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About this City Journal

Kreuzberg City Journal shows SimCity 4 pictures of a Berlin/European inspired Neighborhood.

Entries in this City Journal

schokoladeneis 1

Thank you, spursrule14 for giving me at the "Best of the Best! - Weekly Edition"-awards the 'Excellent' reward. :)


There're a lot of shopping malls in Kreuzberg however a building company is constructing another one.


The investors plan that more than 20 well known brands will move in next year and lots of consumers will visit the shopping center.



At this illustration you can see how big the mall will get when the cunstruction works are finished.

3D-Modell made with 'sketchup'.


Time for a mosaic!






As always:

Thank you for visiting Kreuzberg.

Feel free to leave a comment and feedback.

schokoladeneis 1



Today I show you the Viktoriapark/Kreuzberg a small mountain in the city.

Also the city is named after the mountain.


Early in the morning were're not many people in the park. Later in the day many people come to the Viktoriapark to enjoy nature, sun and the excellent view of Kreuzberg.

On top of the mountain there is a memorial remembering the war against Napoleon.


A photo I shot in march 2012.





My second mosaic of Kreuzberg. (The first one is in the Welcome to Kreuzberg Entry [1])

On the top of the picture you can see Anhalter Bahnhof and the Luisenmuseum.

In the middle is the french cathedral and the french graveyard.


Thank you for visiting the Viktoriapark.

Feel free to leave a comment and feedback.

schokoladeneis 1

Danke, Danke, Danke!

Thank you again that you liked my first city journal entry (:

The nice comments will definitely encourage me to continue Kreuzberg CJ.



Today I show you another district of Kreuzberg. This time at night.


An overview shot so you can get a clue how the area next to the 'Anhalter'-station feels like.

(Cheers reddonquixote for flooding the STEX with these stunning BATs in the last months. :wub: Like them al lot!)



In the Luisenmuseum you can visit (consuming) art pieces of Kreuzbergs colonial history.


Here a picture of the Luisenmuseum (in real life it's called Zeughaus) I shot 2 days ago. The Bat is a pre war model by debussyman.






The library of the university.


The library. Again a picture I shot.



Last pic for today.

At the top left you can see the modern arts gallery. A bit further down is the little synagogue, that was reconstructed 48 years, after fascist thugs torched most of Kreuzbergs jewish buildings :noway:.

On the right side is the St. Bonifazius Church.


At the weekend I was very-very busy so I could not carry on plopping buildings in SC. I hope to have more time to create more content the next days. Anyway prepare to see some little updates in the next days ;).

And please give commtent + feedback

If there is sth. awfully wrong (e.g. grammaticaly) correct me via pm :D :D

bye bye & good night :yawn:

schokoladeneis 1


This is the first time for me posting a city journal on Simtropolis even though I registered 6 years ago and playing SC4 for seven or eight years. Maybe because I'm not a native english speaker and I'm not that fluent but I will try my best.


The City I present to you is called Kreuzberg. It's inspired by Berlin, the city I live in. Kreuzberg is a City with many w2w-'Gründerzeit'-houses (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gr%C3%BCnderzeit) build for the working class.






Between the Houses is a small park giving the residents an opportunity to recreate. Sundays the small streets at the park are closed for a street market.



In the last years many parts of Kreuzberg got upgraded, poor people had to move because they could not afford the rent anymore. Today gentrification has changed the look of this district, only some parts are still like ten years ago.


Literally translated : "stop displacement affordable rent for all".



The elementary school.






In the top of this picture is the Bethlehem-Church. In the middle you can see the elevated 'U-Bahn' tracks. At the bottom there is the secondary school.





In the next update I show you another district of Kreuzberg, great for tourists visiting Kreuzberg because of all the museums and parks.

I hope you liked the first entry about SC4-Kreuzberg. Please feel free to comment and give me some feedback.

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