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Today my favorite football club, Eintracht Frankfurt, returned to european football after six years of abstinence. A 2:2 against Wolfsburg was enough for the 1980's Uefa-Cup winner to qualificate for Europa League.

Two years ago the club was devasted. After a desolate secound half of the season they had to go down in the secound League. Then Armin Veh came. The new coach brought the team back to the Bundesliag in just one year and now, after another year, we will watch international matches in Frankfurt again.

Eintracht is well known for it's international history. They played the European Champion Clubs' Cup (now Champions Legue) final against Real Madrid in 1960. Real's 7:3 victory was voted to be the best match of the century again and again until nowadays.

I think if we ever win Champions League we have to construct an island that looks like the club's logo (which is also my profile picture) near to Dubai. ;)



Hello people,

today i'm going to show you some pictures from Berlin, the german capital, how it looked before it was destroyed during the war. This Berlin is the Berlin of the Weimar Republic from 1918 to 1933. I don't want to show you the Nazi Berlin because of ethical reasons.


The Reichstag was finished in 1894 and had been the german legislative building from then to 1933. Short after Hitler assumed the power it was burned down. The act was assigned to the dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe. But until today it is not clear if it was him or a act of the Nazis, which used the event to enforce the Reichstagsbrandverordnung, a law which abrogated the civil rights. After the war it was rebuild and since 1999 it's the legislative building of the united Germany.

The Siegessäule was original build in front of the Reichstag. The Nazis transported it to it's today's place while Rebuilding Berlin to their new capital.


The Brandenburger Tor was constructed as a gate through the city walls. The walls moved, the gate stayed. It got again enclosed by a wall after the war. The Berlin wall passed the Brandenburger Tor in direct neighbourhood.


Hope you enjoyed :)


Hi people, i've got some new pics from Lilienstadt.


The historic center with the Stadkirche (church).


The Meyinger Straße with the Lilienbrauerei on the right, a famous brewery.


Some modern buildings and the Stadtkrankenhaus (hospital).


At the end a night view of the center.

Hope you enjoyed :)


Auf nach Lilienstadt!


As everyone who visits Lilienstadt by car we pass the Anschlussstelle West which leads to the Rhausstraße, a avenue that leads directly into the center of the city.


We follow the Rhausstraße (on the downside of the picture) and pass the Hauptbahnhof (central station).


In the middle of the City lies the Nikolovplatz with Neues Rathaus (new city hall)


Near to the Nikolovplatz lies the Marktplatz (market) with the Altes Rathaus (old city hall). On the other side of the Street, there lies the Stadtschloss (city palace) which you can see only half here but completely in the preview to this city.

I'm going to show you more pictures of the city in a few days, i hope you enjoyed :)



Hi people,

I showed you almost every part of Meying. So now it's time to see the last sights and leave Meying.


We start at the center of the city where we can see three big churches in direct neighborhood. They are (from up to down): Simonskirche (protestant) Marienkloster (catholic cloister) and Maximilianskirche (protestant).


In the west we have the Staatsoper (opera). You can also see the Gürtelanlage, the big park that circles the downtown and follows the old city walls.


Outside the city, in the forrest, there lies the Stadion im Südwald. Home of Meyings biggest football club SG Viktoria Meying 1899.


At the end, i wanted to show you the historic town of Kernheim again. You may know it from my first entry and on this picture you can see more of the historic houses.

I wanted to thank everyone who followed this CJ. I will continue it with other cities. A preview will follow soon. :)


Hello people,

After showing you the whole city at night in my last update i wanted to show you a daytime picture. As the last time, i made screenshots of the nine maps and edited them to one picture.


Hope you like it. :)



Hi people,

today I'm going to show you some views of Meying at night and a very special picture.


We begin at the north-west of the city were you can see the Westkrankenhaus (hospital) and the Schilleruniversität (university).


The Radison Meying-Nord lies near to the Zentralfriedhof (cemetery) and is intense illuminated.


The Zentralstation also is a attention getter at night.


Another building you maybe already know. The Maximilianskirche in the center of Meying.


At the end something special. The whole city at night. For the city, i used 9 small maps which screenshots i edited to this picture.

Hope you enjoyed! :)



Willkommen zurück in Meying!

Today we will have a second view arround the city and its suburbs.


We start again in the center, at the Handelsstraße, which is a famous shopping mile. Since some years, the city tries to modernize the buildings to make them more attractive. But, as you can see, its a slow process that will need some more years.


The western part of the city is filled with some skyscrapers. You can also see many of the typical w2w-streets.


We are leaving the center of the city and go to the district of Oberwalden. This sixties-settlement is the home of many working class and migrant families.


And this is where they work. The Industripark Fegersdorf in the east of Meying.


Southern of the Atter, there lies Meying's neighbour city Deppenbach. In comparison with Meying, Deppenbach is a poor city, and this is one of the reasons why Meying and Deppenbach have a long rivalry which today is mostly shown when the cities football-clubs play against each other. On the picture you can see the district of Blöder Berg with the Stadion am Blöder Berg, home of the FC Kickers Deppenbach. Down right you can see the JVA Deppenbach, the local prison.

Hope you enjoyed! :)



Willkommen in Meying an der Atter!

This german-styled City is my first city-journal. It is principal based on Frankfurt am Main, which is mostly known for it's airport and financial district. But just like Frankfurt, Meying has much more to show. So let's have a little trip arround some of the city's landmarks.


We start at the historic center where you can see the Dom (cathedral) and the Altes Rathaus (old city hall). As you can see its just a stone's throw from the river Atter, which had been canalized in the 19th century.


Western from the historic Center, we have the financial district called Bankenstadt. Meying is one of less european cities that have a real Skyline. These are just some of the medium large skyscrapers.


Ways are short in Meying, and the Zentralstation (central station) is just some hundred meters away from the skyscraper-centre. It was finished in 1888 and was a dead-end station untill the whole got tunneled for the subway in the seventies.


In the northwest of the city we have the Messebezirk (fair grounds). Meying is known for many fairs like the book fair or the motor show. The 250 meters tall Messehaus, which you can see on the right, was finished in 1990 and contains offices.


At last we are going to visit the district of Kernheim in the northeast. For many centuries, Kernheim was a independent town out of the city walls. But when Meying growed, it enclosed Kernheim so that it became part of the city. You can also see the Stadion am Kernheimer Hang, which is the home of FSV Meying-Kernheim, the smallest of three professional football-clubs in Meying.

This was our little trip through Meying. I hope you enjoyed and would be happy about a comment. :)


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