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About this City Journal

a messy look at natural growth

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slickbg56: Until it gets wet in which case their horrendous lol.

rewright: Cheers, Hardworking maybe, accomplished definitely not. As you've pointed out though, they can definitely grow stuff.

pingpong: Thanks, I'm glad your liking the story, I tend to just make it up as I go along.

Entry 2: What an Industrious town!

Well as the title suggests this entry mainly concerns dirty, polluting, life shortening industrial growth. Fun huh!

Anyway here's a look at the demand indicator brought forward to Jimbob by his advisor's.


As you can see people apparently want dirty, polluting industry despite its inherent issues. Anyway, ever one to try and appease the growing population (and in his never ending search for a quiet life) mayor Jimbob went ahead with approving zoning for new industrial areas. These, for some unknown reason ended up being built in East Newport and the newly named Cressington, effectively ending the 'which half of Newport is better' argument, and shutting up the increasingly snooty sims in Cressington. Of course none of the industry luckily ended up near him (some might say he planned it this way), so he's not really bothered by all the upset.

Shown below you can see the industrial growth in the mentioned areas.


What is bothering the mayor though is much closer to his heart. You see, having resigned himself tot he fact that he will never be able to peacefully farm again, he turned some of his farmland over to have a farmers market built on it (you can also see the Newport Church in the right hand side).


The pride of the small town, this area quickly became a busy and popular place and went helped pacify the sims angry at having polluting factories built next door to their homes

At least up until the point where Jimbob's friend, Roger decided to turn his land into a state fair, therefore getting one up on Jimbob.

So, slightly peeved, Jimbob has allowed cheap and dirty industry to be built in the small town of Fairington that surrounds the fair, destroying both the friendship and property value.


Anyway that's all for the industrious actions of our dear mayor Jimbob this time. Join us next time as Netonia (hopefully) continues to grow.

Oh and here's a year 10 overview to leave you with.


Till next time

Regional Population: 4556


Entry 1: Netonia and Newport

Firstly here's the map that our intrepid explorers will be exploring (for size reference its 8x8 large squares so a lot bigger than Marinko)

Now we'll have a look at the area where the explorer's, first landed. A lovely pristine piece of land.


However the sim explorers didn't take long to begin ruining the virgin land by building houses and farms everywhere. This settlement quickly became known as Newport (mainly because it was a new port, creative huh?) and is the first settlement in Netonia (was meant to be Newtonia but apparently the sim writing the declaration was drunk and misspelled it). This is what the settlement looked like after a year of habitation, with around 200 sims to its name. Apparently, despite having no schools or education they've still managed to build a large wind turbine to provide some power to the place.


Next we fast forward to when the population stood at about 500 and decided they needed someone stupid enough to lea... I mean a Mayor. Push forwa... I mean Step forward Jimbob, a local farmer who had the mayorship thrust upon him regardless of whether he wanted it or not. Annoyed that the role of Mayor left little time for his beloved farming, he decided to show the sims of Newport he wasn't impressed and spent everyone's tax money on this new house and limo to cheer himself up.

Jimbob = 1

Sims of Newport = 0

He did attempt to paccify the sims by answering their calls for a fire station which he built, conveniently right next door to his house, actually outside of the town where it might have been useful. Looks like Jimbob has got his priorities right.


Anyway, fast forward a couple more years where the sims of Newport have mostly forgotten about Jimbob spending their money on his house (in fact they seem to have completely forgotten Jimbob altogether as he doesn't seem to have done anything since the fire station) and have continued to turn the lovely virgin land into a patchwork quilt. They did leave the recently named Newport Forest alone though, mainly due to the fact that no one could be bothered to cut the trees down rather than any actual environmental reason though.


In the annotated map above you can also see that Newport now has two separate areas. Newport and East Newport. There's also a bunch of sims arguing over which side is better but thankfully, they're too small to actually be seen in the overview (or heard). There's also the aforementioned forest, home to several hundred critters that have been shown to have developed chronic headaches, trying to work out what the hell has been going on over the last 5 years.

Anyway that's all for now, join me later when we find out if Jimbob actually plans on doing anything helpful with the sims tax money, like placating the two half's of Newport.

(fat chance)

Till then


Regional pop: 2,500



Game/Natural Growth CJ


No this will definitely not be replacing Marinko, its just a silly side project so don't worry, that will continue as normal. There is no way, even I'm stupid enough to replace a CJ that's managed over a month at number 1 in BTT's with this.


As I've kind of lost sight of my original plan in Marinko (the whole natural/game growth aspect kind of got a bit overtaken by a OMG CC SPREE, MMP GALORE! Aspect (not that this is a bad thing mind you, very far from it)). This will instead be a peeled back (so peeled back its pretty much naked) Marinko without all the MMP's and concentrating on growing a city based on real sprawl and the RCI and advisor's (yep, this is going to be interesting) rather than making it look presentable.

All this dosen't mean that I won't be using mods however (I'll list the main ones in a minute), it just means that I haven't gone crazy downloading everything and I'm not worrying about the visuals as much, for example I'm not using a Maxis blocker and don't plan too. It also means that the mods will be more streamlined. If a advisor tells me we need more parks I might go look for some CC ones or I may just use the Maxis ones, same with schools, fire etc.

Anyway introducing things is boring so here's a rules list (because you know, rules aren't boring either. In fact these are really not that interesting and if I was you I'd just skip to the actual entry and cuss me for wasting your time with what you've read already).


Listen to the RCI demand indicator

Listen to the Advisors

Don't expand like a tool

Main Mods:


NAM (traffic set to low)


Meadowshire terrain mod (with a random water mod)

North Pacific tree brush thingy

Right anyway......

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