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About this City Journal

A dutch city north of Utrecht.

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Well guys, I'm back from Uruguay, the trip was amazing, Montevideo is really beautiful and Punta del Este as well, I highly recomend, Uruguay is a very good country.

Schriefer, Benedict, Schulmanator, lulsalad, scissors, gugu3, Neto Dari: Thanks once again for your comments, I'm really glad to see that you guys are following the CJ.

Simrico: I loved what you wrote haha hope your sims had a great trip, Notre is always welcoming to tourists.

TorontoFCBrony: the most beautiful town ever? Wow, thats quite a compliment, thank you!

The Churches of Notre

We are still in the year of 1870, and today we are gonna make a tour by the churches of Notre.

1. De Oude Kerk, built in 1710.



2. De Nieuwe Kerk, built in 1756.


3. The Westerkerk on a cloudy day, built in 1768.


4. The Marienkerk, by the sunset, built in 1842.


5. And the Notre Kerk, on a foggy day, built in 1862.


And as a bonus, my favorite picture of Montevideo.



Update 3: The Docs


Tonraq, SimRico, Schriefer, Ln X, Alex_1210, Gugu3: thanks so much for the comments and I'm glad to see that some of you are really following the CJ.

SimCoug: those MMPs are great, they give life and movement to the cities, thanks for letting me use them.

MatTSW, GrijzePilion: simply search "dutch" on STEX and you will get them all.

infamousjbe: thanks, glad to know you got the spirit of the Fish Market.

scissors: Thanks, i bought a book about Holland, and i fell in love by the cities, those cute w2w buildings, so everything i know is from the book (and google earth).

Benedict: Notre is always welcoming to new people. And thanks for a place in the Top ten!


Oh! The Docs, once the heart of Notre, a place where foreigners used to meet and make bussines, now is kinda abandoned.

The Docs where built in 1654, to receive all the goods to the city, now in 1870, it is not so used anymore.

Now it is used only to receive goods by the Public Market, period. It is not used anymore to ship anything from Notre to other cities, its an abandoned place, the right side of the docs.

In the left side, they made some improvements and used the terrain to build new stuff.

Here you can see an overview of the Docs, and a bit of the City Centre too! (which will be shown in later entries)


And this is the Public Market, a very busy place, the boats anchor here bringing the goods to be distributed by the city. It was built in 1820.


The Clock Tower was built in 1723, close to the docs, so the capitains wouldn't be late.


And the New City Teathre is fresh new, built in 1865, it houses musicals and plays, every saturday night. Any citizen can perform here, all they have to do is sign their name in the lobby.

There are restaurants and cafes, and a hotel for the actors and actresses that come from Utrecht, Amsterdam or Rotterdam.


That's it for today, hope you still like it.

BTW, I won't make any entries for the next 2 weeks, because I'll travel to Uruguay, I'm going to visit Montevideo and Punta del Este, and then go to the beach here in south Brazil.

But i will get back with full energy to make new entries.

See you!



Wow, so many good comments and feedback! Thank you so much, really, it gives me the motivation to continue with this.

BTW, sorry guys, but unfortunately i DON'T speak dutch, or french, I only speak english and portuguese, my mother tongue. So i wont understand if you write in other languages, but i'm glad to see that the dutches are looking at this :D

infamousjbe, Schriefer, timmetje, Huston, btsfan, Alex_1210, ioh969, jiffy427, MilitantRadical, TorontoFCBrony, urielgarcia, Scott1964 and MattSW: Thank you so much for the positive comments, it made my week.

scissors: thank God you noticed, i didnt have a clue about it, I thought with myself: "they already had these in NYC at that time, so of course the dutches have it too", but I was wrong :\ But Thanks!

Gannet: you want to swim in water mixed with sewage? Go ahead!

sejr99999: let me tell you a little secret: they are all photoshoped.

jcroy96: Notre is the name of the city, a mix of the words NO + TREES = NOTRE, because that region had just a few trees.


The year is still 1870, and the city of Notre is glad to launch the new fish market!

Before, the fish market was located in the village of fishermen, but it was out of downtown, where everything is, so they built a new Fish Market in downtown.

PS: I hope this is not a 70's building >.<


Its a busy and smelly place, all the bad fish and the rests are thrown in the canal, so you can imagine the smell around the place.


And this is the village of fishermen, its just south downtown, next to the docs.


Hope you like it!

Stay tunned for more.


Hallo! Hoe gaat het ermee?

If you understood this, you are probably dutch, and this city I'm building is located in Holland. Well, I'm not gonna tell you more about the city.

Today I just want to show you what to expect, and i really want to hear your opinion, should I go ahead with this City Journal, should I stop wasting my time?

It's up to you!

The sun is setting, and it's a chilli autumn day, soon it will get colder, so get your horses and get back home and make a fire to get your family warm.


Please, feel confortable to give your opinions =)


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