island Military Academy, or PIMA, this is a major work-in-progress and I will probably replace the parade ground with SimPeg's ploppable Civil War soldiers and add a bunch of other details to enhance the campus:


Football and lacrosse fields:


Baseball stadium:


PIMA Obstacle Course:


The parade ground, where cadets participate in parades every Friday, and before home football games, a very popular event for the townsfolk!



And finally, here is the town's namesake, Gypsy Hill, as well as a closing picture showing a high-level view of the area:




Hope you enjoyed this entry, stay tuned for more!





@slickbg56: Thank you!

@Compdude: Good call, I've been working on smoothing the curves on all my highways in every city I've made. Unfortunately, most of my highways have those awful curves that will be renovated as I come across them.

@PhatHead: Thanks! Your wait is finally over :)

@Titanic: Thanks man!

@Schulmanator: Thank you!


Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome to the latest installment of my CJ: Powhatan Island. In this entry we will focus on the maritime region surrounding Magnolia Island, and the northern shore of the main, southern island, at the small, quaint city of Chevy Chase Harbor. Approximately 90% of Magnolia is undeveloped and set aside as a nature preserve. The largest town on the island is St Michaels, and is primarily a fishing town with a lot of tourists staying/visiting the island. There is also a very large US Coast Guard facility on the island: Magnolia Coast Guard Station.

Chevy Chase Harbor is the northernmost town on the southern island and its industry is focused on fishing, tourism, and shipping. The city is also the site of the Magnolia Strait Tunnel, a massive tunnel carrying I-64 and the commuter train line from the south island to the northern island. It is a tolled facility, however, users are encouraged to use EZ Pass to get through the tunnel in a timely manner.

Without further adieu, here are the images of the Magnolia Strait area:











And, the area around Chevy Chase Harbor:






Hope you enjoyed your visit, stay tuned for more!



@Schulmanator: Thanks man!

Good Evening Everyone,

After a long dry spell, here is the newest entry for Powhatan Island!!!!


Welcome to Madaba, a small, vibrant, and very unique city on the western coast of Powhatan Island, on the border of Powhatan and Westeros County, approx. 1-1 1/2 hour drive from downtown Powhatan City. Madaba is one of the most unique cities in the US and boasts an impressive collection of Middle Eastern/Arab architecture, and has some of the highest concentrations of Arabs anywhere in the US (approx. 70% of the city's population is of Arab descent). This city is characterized by Middle Eastern houses, shops, a market, and numerous mosques and Coptic/Assyrian/Syriac Churches serving the needs of the citizenry. There are also typical American establishments, including a Walmart, Giant Foods, Wegmans, Starbucks, Panera Bread, and traditional American subdivisions to the south and east. Madaba is just off I-64, just before the interstate turns north towards the strait separating the two main islands of the state and onward to Virginia Beach, VA.

Madaba is also on the northern border of Powhatan National Forest, which covers about 1/3+ of Powhatan Island (the southern island).

Without further adieu, here is Madaba! Enjoy!

Here is an overview of the city, with I-64 to the north of the city and the national forest to the south. Madaba is an extremely dense city by American standards, with a current population of ~21,000.


The next several images highlight different scenes around downtown Madaba, including several mosques, churches, and businesses/residences. ***Notable locations will be specified below***


Here is Masjid Al-Salaam fi Madaba (Mosque of Peace in Madaba). The largest mosque in the city.


This image highlights one of the largest Eastern Rite Christian churches in the US, across the street (pinkish building) is the Madaba City Museum.



Here is the Madaba Brewing Company. One of several microbreweries in the state. Swing by and sample the Mosaic Ale, Holy Land IPA, or the Mt Nebo Stout.





The Madaba City Museum, up close and personal.


Here is Powhatan University-Madaba College, which specializes in foreign language and political science.





Wegmans in downtown :)



Here is an overview of the Madaba CBD:


The following images chronicle other sites around the city:


Good ol' American strip-center with Dollar General, ACE Hardware, and more. Right behind it is the city's Panera.


Entering Madaba from the east you will pass by numerous farms, the Super 8 Motel, some homes, and Walmart.



The Giant Foods and another discount store, Chedraui.



Chipotle and Panera, right across the street from an Eastern Orthodox church, and the Madaba Market/souq.


A close-up of the Madaba souq, the largest flea market in the state.


Commercial strips on the way to downtown. Home to plentiful (and very delicious :)) shwarma, falafel, and kabob stands.


Middle-eastern homes in the City. Real-estate prices in Madaba are very affordable, a nice 3 BD/2BA home will set you back about $160K.







The yet-to-be developed waterfront:


Traditional American-styled neighborhoods are also available in Madaba:




The main commercial drag east of town:


Powhatan National Forest:




And, finally; the interstate exits for Madaba:


Same interchange, but with an In-and-Out Burger and a cheap motel :)




I hope you enjoyed this thorough visit of Madaba, stay tuned for more in Powhatan Island.

Also, feel free to check out Southern Cities :)



@Schulmanator: Thank you!

@SimRico: Thanks for the props! I appreciate it. The USN Consulate is in downtown Powhatan City and will be featured in this entry :).

Good Evening and Welcome!

In this tour I will take you from the CBD of Powhatan City to its western suburb, Powhatan Heights. The scenery changes gradually from skyscrapers and highrises to medium density, then to farms, single family houses, forests, and small towns.

This image shows the premier office/retail district in downtown Powhatan City. Numerous banks, financial institutions, foreign consulates, IT companies, and other firms have offices in these office towers. The United SimNations maintains its rather large consulate on the middle 5 floors of the white office just above the plaza, and flanked by two significantly taller buildings. The mid-rise retail building near the plaza houses some of the most prestigious shops in the state, including Louis Vitton, Gucci, Rolex, Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other luxury brands. The apartments in this area have starting rents of $2000/mo for a studio, and condos sell for $500,000 for 1 BD units.


Here is another angle of the previous picture, centered on the main east-west thoroughfare in Powhatan City, with the PCLR in the median.The tall building on the right of the avenue houses the HQ for Powhatan National Bank, as well as regional offices for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Certus Bank. The smaller, orange building is Powhatan Galleria, a high-end mall catering to the metro area's elite and upper crust.


Here is a typical middle class/yuppie neighborhood in Powhatan City. This shot is focused on Oglethorpe Square.


Here is the main east-west avenue, passing by the Azhar Mosque, an Ikea, GE Money, and the Victory Baptist Church and School.


Here is a shot of the Victory Baptist Church and School. One of the largest churches in the state and having a K-12 enrollment of approx. 900 students.


And here is an overview of the previous 2 shots, showing the numerous single family houses away from the busy avenues.


15 miles west of downtown will put you in the suburb of Powhatan Heights, a rapidly expanding city. This is the historic downtown of Powhatan Heights, home to numerous coffee shops, art galleries, restaurants, and quirky shops, as well as a Ukrops grocery store, and an historic church.


The area east of downtown Powhatan Heights is exploding! Houses are being built at a rate, exasperating the traffic problems in the area. Looks like we will have to come up with a solution to the traffic woes :)


Further west of town are numerous industrial facilities, immediately adjacent to a rail freight terminal, speeding up the time it takes for the goods to be delivered to market. In this area are several pharmaceutical plants, a brewery, mills, and some research plants.


These next two shots are in the same area of Powhatan Heights, and features the area's Walmart and a major strip center amongst the crops and forest. Numerous residential areas abut the strip center and Walmart. Adjacent to the commuter rail station is a hotel and a regional office for GEICO.



I hope you enjoyed this tour of Powhatan City from the CBD to the burbs! Stay tuned for more!


Good Evening Everyone!

Welcome to the latest installment of Powhatan Island. This entry will showcase some recent development in the Powhatan City metro area; including Powhatan City, Kings Landing, and unincorporated areas around both cities. Powhatan City does not have one central business district; there are numerous clusters of high-rises and offices amidst low-mid rise buildings and plenty of green space.


@Schulmanator: Thanks! It is prospering and has expanded quite a bit!

@PhatHead: Thank you!

@Schriefer: Thank you!

Kings Landing

This is one of the newest developments in Kings Landing. It is comprised of several office towers, high-rise luxury aparments, and several mid-rises and single-family residences. The high-rise apartments on the avenue in the middle of the image are some of the most expensive apartments in the metro area, with rents starting at $1700/month for a studio and up from there. These apartments are steps away from a metro station and walking distance to jobs, groceries, entertainment, and restaurants.


This image is several blocks east of the apartments showcased in the previous image, and features numerous offices, as well as the Kings Landing Farmers Market, where you can buy fresh produce, meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood from the local farms/wharfs.


Powhatan City

Here is an overview of Powhatan University as well as the main railway station in the state capital. Adjacent to the train station are several government offices and one of the largest churches in the city.


Here is some recent development along two of the busiest arteries through Powhatan City, centered on the Powhatan State Archives. This area is a work in progress and will eventually be filled in, culminating in numerous office towers and residences being constructed, as well as a major metro transit point. At the top of the picture are two houses of worship: A Greek Orthodox Church, and couple blocks to the right, the Powhatan Azhar Mosque, catering to the large Muslim minority in the state.


Here is a shot encompassing the Major League Soccer stadium, home to Powhatan United, and the Division 1-A college football stadium for Powhatan University.


Some additional med-high density development near transit options in the city, as well as the Mormon Temple.


Unincorporated Powhatan County

Between Powhatan City and Kings Landing are numerous unincorporated communities. Here is a shot of the Census-Designated Place of Williams, a large, affluent suburb of both cities.


Here is the unincorporated community of Maymont, adjacent to Williams.


Finally, here is a shot of the Westfield Powhatan Mall, one of the largest malls in the metro area and located immediately north of Maymont.


I hope you enjoyed this tour, stay tuned for more!


Good Morning!

Welcome to the latest installment of Powhatan Island, where we will take a tour of one of the largest concentrations of jobs in the state: the Powhatan Research Park and the Powhatan Intelligence and Security Center (PISC) -- home to multiple US intelligence and security agencies, as well as the intelligence/security agencies of the various members of the United SimNations.

Here is an overview of the PISC -- the three smaller buildings in the bottom-left part of the complex are home to the various United SimNations intelligence/security outfits. The other buildings house US intelligence/security agencies. This is one of the largest secure facilities in the state and has direct access to the Powhatan City Light Rail (PCLR) and the bus system; allowing employees to take multiple modes of transport to get to work! :)


Here is another shot of the PISC, with US-58 (Future I-64) separating the PISC from the bulk of the research park.


Here is an early shot of the research park, home to numerous defense contractors, including United SimNations very own Airmann Avionics Inc (The large, sprawling 4 story office by the roundabout); as well as tech firms, IT firms, research facilities, and biotech companies. Admist all the high-tech firms is the Powhatan City FBI Field Office (beige building with the red/white antennae). Also present are several hotels (Omni, Comfort Suites, Courtyard Marriott, Hilton Garden) and eating establishments such as McDonalds, Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen, Panera, Ruby Tuesday, and Taco Time --across the freeway.


Here is another shot of the research/business park, showing Airmann Avionics on the right, and on the bottom left of the intersection, the Powhatan City campus of Google.


As you can see in these time-elapse pictures, development is ongoing in the area, with residences popping up for some of the employees. This is an early shot of some residential development adjacent to the business/research park. These condos are adjacent to a metro station, so it is an extremely easy commute to the PISC, or downtown Powhatan City.


More residential development, and some recent commerical development :).


The business/research park also features a train station, one of the busiest in the state. This is also a shot of rush-hour traffic in the area, and no I am not using traffic generators :)


Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Powhatan Research Park as well as the PISC, stay tuned for more!


Good Evening!

Welcome to Powhatan International Airport, a joint civil/military airfield in the State of Powhatan Island. The airport is the largest airport in the state --and one of the smaller international airports in United SimNations, and has the best connectivity of any airport in the State of Powhatan Island. It has direct flights to many cities across the US, and several international markets. The airport is a hub for Southwest Airlines, and is the home of the 97th Fighter Wing of the US Air Force, as well as elements of the Powhatan Island Air National Guard.

Here is an overview of the airport. The military section is at the north end of the airport. In the middle is the cargo handling facility, and the passenger terminal at the south end of the airport.


Here is a closer image of the main passenger terminal. Approx. 70% of the flights are domestic, and the remaining 30% are international. The primary international destinations include numerous cities throughout United SimNations, as well as daily flights to Montreal-Treudeau, Toronto-Pearson, Frankfurt, Munich, and Amman--Queen Alia International. There are also several weekly flights to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo.

As far as the domestic market goes, there are direct flights to: Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Atlanta, Charlotte-Douglass, Washington-Dulles, Washington-National, BWI, Greenville-Spartanburg, Kansas City, Miami, DFW, Bush Intercontinental (Houston), LAX, NYC-JFK, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco.


Here is the close-up of the Southwest Airlines terminal:


Here is the commuter wing of the airport, with air shuttle/commuter service to Virginia Beach, Washington-National, Washington-Dulles, Richmond VA, and Raleigh-Durham .


And a close-up of part of the international terminal:


And here is the military section of the airport, complete with airman15's United Simnation's Air Force One :)


Looks like United SimNations dignitaries are in town! :)


And here is the Fighter Wing:


Hope you all enjoyed this update! Comments are more than welcome!

This airport is 95% completed, I will still need to add a hotel to the airport and add some transit links. As well as demolish those orange industrial buildings by the terminal. This is probably the best airport I've created (most of my airports are mediocre-decent at best).


Kings Landing

Good Evening!

This tour will focus on the city of Kings Landing, the second largest, and oldest city, in Powhatan Island. The city is the largest city in Westeros County, with the county seat being Westeros Village. Kings Landing is the site of a major naval base, ports, and a US Coast Guard base.

The Powhatan Naval Base is one of the largest naval bases in the US and is home to 2 amphibious assault ships, 6 submarines, several cruisers/destroyers, and numerous smaller vessels. The naval base is also adjacent to Marine Corps Base Kings Landing (MCB Kings Landing), who regularly leave port on the neighboring amphibious assault ships.

Here is the main naval pier, home to numerous cruisers, as well as the USS Fallujah and USS Ramadi (amphibious assault ships), as well as the USS Powhatan City, USS Baltimore, USS Peyton Place, USS Teddy, USS Savannah, and USS Asheville (submarines).


Here is part of MCB Kings Landing/Kings Landing Naval Base. Thousands of Marines and sailors live here and helps provide a robust, stable economy to this part of the state. There is also a naval weapons school. This base would also make a wonderful Joint HQ for the United SimNations :).


Here is a small peninsula with commercial buildings and some homes, as well as the US Coast Guard base and some US Navy ships moored nearby. Behind the tallish building in the middle is a ferry, connecting to the north shore of the harbor (as you will see in the next picture.)


Here is the north side of the harbor, regarded by locals as the CBD since City Hall is near-by and this is one of the oldest parts of the city, with some buildings dating back to the late 1690s and early 1700s. The tallest buildings in the city are a few blocks north of here. The bridge on the far right connects to some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the entire state.


This area is several blocks north of the previous picture and is anchored by numerous offices, high-wealth shops, and several hotels. This is one of the most expensive areas in Kings Landing, with the avg home priced at $600,000 and up, whereas the avg priced home in the state is approx $200,000.


Here is the opposite side of the bridge, seen earlier. This area is extremely prestigious, with homes well in the millions, and anchored by a National Blue Ribbon High School, Dorman High School.



Hope you enjoyed this visit to Kings Landing! Stay tuned for more!


Hello Everyone and welcome!

Today I will introduce you to some rural communities in the State of Powhatan Island. Although the majority of the state lives in the Powhatan City and the Rockville metro areas, there are numerous small towns and cities throughout the state. Here I will introduce two: Prince George and Westeros Village.

Here is the town center of Prince George, a small commuter town on the outskirts of the Powhatan City-Kings Landing metro area. This town is also the site of the Powhatan International Airport (several miles east of the town).


As you can see, Prince George is surrounded by farms. In the bottom left you will see Prince George High School and its football stadium. The farms in this area are predominantly soybean, kale, tobacco, and celery. There are also several beef/dairy farms in the area.


Here is Westeros Village, the county seat of Westeros County (even though most county offices are in Kings Landing, a large port and naval base approx. 10 miles to the east). This town is very small, but filled with numerous historic houses and shops, as well as a thriving arts scene. The forests and farms that surround the town provide ample outdoor activities such as hiking, running, hunting, and biking.


Below are two images of the forest/farms that surround Westeros VIllage, a very typical landscape of rural Powhatan Island.



Hope you've enjoyed this tour, stay tuned for more!


Good Evening!

Welcome everybody to the 3rd installment of Powhatan Island. In this entry, and the next few, I will show several random shots of Powhatan City. Powhatan City is a very dense city by American standards and the citizens of Powhatan City enjoy a robust and extensive transit network comprised of light rail (ground, elevated, and subway); heavy commuter rail, bus, and ferry. The city also has an extensive avenue/boulevard network and several freeways.


Here is a typical inner neighborhood of single family homes in Powhatan City. Most of these neighborhoods have corner markets/grocery stores spaced throughout.



Here is one of the several clusters of high-density zones in Powhatan City. This would be considered one of the CBDs since it is centered on the city hall (just above the Doubletree Hotel). The other area recognized as the "CBD" is centered on the Powhatan Island State Capitol.



This is just north of the city hall, where you can sit at the historic waterfront and eat some delicious blue crab or some oyster po' boys! Right in front of the historic waterfront is the Powhatan City Police HQ and several high-income condos and apartments. You can also barely make out the tracks for the Powhatan City Light Rail (PCLR), whose network connects all areas of the Powhatan City metro area.



Here is the State Capitol, just across the street from the Powhatan City Stock Exchange, and several offices and numerous homes. Also in this area (bottom left) is the Trinity Episcopalian Church, one of the oldest churches on Powhatan Island.





Here are some other close-in SFH areas near downtown, also featuring the Coptic Orthodox Church of Powhatan City (this city is one of the most religiously-diverse cities in the US, with numerous Christian, Mormom, Muslim, Jewish, and other houses of worship).




Here are several state offices for the Powhatan Island State Government.




More close-in neighborhoods (with a Sainsbury corner market :))



Here is Central Avenue, heading towards the Powhatan City Hall, passing by the State Farmers Maket and a very diverse array of buildings, from low-density single family homes to a high-rise police station. Also visibile is the PCLR tracks.



Here is another high-density business district, south of where we were in the previous images. The tallest building here is the regional HQ for RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), and a Marriott. From here, you can take the PCLR, commuter rail, bus, or drive your car to the northern parts of the city.....or a few blocks north (up) you can hop on US-58 for a drive to Virginia.




This is the Powhatan City Park Place Mall, one of several upscale malls in the metro area, and just off US-58. Here you can shop at Macy's, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, or Nordstrom :).



Across the freeway from the mall (this is an older picture before the mall was built) you can get all your shopping done in a small area of town! Get your groceries at the Publix, outdoorwear at Bass Pro Shops, yard supplies at Lowes, home goods and nicer things at Target, and everything else at the Kmart!




I hope you enjoyed this update, stay tuned for more from Powhatan Island! Also, feel free to check out my other CJ: Southern Cities!




Good Evening Everyone,

As the title indicates, this update is strictly text and will not have any pictures, those will come in a follow-on update. This entry serves as a brief history and overview of the State of Powhatan Island since I have not figured out how to do the Wiki-style entries that other members have created :(.

State Overview:

Population: ~2 million people

Largest Incorporated Cities:

Powhatan City: 600,000

Kings Landing: 180,000

Powhatan Heights: 130,000

Bethesda: 100,000

Madaba: 73,000

Rockville: 70,000

Riverrun: 65,000

Winterfell: 40,000

Number of Counties: 4, Powhatan County, Montgomery County, Westeros County (yes I took this from Game of Thrones cuz GoT is awesome :) ), and Northumberland County (contains all of Rock Island).

Primary Islands: Powhatan Island, Rock Island, Magnolia Island

Primary Industries/Economic Activity: Business, finance, manufacturing, farming, government, defense/military, transportation/trade.

Avg. Income: $45,000


Powhatan International Airport

National Airport Powhatan Island

Percent covered by forest/natural vegetation: 60%

Brief History:

~200 AD: Powhatan Island was initially settled by several families of the Powhatan Tribe (Powhatan Island's name-sake), which reached the island by canoe from nearby Virginia several hundred years before European contact.

1650: English ships made first contact with Powhatan tribes, and established a trading post at what became the city of Kings Landing.

1690: Powhatan City is founded as a small trading post and seaport for passing British vessels.

1695: British Royal Navy establishes a naval base at Kings Landing. Numerous tobacco farms created.

1775: Powhatan Island citizens create militia unit which fights alongside other American forces, causing the British to relinquish control of Powhatan Island.

1812: Powhatan City and Kings Landing burnt by British Royal Navy vessels on the way to Washington and Baltimore.

1861-1865: During the American Civil War, the Territory of Powhatan Island is occupied by Union forces to assist in the blockade of Southern ports. Very little fighting takes place on the island except for few minor skirmishes.

1890s: First electric plant built on Powhatan Island.

1899: Western part of Powhatan Island declared a national forest to preserve the native vegetation and the mountains. Most of Magnolia Island set aside as a nature reserve as well.

1920: First US military base constructed on Powhatan Island, expanded during World War II and remains to this day.

1990: Powhatan City metro area surpasses 500,000.

2005: Powhatan City metro area surpasses 1 million.

2014: Powhatan Island obstains statehood and becomes the 51st US State. US-58 Highway/Rail tunnel connects Powhatan Island to Virginia Beach, VA.


Good Afternoon Everyone and welcome to my newest City Journal: Powhatan Island!

Powhatan Island is my newest endeavor, and will be a work-in-progress, and is an off-shoot of my primary CJ: Southern Cities, so it will be a part of the Southern Cities universe. Instead of creating fictional re-creations of real cities across the Southern and Mid-Atlantic US, I've decided to create a fictional US State (albiet using a moderately altered map of Malta).

This will be a short introductory entry and will upload a more extensive entry at a later time, but I wanted to give a brief overview of what to expect with this CJ.

1) Powhatan Island is one of the smallest US states, and similar in size to Rhode Island and Delaware, and is also one of the most densely populated states with densities approaching that of many cities in the Eastern US.

2) The state is located approximately 20 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA and is connected to Virginia Beach via a tolled freeway tunnel (Extension of US-58).

3) The southern main island, Powhatan Island, contains the state capital, as well as the largest metro area in the state, which will reach a projected population of ~1.5 million. The southern island also has a large national forest (approx. 1/3-1/2 the total area of the island) and two mountans in the western part of the island.

4) The northern main island, Rock Island, is less densely populated with large numbers of farms and a smaller metro area centered on the county seat of Rockville, which will have a projected population of ~150K-200K.

5) Between the two main islands is Magnola Island, which will be a nature reserve with a small fishing town of ~ 10-20,000.

And here are some preliminary images of Powhatan Island:

The first image shows an overview of the eastern half of the southern island and the fledging metropolis around Powhatan City, the state capital:


The next image shows the yet-to-be-named national forest and the two mountains in the western part of Powhatan Island:


The last image shows the WIP of Rock Island:


I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction, stay tuned to more here and at Southern Cities!



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