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@Moerp: Thanks for your comment! I live very near the U-Bhf Samariterstrasse, I really like this area of the city!

@Tonraq: Many thanks!

@Sexysark:P: Indeed, it describes it good because it is quite based in real events :D Thanks for commenting!

@Mymyjp: That's my intention! Thanks!

@Ln X: Everybody loves W2Ws, right? Thanks for commenting!

@Benedict: Thank you very much! You don't find quality techno/electro in many CJs around here... ;)

@slickbg56: Totally "art" imitates life. I'm trying to push this CJ to transmit the vibe of nights like this to the readers, but I'm afraid I'll never be able of imitating 100%...

@MilitantRadical: That time of the day. I personally enjoy it a lot (but yeah, I also want to go home). Thanks!

@VicRusty: Moltes gràcies! Actually everything you see in this CJ is plopped, including the parking lots. I avoid the zots using the "tastyzots" cheat.

@Simul8ter8: Glad you liked it, thank you very much for commenting!

@Biff Weissblut: Thanks!


That moment of the year. Beginning of the Summer.

There is one day, when the termometers hit 30 degrees Celsius, it happens around June. That day is widely celebrated in Berlin, a city that has spent months living under a layer of grey until just a few weeks ago. When the sun goes out and the temperatures go up, Berliners just go crazy and spend most of the day outside. The joke is that they do it because they never know when will they see the sun again.


The most delicious time of the day arrives around 5 or 6 pm, when the sun begins setting. The warm breeze swings the trees there at Blaschkeplatz.

We were sitting in a bench on the square, looking for the last sunrays, Ray-Ban shades all the way. Nothing to do for the rest of the day. One of my friends began messing with the phone, and in a matter of minutes, we were invited to a roof party, which was taking place... right now. After a brief discussion, and in front of the perspective that we had nothing really better to do, we decided to go.

The party was not far away, very near the U-Bhf Lübbenauer Tor, so it was time to pass by a Späti and buy some drinks and food. We grabbed only a few beers for each of us. Depending on how the party goes, we'd come back or not. We walked down Lübbenauer Damm till reaching the address we had been given.


We crossed the door and climbed the stairs up to the rooftop. We found already people chatting and couples flirting on the staircase, that was the sign we were approaching the party and we were in the correct building.

Outside; sun, good temperature, good music (a mix of commercial and more author house, which everybody agreed on), around 40-50 people and a lot of booze. There even was a DJ! Perfect mood all around. It didn't take too much until we began dancing. The sights were privileged, we could see the Allianz billboard of the Treptowers building at the right, until the Potsdamer Platz skyscrapers at the left. Beyond them, the silhouettes of the buildings next to the Zoo can be guessed.


Funny friends, cold beer, great temperature, sunny weather, nice girls, great music and good mood. All in one rooftop. All in Lübbenauer Tor.



I'd like to credit elavery, as he allowed me to used his MMPd Sims props he superbly plopped on the beach (http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4948/entry-24253-fifa-world-cup-special-rios-copacabana/) for my use on this CJ. It was not really hard to photoedit them into my photos, and I think the result turned out pretty good...

Liked it? Don't forget to comment/+1!


A Night Out at Lübbi


@Ln X: Well, it is just Lübbenauer Tor, I tried to make a "CJable" city with it and a homage to Berlin at the same time.

@GoKingsGo: Thanks!

@sartakknight: Well, that's the intention! Thanks for commenting!

@feyss: Thank you! Definately, the elevated U-Bahn is a really eye-catching feature, which at the same time, is a kind of common concept in all my SC4 cities...

@Schulmanator: Thank you! :D

@Tonraq: It's always about the details, right? Thanks!

@jmsepe: Thank you for your comment!

@__A: Whoa, thank you!

@Benedict (x2): I would say the song is the best of the update ;) Thank you, man!

@cmdp123789: Answered on the previous update comments section.


Autumn. Friday. Feierabend.

Feierabend is one of these German words that have quite a complicated translation to any other language. Any translation of the word "Feierabend" will be losing some of the nuances that only the original word can have. A rough translation would be "this time of the day in which the work day is over, and time can be dedicated to something that pleases you, whether it is relaxing, watching TV, being with friends, etc."

On Fridays, the Feierabend always follows a similar structure. It begins taking the shoes and tie off, hanging the jacket somewhere and writing on WhatsApp:

- "Hey man, what's up?"

+ "Hey, ssup!"

- "What are the plans for today?"

+ "IDK yet, but the girls wanted to go that techno club tonight"

- "Palais Theatre?"

+ "Yep."

- "I don't really feel like techno today..."

+ "Talk to them, then. I'm fine with it, if we go on bars first."

- "To get some fuel for the techno night."

+ "Exactly. Tell them if you talk"

- "Fine, I guess we will arrange with Franzi and the others. You'll have news."

+ "Cool, gotta go. I'm busy now"

- "Sure, see ya later!"

20 minutes of conversation and the plan is made. Meeting time and place: 21:00, U-Bhf Lübbenauer Tor. I take a look to the public transport app to plan myself and be punctual.

No problem, plenty of time to prepare myself and have dinner at home.

After doing some house work and spending the beginning of the Feierabend home, it's time to get going. First, taking the U-Bahn from my place to Frankfurter Tor, only one stop. Then, waiting for the tram.


It's quite cold outside, that time of the year when people ominously say "Winter is coming". A light layer of fog is covering the whole city tonight, and luckily, it is not very windy.

The tram brings me to Warschauer Strasse, where I have to change to the U1 line.


Only a few stops remain now between Lübbenauer Tor and me. I get into the train, and it gradually gets full of all the kinds of people you may imagine. Lots of them, as me, holding a bottle on their hands. Men tend to drink beer on the public transport, women are mainly into wine or sparkling wine, but lots drink beer as well. The train starts.


Schlesi, Görli, Kotti, Lübbi.

I reach Lübbi, Lübbenauer Tor, and I still have to wait several minutes for the others.


The others arrived gradually between 21:00 and 21:15. At the end, the whole group looks like a UN delegation. One Barnanovese, two Russians on the boys' side, one American, one Colombian and two Germans on the girls' side. We greeted and hugged each other, happy to see us after a work of hard work or, in the worst cases, hard work search.

We got out the U-Bahn station and walked Lübbenauer Damm up, walking to a bar we know in Blaschkeplatz. The conversation is entirely in English, but one can sometimes hear German, Russian or Spanish popping up.


A short walk after, among "how was the week?" questions; we reach Café Luzia, one of the coziest bars around. At this time of the night it is not very full, and we can find eight free chairs without much problems. We order 3 Augustiner Bräu beers, 2 Beck's beers, 1 Swimming pool, 1 Margarita and 1 Piña Colada cocktails. The whole athmosphere is relaxed, quite normal of early evenings.


We talk, joke and laugh for several hours. One of our favourite topics is making jokes of the German lifestyle, especially when the German girls are around.

+ "Yeah, a lot of celebration after the fall of the Wall but the country is still well-divided!"

- "What do you mean?"

+ "You know, this is a nation still divided between ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd!"

Laughing all around and making poor imitations of the typical Berlin accent, we order a second round of beers.

We get out of Luzia way past midnight, and decided to get a Wegbier on a Späti nearby. That's basically, buying a beer that we will drink on the way to the club in an off-license shop open all night long or even 24 hours. I choose Berliner Pilsner, the Russians get Pilsner Urquell and one of the Germans gets Rothaus Pilsner.


We walked to Palais Theatre without rushing. It was still a bit early to go to the queue, so we took our time. We were just a bit tipsy and having big fun.


The queue at Palais Theatre is not yet too long. It is still a bit early, this way the girls can get hefty discounts on the entry fee. But we know this club well, and we know that in less than half an hour, the queue will be important. The whole place will be packed in a matter of minutes.

Palais Theatre is a well-known techno club in the city. It occupies an old theater building and the great thing is that many parts of the structure had been restored back to how they were originally. This makes Palais Theatre a club with a very special acoustics due to its really high ceiling, where the music bass just gets inside you. The dance floor tends to be packed, while the upper parts allow for more "relaxed" setups, if you can say so in a techno place.


We order yet another beer at the bar and some shots, girls order an extra round of tequila for them only. After that we quickly get in the mood, and everything goes fine. It's a very funny night overall.

Fortunately and surprisingly, we manage not to lose anybody on the club and get out all together. We fetch the jackets from the wardrobe and venture into the cold dawn. I couldn't hear anything for a short while, as a product of the high volume of the Palais Theatre music. I also felt a bit drunk, but nothing too bad. Only when we decided to get going to the U-Bahn station I got back part of my hearing capacity.


The city was now strangely calmed, and barely no lights were on. It was the time when the party-goers get their well-deserved rest. But this is going to happen after more than half an hour back home.

We all say goodbye in the station, as each of us goes on a different direction, and arrange to make something tomorrow, but in a more relaxed way. We will see then.

I get on the train. Kotti, Görli, Schlesi, Warschauer. And so it goes.


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Comment Replies

pingpong: Thanks for commenting! Then, watch the video opening today's update and you will see how it is in reality!

Moerp: It was a long time I passed my Abitur! (although we don't call it like this in Spain) Now I'm happily working as a researcher in Wildau, at the end of the S46 line. Thanks for the compliments!

Pwel28: Thank you!

Tonraq: Yeah, it is definately "that" time of the year :D. But now... brace yourselves, winter is coming!

Huston: Thank you very much! I'm so happy when you guys tell me I caputre the feel of the city. More than the realism or not, I'm aiming at the "this feels like Berlin" picture on this CJ; if I make you think that, then it was a successful update.

Benedict: See if we can keep the streak with today's update! Thanks!

Schulmanator: Danke sehr!

Richie99: Everybody does, but the majority still don't know it ;). Thanks for commenting!



Watching this video <--> Inspiration for Lübbenauer Tor CJ


Liked it? Comments/+1's are extremely welcome! :D


Comment Replies

Benedict: Thanks for your constant support, I hope you keep liking the next stuff I have on the pipeline!

slickbg56: Thank you! I definately say the same. It is one of these strange BATs that can fit in a wide variety of settings, I think.

MilitantRadical: Thank you for commenting! Today we keep that funny mood!

Tonraq: Thanks!

Gugu3: Thank you for your comment! Seeing yours as usual is also nice!

rewright: Thanks! Ah, the last train, always the party crasher...

Huston: Yes, that small BAT is quite a masterpiece! The model is great, diagonal, nice texturing, fantastic nightlighting, real top quality from the STEX.

Schriefer: Thank you!

Fox: Thanks! That means a lot, coming from a Night Master like you!



Time flies right? Just a few updates ago we were seeing snow heavily falling all over Lübbenauer Tor, and now everything is so different.

We are in that time of the year when one of your German workmates shows up with sunglasses, sandals, and shorts and you see that Summer has unofficially arrived. At lunchtime, this same collegue cannot resist the temptation of having lunch outside.

It is a nice time of the year, when you don't have to think in coats, gloves, hats, boots and scarves when going outside, when life is a little bit easier for all of us. Afternoons are longer, the overall mood is better and the city is shouting your name to make you go to do something exciting out there.


This same rooftop was covered in snow some months ago, right now it is an inviting place to share some beers with the guys while watching the sunset. That moment when you put on the sunglasses for the first time this year and start making plans for Summer.


Everybody is at a good mood today in U1 Coworking, one of the most active coworking spaces in Berlin, inside that building with a black glass façade. They all went for a longer-than-normal lunch today at a pizzeria nearby; just a lame excuse to leave the office for a while during the midday and enjoy the sun.


The exams season will soon arrive to the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium, just next to the Landwehrkanal. Studying next to the green water, where everybody seems to be enjoying a warm afternoon in a boat mustn't be easy.


Having Fun

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@Schriefer: Thanks!

@Benedict: Thank you! I confess I'm not 100% satisfied with the result, at some point I should put my hands on Inkscape and improve it a lot. Eventually.

@MilitantRadical: We all like "making of" updates, right? Thanks for commenting!

@infamousjbe: Nice detail on that video! I had to watch it again to realize of what were you saying. I totally agree with you about the roof junk thing, it has an awesome level of detail. As for the focusing/unfocusing, I tend to use it as a bit of "trademark" of my pics, though sometimes I think I overdo it. Feel free to share your thoughts on that.

@Undercoverninja12: A bit too crowded perhaps?

@NielsC007: Thanks for your comment!

@pingpong: Everything is about the details, right? Thanks!

@VicRusty: Gràcies! But it's Barcelona, not Barnanova! Fortunately, my Barnanova is a played city, not all plopped and it extends through a lot of tiles. I will have to show an updated version some time.

@SimRico: Hope to see you back, thanks for your comment!



You can think on this update as a "random pictures" one, but I decided to link them a little bit. Only a little bit.


Tourists strolling down Skalitzer Straße, punks getting drunk with Sternis below the U1 elevated tracks...


... cultivated people with thick-rimmed glasses attending alternative theater plays at Palais Theatre...


... groups of friends having some beers at home and having a relaxed time, while playing karaoke songs on YouTube.

They all are having fun... What's your way?


Comment Replies

@infamousjbe: Thank you! I wanted to go a little bit political this time! As for the skeleton painting, it is included with the BAT, by Glenni. You can find it here

@Schriefer: Thanks!

@Benedict: Thank you! I think I have never visited Santa Malin CJ, but I will take the comment as something good!

@Gugu3: Thank you for commenting!

@MilitantRadical: Glad you liked it, thanks! The fact is that these murals are quite inspiring, and when I realized that some of the BATs I'm using have these murals painted also, the idea quicly sparked.

@Tonraq: I think we all here are like " :D" with it. Thanks for your comment!

@C4RACORTADA: ¡Gracias por comentar!


As said in previous updates, Berlin is constantly on the move, constantly changing. It is not a city that doesn't sleep, because it has to sleep a bit to wake up the morning after with that energy you can just feel.


The sun is shining again on this strangely warm February morning. Unlike last February, which was terribly cold and dark, this year's February is very mild and sunny. You can see more smiling faces at the U-Bahn every morning.


The frantic activity begins at the offices buildings once again, like every day. U-Bahn trains keep running on schedule along and above Skalitzer Strasse.


One more day at the office for a lot of people that quickly passes by among orders and deliveries. In a few hours, the sun begins setting and it's time to go home or to have a beer with the colleagues. Tomorrow, more. We all should keep in the move, this way Berlin doesn't run down on you.


A bit of bonus content this time. I made this map of the surroundings of the station I have shown several times on this CJ.


This is the actual map of the especially tailored district I designed in order to run this CJ. You can have an aerial view of it:


But... What are these buildings surrounding Lübbenauer Tor?


Do you remember this update? [link]. Lübbenauer Tor is made on a recycled city tile, which hosted my Barcelona recreation a couple of years ago. If you look carefully, you will see some of the shown scenarios. The setup on the upper right corner was never shown on that update, given that I didn't liked how it was turning, but I kept it. That's a nice blast from the past! ;)

That's all folks! Thanks for viewing! If you liked it, don't hestitate on +1ing/commenting!


Street Artwork Spotting

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@gigius76: Thank you! I think there are not enough snowy scenes at night but also... In December the sun rises at 7 a.m. and sets at 4 p.m. here, so it is night most of the time!

@pasqualegiò: Thanks for your compliments!

@MilitantRadical: Thank you for commenting! Don't you have a tea nearby?

@KonstantinII: Thanks! The only thing which is a mod are the snowflakes, which are that masterpiece called JENX Jupiter mod. The snow on the ground and buildings is entirely photoedited.

@Schreifer: As I said to KonstantinII, it is photoedited. Thanks for commenting!

@Benedict: Thanks! I like Moby's new album but this song... it has just "something". Like Stella Maris, Pale Horses, Sandpaper, The Rafters or Dream About Me... Quite unknown Moby songs, are not used in ads... But they have accompained me in those long study nights on my degree, have been playing meanwhile developing my class projects, seen my fall and rise (on studies). OK, sorry for going off topic... ;)

@Gannet: I also enjoy a lot when it snows from time to time! Thanks for your comment!

@Johan_91: Well, I solved your question via PM. Sorry for not answering to your reply, it's been some busy days... You asked if I like Berlin?? Man, I'm even dedicating a CJ to it!! :D

@NMUSpidey: Thank you! I think the seasons give a lot of room for CJing, don't they? Heat waves, snowstorms, leaves falling... You can play a lot with that.

@Gugu3: Thanks!

@spursrule14: Does this mean I'm on the BotB two straight days? ;) Thank you!

@Bastet69008: It is not as awesome as your latest San Theodoros updates! Thank you!



A bit more alternative music for today's topic!


It's Sunday and it's sunny! Do you fancy walking around the district to discover some mural artwork? One of the most fascinating things of this city is that you cand find a thoughtful painting or any other piece of street art by turning any corner. Or perhaps you will find it tomorrow. You never know what are you going to see when taking a short walk.

The tour begins very near of Kelisplatz, painted on the wall of one of the oldest buildings around, a pre-war tenements block. As it is old, its colours have faded out with the time. It looks like an advertisement.


This one speaks for itself, near Schlessiche Straße.


An abandoned building just next to the Landwehrkanal displays one of the most well-known paintings around. This dismal mural musn't be a nice sight for the dwellers of the building in front of it.


Walking north along Lübbenauer Damm and reaching Skalitzer Straße, this painting can be seen, just next to an lot in a countdown to be occupied by a modern and cool building.

We walk Lübbenauer Damm up north again, to reach Blaschkeplatz, with its disticntive landmark and mural painting. It looks like another advertisement in Polish. The drawings show a kind of nails polish (pun not intended), despite the writing says something like "Sweet Box" in Polish language. It remains a mystery for us. Want to sit a bit next to the monument?


Almost leaving Kreuzberg, just before arriving to the Oberbaumbrücke, we find this last one, with an U-Bahn train running over our heads, heading to Warschauer Straße.


It's been a productive day, wasn't it?


The White City

Comment Replies

@pasqualegiò: Then, I'm replyless... Just kidding, thanks for commenting!

@Tonraq: Thanks! It's pretty much what happens in reality. Everything is a mix between pre-war, post-war, pre-Mauerfall and contemporary buildings on this area.

@SimCoug: Thank you! To be honest, the part of the real Berlin where this CJ is tries to be based on is not that dense, there are some parks and open areas here and there, but... There are so many BATs telling me "plop me, plop me!"...

@TekindusT: Less complaining, more updating!

@DonVitoCorleone: It can look like random, but I can ensure you it is not... I'm always trying to find a balance between old and new buildings as I see in RL, but yeah, there is also room for a bit of improvisation.

@feeroz123: Thank you for the suggestion, but if I did so, this CJ would be made of only 3-4 updates, given that the area is very, very small, smaller than a small city tile. Perhaps on the next update I show a whole neighbourhood update.

@Gugu3 (x2): Thanks for commenting!

@SC4L0ver: ¡Gracias por comentar!

@Huston: Thank you! It can look difficult, but there is always that fine diagonal mid-rise that just fits in there. If it doesn't, photoedit it! ;)

@Fox: I think you could suffer an extreme awesomeness overload if you were provided with more awesomeness, Fox! Thanks for commenting!

@spursrule14: Always nice to be in the Win Column!




There is one time of the year when the open-airs wrap up, when kite flyers leave Tempelhofer Feld deserted, when no more Turks make barbecues at Volkspark Friedrichshain, and where youngsters stop drinking Sternis at Mauerpark. Winter is that time of the year when all Berliners "hibernate" and the only activity happens somewhere with heating. Meanwhile an omnipresent white cover embraces the city.


It always begins with a very discreet snowfall, tiny flakes pushed by the wind, meanwhile you're at work. Some minutes later, a curtain of thick flakes extends in front of you, and you regret not having picked your boots today. Fortunately, the snowplows are deployed in a few minutes, and roads are quickly cleared.


It gets dark very early these days (but even earlier in December), and when people get back home from work, the electricity consumption increases. The small Böcklerparkufer power plant needs some overtime in order to cope with the demand. The Landwehrkanal is frozen at some points, but still navigable.


Despite the cold and the snow, Berlin (and the Kreuzberg district), can be a very warm place if you find the appropriate heating. While outside temperatures drop, you can enjoy the greatest moments with friends or family, or clubbing at Palais Theatre, perhaps the best remedy against the depression caused by The White City.


Glass Rising

Comment Replies

I was expecting a bit more of comments reaction on my latest update in Lübbenauer Tor. I consider that last update much more worked out than my usual average, but well, we have to move on a bit. Replying to the friends who commented! Happy new year to you all!

@Schulmanator: Thank you!

@kelistmac: ¡Muchas gracias! Let's never forget the revolutionary work made by xannepan!

@Benedict: Thank you! I planned on adding a view from Rankine too, but I dropped it on the last moment because the history was getting too cluttered. Glad you liked it!



In year 2014, things are quite more or less as they were last year around Lübbenauer Tor U-Bahn station. This means that this area is rising as one of the most architecturally interesting districts in Berlin.


In Kreuzberg, as in more or less, everywhere; churches don't get demolished. They just get surrounded by more modern buildings. In this case, some of the patients of this brand new health clinic have very nice sights of the church from their rooms.


Corporate headquarters aren't build in and around Potsdamer Platz anymore. Kelis GmbH, a worldwide city-related awesomeness provider, started as a small start-up company in Kreutzberg, and their latest HQ building is not far away of where it all began. The cconstruction of this building changed radically this district's typical skyline.


Glass and steel have made their way through the post-Mauerfall Berlin, and it looks like there's not a near end and that more neighbourhoods will feature shocking style mixes.


Comment Replies

@Moerp: Danke schön!

@pasqualegiò: Thank you!

@schokolandeneins 1: Just imagine there is a gap large enough between the two stations. Then, Lübbenauer Tor falls in the middle. ;) Thanks for commenting!

@Hellken: Thanks! I tried to be quite picky with the buildings style, but there is a point when anything fits... It is difficult to establish a style threshold in this case.

@timmie: Thank you! Roughly once a week I go around this area with friends to have some beers, so I get quite first-hand inspiration.

@Huston: Thanks! With all my modesty, I'm quite proud of how that panorama picture turned out, I really like it.

@Jamonbread: Thank you! Lots of users are remarking the parked cars on the streets as a big point on this "recreation". In my opinion, without these lots, there would be no update. Parked cars on the streets is European cities leitmotiv, I would say.

@RepublicMaster: Thanks! Say the same I replied to Huston.

@Gugu3: Thank you!

@#1SithLord: Thank you! BTW, may the force NOT be with you!

@UndercoverNinja12: LOL, that's why watching CJs is useful! Thanks!

@2b2gbi: Thank you! People's reaction was quite spectacular too!

@simcityplayer15: Thanks! Motokloss stuff is highly recommendable, and for generic W2W Eastern European buildings, SimCityPolska is The Place. Mostly everything looking a bit Euro-styled has a place on this CJ. I also have installed some cool landmarks from Reddonquixote and ill_tonkso.

@CGMozart118: Thank you! I just put them like this to have a realistically-sized station and allow the avenue to run underneath. But aesthetically, it looks better than I first thought. This is why I decided to plop buildings around this area, this way Lübbenauer Tor was born.

@spursrule14: Thanks! Me too, definately. I'm much more fan of panoramas than mosaics, but this is just an opinion.

@Benedict (x2): Oh, thanks! :blush:

@GreekMan: The magic is created thanks to these lots Again, Motokloss providing high-quality stuff so I can run this CJ!

@scott1964: Thank you! :ducky:


This update is inspired by NMUSpidey's CJ. I just found that this format was better for the story I wanted to tell.


One more dark, cold winter night in Kreuzberg. After dinner, the four inhabitants of a small students flat facing Skalitzer Strasse are, as every day, having a small chat having some beers or tea. After that, each one will retire to their rooms. But today, Ashley opened an interesting topic:


Ashley: "Soooo... Have you guys finally made your plans for Christmas? Are you going back home, you stay in Berlin...? Please, tell me you don't, I don't want to spend the holidays here all alone..."

Khalil: "Don't worry about that, I'm staying here." -said Khalil, keeping his eyes on his cell phone.- Flying back to Al-Qurayyah is quite expensive, now, and we don't really celebrate Christmas there, you know...

Miquel: "Nevertheless... You have holidays at TU, right?" -inquired Miquel- "You could just grab a plane and go see your family. Don't you miss them?"

Khalil: "Yeah, sure I miss them. But this is why we have Skype, after all..."

Ashley: "And what about that feeling of being home? I mean, Al-Qurayyah."

Khalil: I miss AlQu, but not really that much. Berlin is so different, so exotic, so exciting, if you see it that way...

Kirsten: Oh, ja, super exotic! -said Kirsten, with her strange German accent.

Ashley: Yeah, but you're from here, you don't count on defining how exotic Berlin is... -laughed.- I bet you definately would find Khalil's place so exotic...

Khalil: Definately... You know, it's not even close something you may find around here. And also, not even cold... Right now they must be like at, I don't know... 15 degrees? I miss this. You could say, I miss home, yes.

Miquel: How it is? -Miquel got risky with that question.

Khalil: More or less, are you a bit aware on how Al-Qurayyah is?

Miquel: Skyscrapers and rich people?

Khalil: And also poor people, unfortunately. My family and I are fortunate enough to live in Al Qir, one of the cool suburbs on the Uptown. You know, single-family attached houses, two or three cars at the door, pools full of water, palms some time... And not a single shop in kilometers. Al Qir could compare to the suburbs of any other city, really.


Kirsten: This... Is exotic... -she said, standing up.- Anybody wants more tea?

Khalil: Me, please... And tell me, Kirsten... I guess you have no big difficulties on going back home this Christmas...

Kirsten: Hahaha -she laughed- Not really. Just getting a regional train at Ostbahnhof -pronounced in that way only Germans can pronounce it- and later walking 10 minutes from the station to home. Kein challenge.

Ashley: May I ask why do you keep living in Berlin if you study in Ihlingen these days. I mean, it's your hometown, you could stay with your parents...

Kirsten: It's a bit of everything... Kreuzberg is full of activity at all times, Ihlingen literally closes down at 5 pm. I also felt a bit like "in a cage" there. And also, I know people from different places and cultures, like you guys. This helps me with my English and with my career at HTW . But for example, Christmas and these Advent days are lived in a very special way at home... Everything is lit up, we have a bit of glühwein near a fire, stay calmed at home. Quite Familien stuff.


This year we still don't have snow, which if you ask to me, it is good news. My home, or my parent's home, is close to the river, and this makes it a quite freezing place during the Winter. If you put this on the pile of things I have said before, well, it feels good to live in Berlin city. But of course, I will go back as soon as we get holidays.

Miquel: How can "not having snow" be good news? -he joked.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, Barnanovese people. You can go back to Benson and grab a bit of snow if you want. In fact, you can grab the whole Rockies and bring them home! I have skyped with home a while ago, and it looks like it's snowing like hell.

Khalil: Isn't this sentence contradicting itself?

Ashley: You know what I mean... But I really miss playing with snow in my backyard.

Miquel: You only miss the snow?


Ashley: God, no! I miss almost everything, really... Miss my neighbourhood, in Benson's suburbs, miss my home warmness, my large room... But also, many things more. For example, some weeks ago for Thanksgiving, everybody were sending me pictures of the great times they were having, you know, with the turkey, beer, watching football, the whole thing. Instead, I was here studying and having a Beck's, which doesn't really taste like a Coors.

Kirsten: Of course, it is German bier. it tastes much better...

Ashley: Oh, I don't want to have that conversation again, Kirsten! -the boys laughed- We will never agree on that.

Miquel: And how are the Express doing?

Ashley: Its gonna be tough to get in the post-season, but we're trying. This is one of the things I really like about Barnanova, see? They also like football...

Miquel: Both footballs.

Khalil: Isn't it a bit strange to play American football in Europe?

Miquel: It is, but who cares, it's Barnanova. Not many things make sense there... We play American football since Ashley's grampa came to save us from the Nazis. And nowadays, the Almogàvers are so good that they have to play on the German league because there are no more teams in Barnanova to play with. It's a complicated story.

Kirsten: What do you miss apart of footballs?

Miquel: Girl, home! Yeah, sure it's not one of these single family houses you live. As I said before, Barnanova is different for almost everything. I live in a tall residential building, 21st floor, very near the Central Business District.


Not really an isolated place if you're looking for some tranquility. Everybody wants to live as close as possible to the CBD and the Old City, so the demand is so high that they build really tall buildings. On the other side, you have a train and Metro station just a one-minute walk from home, and almost all supermarkets and groceries can be reached by walk.

Khalil: You're going back, right? I saw you messing on a flights website the other day.

Miquel: Yeah, sure... I go back home, with my grandma food, my friends, our massive lunches on Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day, a seriously crazy party on New Year's, the Three Wise Men coming on the 6th... Quite some complete days, if you ask to me.

Kirsten: But you have no glühwein. This ruins everything... -she laughed.

Miquel: No way! I'm bringing a bottle with me, to taste it with my family. I guess they will like it...

Ashley: For sure, when I go back to Benson I will bring a truckload of all the stuff I got addicted to here in Berlin! Man, this chocolate is way better than sex!

Kirsten: We put beer on it, Schatzi...

Khalil: Well, guys... I'm going to sleep... So, have a good night!

Miquel: Yeah, I think we're also going. Good night you all...

Kirsten: Guten Nacht!

Ashley: Good night!


Comment Replies

@Benedict: Thank you! More than an area built around a station, I built the whole neighbourhood around the station. The avenue and the station were the first things I plopped.

@Huston: Thanks! Yes, there's some top quality stuff released recently. Some of these BATs have rapidly become in Must Have's!

@Hellken: Thank you!

@schokoladeneins 1: Thank you! Even though we two follow different approaches, I feel inspired by yours!



Some streets of this city look like being nothing more than a neverending sequence of Spätis, Döner Kebab restaurants and sports-betting halls. But still, some office blocks can be found scattered throughout this no-man-land in between the SW61 and the SO36.


The largest Bezirksamt (a kind of city hall office) in Kreutzberg-Friedrichshain district can be found very near Lübbenauer Damm, and overlooking the Landwehrkanal. Hundreds of civil workers enter punctually at 8 o'clock everyday from Monday to Friday, many of them overcrowding the U1 trains.


The Bezirksamt isn't the only offices building overlooking the canal. This high building (or low skyscraper) is mainly occupied by real estate-devoted companies and developers.


Right next to Lübbenauer Tor station, a large police precinct stands with its main entrance at Lübbenauer Damm. This makes this area feel much safer than others.


Comment Replies (to the comments left on "Stuff..." CJ)

@Jorge_carrillo: Thank you! There's not much mystery, you just lay the tracks with an appropriate gap (2 tiles in this case) and then you plop the station. It should all be heavy rail, otherwise it will not work.

@spursrule14: Yeah, sure it could look better with a sidewalk mod... But all streets are plopped, existing downloaded lots. I could modify them but this means messing with the LE, and this is something I'm not really attracted to. Thanks for commenting!

@infamousjbe: Thanks! I don't see it as product placement (I wish Apple paid me money for that), but for realism!

@Benedict: Thank you! Sure, I think I will be combining both CJs...

@ROFLyoshi: With the next pictures I'm not sure if I will give you more hunger, LOL!

@Huston: I have to confess I'm in love with these street lots. Thanks!

@NMUSpidey: Thanks for commenting! It's strange, in my cities I always have a place for these Victorian stations. They always fit IMHO!

@gugu3: Thank you!

@kelistmac: ¡Muchas gracias! I would say all city recreations are great when done properly!

@Turjan: Thanks! My intention was giving only pure U1 style haha!




The beginning of Lübbenauer Damm, a quiet and residencial place.


This part of Kreuzberg is the perfect example of how the pre- and post-war architecture is replaced by modern buildings at a fast pace.


It looks like some office guys are working overtime today. They must have a good excuse to do so.


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